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"Red John is mine."
―Patrick Jane[bron]

Patrick Jane is a former consultant to the California Bureau of Investigation. He uses his keen powers of observation, his brilliant mind and his talent for mischief to solve crimes. Despite his lack of limits and disrespect for the protocol, he is valued because his tricks, devices and mind games end the cases. His motivation for joining CBI is to find and kill Red John.

Jane previously worked as a psychic and became a minor celebrity. In a TV interview, Jane taunted Red John, a serial killer, saying: "He's an ugly, tormented little man, a lonely soul, sad, very sad." This prompted Red John to murder Jane's wife, Angela Ruskin Jane, and daughter, Charlotte Anne Jane. Ever since, Jane's life purpose has been to avenge his family by killing Red John. In the episode Red John (episode), he finally exacted his revenge and killed Red John. After two years in hiding, he was recruited to the FBI as a consultant.


Jane's date of birth is unclear. In the episode Byzantium, the birth date on his driver's license is given as July 30, 1969. In the series finale, White Orchids, the birth date given on his marriage license is September 16, 1974. However, the timeline of the series better matches the 1969 birth date. In the episode Throwing Fire, the date of a flashback to a teenage Jane is given as 1986. Jane is depicted as about sixteen or seventeen years old. The episode shows the teenaged Jane working in a carnival as a psychic boy wonder, with his father Alex who emceed the sideshow. Patrick had what his father called "x-ray eyes," his amazing skills of observation, deduction and induction. He had a rough existence with his father, the only adult in his life, whose treatment and use of him was tantamount to child abuse. When Patrick refused to scam a dying girl and her grandmother, his father threatened him and forced him to do it. Jane later said that he never went to high school, presumably due to the nomadic carny life.

In Red John's Rules, Sean Barlow, another psychic and a former friend of Alex, said that his grandfather and Alex's grandfather came together from Ireland to the U.S. Barlow, who affirmed himself to be a real clairvoyant, said also that Alex was a "wicked man" who abused the faith of people, knowing that he and his family didn't have clairvoyant powers. Sean Barlow spoke of Alex Jane in past tense, suggesting that he might be deceased.

Alex exploited Patrick for his skills, since he was very young. In Red John's Rules it is implied that Jane spent some time in foster care as a child.

Alex had a wedding ring on his hand, but Jane's mother was not mentioned in any flashbacks, so it is likely that she died or abandoned them.

While working at the carnival, Patrick met his wife-to-be Angela Ruskin, whose family was part of the same carnival. They ran away together to escape the carny lifestyle, which her family viewed as a betrayal and which was likely also the cause of Jane's estrangement from his father. Angela's brother, Danny Ruskin, is a con-man who came back into Patrick's life in Cackle-bladder Blood.

Life As a Psychic

Bits of his past have been revealed through flashbacks and dialogue. In several flashbacks, Jane is shown taking part in a television show where he appears to contact the dead relatives of audience members. When questioned about the assistance he was giving the police in their pursuit of the serial killer Red John, Jane called him "ugly and sad." This established Jane as a man confident in his abilities but not mindful of the


Jane on tv

consequences. After the show aired, Red John murdered Angela and their daughter, Charlotte (names revealed in the third-season episode Cackle-bladder Blood). This burdened Jane with enormous guilt.

As a result of his culpability in the killings, Jane had a mental breakdown. Jane admitted to Lisbon that he spent time in a locked facility in the episode, Red Brick and Ivy. In the 100th episode Red Dawn, it was revealed that Jane was in the asylum for six months. When he was released, he figured out a way to keep his breakdown out of his file, as he was deeply ashamed of it. It is also revealed that Minelli was aware of Jane's breakdown from the start but didn't tell Lisbon.

In the episode Redemption, Special Agent Samuel Bosco discussed the murder of Jane's family and quoted from the case file that someone testified that Angela begged Jane to get out of the psychic game. 

