Patience Broadbent

Patience Broadbent
Portrayed by Andrea Bogart
Name Patience Broadbent
First appearance Scarlett Fever
Status Deceased
Last appearance Scarlett Fever
Profession Drug dealer
Family Unknown

Patience Broadbent was a member of a country club and a drug dealer. She was also the second murder victim in Scarlett Fever.

Her LifeEdit

Patience was defeated in the election of chairwomen for the country club by Scarlett Marquesa. When Scarlet was murdered she was one of the prime suspects. Especially when she stole Scarlet's keys to open her vault at the country club. She also took over Scarlet's pills business and got her supplies from Digger.


Patience got shadowed by Rigsby and Cho. At the country club she was getting a massage while Rigsby en Cho were talking to club member Jackie. The masseuse ran out of the massage room, screaming. Patience lay on her massage bunk with a knife in her stomach.


Later at the end of the murder investigation of her and Scarlett Marquesa, Heather Prentiss, a club worker, was arrested for the murders. She killed Scarlet because her daughter died in a car crash thanks to Scarlett's pills. When Patience toke over the pills business, Heather had to finish what she started and while Patience was having a massage, she stabbed her with a butcher's knife in the stomach.

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