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Orange Blossom Ice Cream is the third episode of the seventh season of The Mentalist


Jane and Lisbon travel to Beirut where they must work with Jane’s familiar adversary Erica Flynn, who agrees to help the FBI apprehend her boyfriend, a courier for terrorist organizations, in exchange for amnesty for her past crimes.


The third episode of season seven, Orange Blossom Ice Cream, opens with Jane, Lisbon, Abbott and Danitra Cass in a meeting. Abbott is showing them video of a car bombing in Pakistan. He goes on to show them more video of Egyptian car bombings and an attack on a Hotel in Indonesia. Abbott explains that all these crimes were perpetrated by a man named Jan Nemec, who is a Slovakian. Abbott explains that he was trained by the Russian Mob and is based in Beirut, Lebanon. Lisbon asks if Nemec is part of a terrorist group, but Jane says that Nemec is not the face but instead in it for the money. Abbott introduces Cass to Jane and Lisbon after she answers Jane. Abbott says she is CIA and here to help with the Nemec case.

Danita Cass explains that Nemec is smuggling explosives, and they have been having trouble getting information on him for years. Cass also explains that Nemec does not use technology to incriminate himself. Jane tells Cass that they have to have something or else the CIA wouldn't be asking for FBI help. Cass tells them that Nemec has sent fake passport chips to the United States, and Abbott explains what they use the fake chips to do, saying they use them to get terrorists in and out of the country undetected. Cass explains that Nemec was paid 1.5 million Euros by Jihad groups based in the Phillippines. She says she believes it is a step closer to attacking the United States. She goes on to say they need to locate the chips, and that is why she needs Jane's help. Cass shows Jane a picture of Erica Flynn, Nemec's girlfriend, who said she wanted to help, but only for Jane and only for amnesty. Lisbon explains that they know Erica from their CBI days when they captured her for her husband's murder, and also her escape afterwards. Cass asks what Erica's relationship to Jane was, but Jane, at first, is evasive. Lisbon is not too thrilled, mocking Erica's words to Jane. The team moves, but Lisbon stops Abbott and tells him she doesn't know why she is in on this case. Abbott explains that if Jane is to go to Beirut, he will need a partner. Lisbon responds by telling Abbott that she arrested Erica, and she doesn't know how she feels about getting her off. Abbott says he knows it is a bad tradeoff, but worth it, and that if she has any concerns, she can talk to him after the meeting.

The meeting moves to Abbott's office, where they link via video conference to Erica, who is in Beirut. She explains that Nemec uses couriers to deliver messages that one must remember long strings of numbers, and she doesn't know anyone with a better memory than Jane. Cass explains that Nemec's old courier was killed in an accident and needs a new one. She goes on to explain that the person who bought the chips has to let him know where to pick them up. They want Jane to head to Beirut to be the courier for Nemec. After Jane gets the code, the CIA can crack it, get the chips and Nemc. Jane agrees to do it. Erica is thrilled and says she can't wait to work with him again. Lisbon, knowing Jane will be alone in Beirut with Erica, decides that she wants to go along after all. Abbott asks if everyone is okay, and Jane states that he is, but when everyone leaves the room, Jane's face falls and he is clearly not okay with his girlfriend coming along and working with the manipulative Erica Flynn, whom he didn't tell he kissed years before.

Lisbon and Jane are in Beirut, Lebanon. They step out from their taxi in front of their hotel and take in the beautiful city. Jane hands off their bags to the busboy and Jane comments that they have great Orange Blossom Ice Cream. Lisbon says that sounds good, and Jane tells her they will get some. Jane and Lisbon head up to their hotel room, only to find Erica Flynn waiting inside for them. Jane and Lisbon sit down with Jane taking tea but Lisbon refusing, and speak to Erica. Lisbon asks Erica questions related only to the case, not wanting to get personal like Erica. Lisbon asks Erica how she came to know Jan Nemec. Erica explains that she ran into trouble with money in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Jane tells her she was born to live that way, and she tells him he flatters her. Lisbon gives Jane a look, not liking the clear flirting Erica is doing with Jane. Erica goes on to explain that Nemec was charming and wanted to help her, and they started dating. They traveled together and Erica claims that she didn't know that Nemec was doing "unsavory" things. She claims she thought he was just a businessman. Lisbon tells Erica, with a hint of disbelief, that she believed Nemec. Erica responds with the fact that he was very secret with his work and that she is horrified at what Nemec is accused of. Lisbon can't help but suggest that the reason Erica wants to turn in Nemec is because "he horrifies her". Erica tells her that isn't the reason, but instead she wants to go back to the United States. Jane comments that she is homesick. Erica asks him if that is so hard to believe. She asks him if there was anything he missed while he was away that he would give anything to get back. Jane responds, "Yeah. Yes, there were" while looking directly at Lisbon, telling her without specifics that he missed her every day he was away in My Blue Heaven, and would do anything to get her back. Lisbon looks a bit embarrassed, but Erica says she can tell that Lisbon does not believe her, but in time she hopes she will. Erica then suggests they go see Jan, but only Jane. Lisbon doesn't like it, but Jane assures her it will be okay and the two leave Lisbon alone in the hotel.

Erica and Jane walk through the lobby of the hotel. Erica picks up on the fact that Lisbon and Jane are together romantically, saying she can see by the way Lisbon looks at Jane that they have more than just a professional relationship to each other. Jane does not lie to Erica. He tells her that she is correct in her assessment. Erica says she is happy for them both, but mainly Jane, whom she says needs love in his life and she is glad he found it. Jane doesn't respond to that, but instead asks her what else she is doing this for. Erica laughs and says that suspecting her made her interesting. She stops and tells Jane that the two men behind them will take him to Nemec. Jane is cautious, but he tells her goodbye and goes with the two men. Erica tells him good luck as she watches him leave.

Jane and the two men wind their way through the streets in a car as they make their way to Nemec's home. Once there, the two men force Jane into the bathroom, making him get on his knees in front of a tub filled with water. Jane admits that if they are trying to scare him, it is working. The man tells Jane to listen, and rattles off a string of words: Helicopter, electric range, Newfoundland, albino, retrovirus, wheelbarrow. The man then signals for the other one holding Jane's collar to dunk him in the tub. Jane struggles and then man lifts Jane up again and repeats more words: battery, tractor, fox, hypotenuse, slender, elm. Once again, Jane is dunked in the water and held until lifted up. He is given the last set of words: stone, harmony, lint, banana and ladder. Once again, he is dunked under water. This time, he is held longer, struggling for air. Finally lifted up, Jane is now taken to see Nemec, who is sitting on the couch reading a newspaper. Nemec apologizes for the nastiness of the test but says he wants Jane to repeat the words back to him in order. Jane says he wants a towel first. Given a towel, Jane dries himself off while reciting the string of words with precision. Nemec says that Erica told him Jane had good memory, and she was right. Jane tells Jan it is just a trick, who responds with telling Jane Erica said he was good. Jane says it isn't an easy trick. He invites Jane to sit and have a drink. Jane refuses the drink and sits down, saying he wants to discuss the job. Jan explains that he needs Jane to carry a message in his mind. Jane asks what kind of message and Jan tells him it is 81 unrelated numbers that he must remember in order and cannot write down or mess up. Jane asks what the point is of the numbers, and Jan says that is the point, you don't know. Jane asks how much he is paying. They negotiate, and finally Jane tells him to find someone else. Jan tells Jane that Erica said he was an actor, and Jane says he is sort of. Jan also tells Jane that Erica said he worked with the police and killed a few people. Jane tells him he has. He tells Jan to look him up on the internet and Jan says he has. He tells Jane to relax. He has one question, though...he walks over to his crew and pulls out Lisbon and asks who she is and why she is with Jane.

Lisbon asks Jane why he is wet, and he tells her it is a gag Jan played on him. Jane introduces Lisbon as his girlfriend, Teresa Lisbon. He tells Jan they traveled together. Jan asks Lisbon what she is doing in Beirut, and she tells him that Jane thought it would be a good idea. The goon has her phone and is rifling through it. Jane tells Jan that Lisbon has nothing to do with this and asks if she can go back to the hotel. Lisbon tells Jan that he can ask her anything, and Jan asks her if she is with the FBI. Lisbon says no, that is crazy. Jan tells her the FBI website has a special agent with her name. Wylie is alerted to someone looking through the database and changes Lisbon's picture to another woman. Jan sees this and tells Lisbon he is sorry. Jane gets up and tells them they are going back to the hotel. Jane and Lisbon leave Nemec's home. They get in a taxi, and Jane comforts scared Lisbon by taking her hand and stroking her fingers and Lisbon squeezes his hand back.

Abbott and Lisbon are on the phone with each other as Lisbon and Jane arrive back to their hotel room. Abbott tells Lisbon that Wylie set up the fake profile. Lisbon says she owes Wylie, and Abbott asks if they got anywhere with Nemec. Lisbon says she thinks they made an impression, but not sure. Just then, a knock on the door sounds and Lisbon tells Abbott she has to go. Lisbon cautiously looks out the peep-hole and opens the door to Erica Flynn. Erica doesn't even bother to check on Lisbon, but rather asks Jane if he is okay. He tells her he is, and Lisbon tells Erica that she ratted her out to Nemec, to which she admits. Jane says it was to gain Nemec's trust and Erica agrees. Erica tells Jane that it worked and Jan is down in the lobby waiting for him. Erica asks if she can stay with Lisbon while Jane goes to handle Jan, and Jane gives a look of surprise at this suggestion. Lisbon says okay and Jane leaves the girls alone.

Jane meets Jan in the lobby. He tells Jane he will agree to the 20 thousand euros, but he has to do it tonight. He gives Jane 5 thousand euros right away and says he gets the other 15 when he gets back. Jane asks where he is going, and Jan tells him to Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. He shows him the number of the man he is to call briefly and tells him he has to use the phrase "dad sends his love" when a man named Jean Paul answers the phone. He is to tell him "I miss him", which means everything is okay. He will give Jane an address, they meet, Jane gives the message and the job is done. Jane asks what the message is, and Jan pulls out the 81 numbers and hands it to Jane. He tells Jane to memorize them left-to-right and top-to-bottom. Jane asks for a few minutes to memorize them. During this time, Jan asks if Jane ever had Erica (sexually), to which Jane replies he is working, and Jan laughs.

Back up in the hotel room, Erica orders lemonade and then sits down to talk to Lisbon. Erica tells Lisbon that she thinks it is great that they are together and that Jane needed love in his life since his wife died. Lisbon is defensive and asks if Jane told her. Erica responds that she can tell when someone is in a new relationship. She also tells Lisbon she senses tension between them and that she doesn't want that. She tells Lisbon that she has nothing to worry about. Lisbon asks why she should worry, and Erica lets it slip that something may have happened between them years ago. Lisbon is not pleased. Erica tells her to forget she said anything, but it is too late.

That night, in the hotel room, Jane is sprawled out on the bed and repeating the numbers back to Abbott and the team from his phone. They ask if he is sure about the accuracy, and he says he is. They thank him and hang up. Cho and Abbott discuss that Jean Paul doesn't know who Jane is and that they could easily set up the meet themselves. Abbott is on board. Cho makes the call and sets up the meet in 5 hours at a roadhouse. Abbott tells Cho to fire up the jet to Atlanta. Vega watches the meeting taking place, not paying attention to Wylie. When Vega approaches Cho about helping, she lies and says Abbott okay'd her to help. Lisbon comes out of the bathroom in a bath robe after taking a shower, rubbing her hands with lotion. Jane watches her cross the room and tells her that he isn't tired, but the busboy recommended a great place to get Manakaeesh. Lisbon, very grumpily, replies that it sounds good. Jane asks her if anything is wrong, and she replies no. He says okay.

The team converges on the roadhouse, with Vega watching the outside, and the other team inside the place. Jean Paul finally arrives and walks toward Cho, but he stops when he sees a cop with a gun. Cho tells everyone to stay calm, but Jean Paul scrambles out of the roadhouse through the glass window and starts shooting at Cho. Vega starts her car when she sees Jean Paul get in his in an attempt to flee. Vega blocks off Jean Paul, who shoots at her through the window, almost hitting her. Cho opens fire on Jean Paul, killing him and any information he had with him.

Back in Beirut, Jane and Lisbon are out to dinner. Jane can sense something is wrong with Lisbon, which at first she denies. Finally, Lisbon asks Jane about what happened with Erica Flynn. He asks her why, and she tells him Erica Flynn made it a point to let her know about it. Jane is completely honest with Lisbon and tells her the truth: that they kissed in her hotel room years ago. He tells her it was nothing, and Lisbon tells him not to say that. Jane says she is right and he is sorry. She asks him why he didn't tell her, and Jane says he didn't tell her because it was long ago, and he didn't want it to come between them. Lisbon says she wishes he had told her first, but she says it is fine. She asks Jane if there were any other women, and Jane says no. Lisbon says she thought something might have happened between him and Lorelei. Jane hesitates but says he will tell her about Lorelei if she tells him about Mashburn. She goes back to looking at her menu, declaring the topic over. Jane asks her if she wants tea, and then tells her that her phone is ringing. It is Abbott telling Lisbon and Jane about the code and that they need to find it in Nemec's home. Jane says he thinks he knows where it is and hangs up the phone. He calls Erica for help, much to the dismay of Lisbon.

Erica and Jane sneak into Nemec's home and Jane goes to work locating a book from his bookshelf. Erica sees Nemec return on the monitor and they hide behind a door as Nemec comes home, sneaking out of the place when Nemec is taking a pee. Erica and Jane run into the alley and Erica hugs Jane. She tells him she is sorry he didn't get his book, but Jane holds it up and says that he did find it.

Wylie tells Abbott that the book sets the code. He tells Abbott that they can crack it in ten minutes. Cho and the tactical team get the address and break the door down to the place they think the chips are, but they find it empty. Cho, however, notices that one of the blinds is not drawn. He walks over and finds the chips in the blind and hand them to Cass. Abbott calls Lisbon and tells her they found them, and Lisbon says that Nemec is being arrested. Lisbon goes inside Nemec's and sees him being arrested, and Jane close to Erica. Jane and Lisbon fight in front of Erica and Lisbon leaves.

Jane is alone with Erica and her police guy, but Jane knows she isn't going to jail...or at least, doesn't plan on it. He calls her out on her hidden agenda and she kicks a hidden place in the bookshelf with the money she planned to steal from Nemec. She tells Jane that she didn't want his help just for the money, but because she missed him. Erica tells Jane that his relationship with Lisbon won't last because they are attracted to each other for the wrong reasons. She hints that Jane needs a soulmate that is like himself. He asks if that is her, and she says, "Here I am". Jane replies that he loves Lisbon and she is going to jail. She tasers him and takes off but is cut off by Lisbon who has a gun aimed at her. Lisbon tells her to get on her knees. Erica does so. Lisbon asks Jane if he is okay, and he says he is, he just needs to walk it off.

Wylie and Vega are watching the video of Erica's arrest when Cho comes to talk to Vega. He says she does good work, but she lied to him and he needs someone she can trust. He tells her she isn't allowed to go out in the field with him for a while. Wylie asks her if she is okay after Cho leaves, but she walks off.

Jane drags Lisbon upstairs to the roof, where he set up a table and chairs for her. He sets out the Orange Blossom Ice Cream he promised her. They start to eat it when fireworks go off, scaring Lisbon. They walk to the edge of the roof and watch the fireworks and Jane puts his arm around Lisbon and they eat the ice cream, which Lisbon says is "just okay". The episode ends with Jane exclaiming that you can't take Chicago out of the girl.


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During the briefing Teresa says that Erica Flynn escaped police custody a year ago. This is not possible as there is the two years between the end of Red John (episode) and the beginning of My Blue Heaven. Erica Flynn's previous appearance in War Of The Roses was in season 4 and the time-skip was in mid-season 6, this would suggest that Erica Flynn has been on the run for three and a half to four years.

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