Working With the CBI

One year after his wife and daughter were killed, Jane approached the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to get information about the Red John case but quickly became involved in a case. At Lisbon's request, using his skills, he helped the stymied team catch the murderer. Patrick recovered his self-respect when he saw that the mentalist skills that had resulted in the death of his family could be used for good.

Impressed, Minelli offered him a position as a consultant. (For more information about his first day working with the CBI - Red Dawn). Although in "Red Brick and Ivy," Patrick told Lisbon that Dr. Sophie Miller had given him his life back, by involving him in the murder case, Lisbon played just as big a role.

Jane quickly gained a reputation for his cocky, charming, sometimes annoying personality and inspired respect for his dazzling ability to solve crimes. He has used this talent and the threat of withholding it to manipulate Gale Bertram, director of the CBI. A dark side emerges when it comes to Red John. Jane has declared, on more than one occasion, that catching and killing Red John is the single most important thing to him, even above his freedom or his life.

Reckless as he often seems to be, Jane's actions reveal crucial details in murder investigations. Although Patrick keeps up his cheeky facade, it is obvious that he misses his wife and daughter terribly. However, he will not discuss them, and his guilt and pain have led to sleep issues. He is uncomfortable with physical contact. He has a special connection with children. Jane is often anonymously generous, especially to the victims of crimes -- paying for a liver transplant for the elderly mother of a casino worker, or anonymously donating hundreds of thousands worth of jewelery and cash to charity.

Jane has a propensity to play mind games and push people's buttons (whether a suspect or just someone he doesn't like). He is shown to be wary of and to avoid all types of physical confrontation and to have a particular aversion to firearms. A notable exception to this occurred at the end of the first season when Jane grabbed a shotgun and killed a police officer who was working for Red John in order to save Lisbon -- then threw the weapon away as if it were red hot. After he manipulates the newest Supervising Agent, Luther Wainwright, in order to capture a suspect, Wainwright, who has a degree in forensic psychology, tells him he has inferred from their interactions that Jane is a clinical psychopath.

Regarding Jane's "psychic" abilities: After the death of his family, Jane openly admits that he was a fraud, but his seemingly miraculous knowledge of people causes many to doubt this. Jane is extremely observant and logical, with insights into human nature that baffle others, often working out "whodunnit" early in the program but not revealing who it is until the end. When a supervisor dismisses one of Jane's hunches as ridiculous, team leader Teresa Lisbon says ,"It's a Jane hunch, sir. It's the reason we keep him around." Over the course of the series, Jane has more and more taken the lead in investigations. The rest of the team may roll their eyes at his antics, but they fall into line behind him and generally do the grunt work on any case. Lisbon immediately asks for his take on any crime, and he often goes off on his own to solve cases.

Confrontation with "Red John"

"I think we have a connection that needs to be honoured. I wanna say goodbye. I wanna apologize for any pain I've may have caused you and I wanna release you from this curse you've been under."
―Red John, through Timothy Carter, to Patrick Jane[bron]
Jane shoots Red John

Jane shoots Timothy Carter

After Red John's accomplice Craig O'Laughlin is killed while trying to kill Madeleine Hightower in her mountain cabin hideout, Jane (who is in a food court in a Sacramento mall) has Lisbon use the redial on O'Laughlin's phone and tell whomever answers that O'Laughlin is dead. An average-looking gentleman (played by Bradley Whitford) sitting in the food court near Jane answers his phone. Jane, seeing this, has Lisbon tell him what the person she called said to her.

Jane arrested

Jane arrested after he killed Carter

Lisbon repeats what the man in the food court had said into his phone. Jane confronts the man, who initially denies it, but moments later identifies himself as Red John. Jane, however, is still skeptical, and confronts the man again as he tries to leave, only for him to reveal to Jane details of the murders of his wife and daughter, specifically, what they smelled like. This sends Jane over the edge, and he calls after the man, then guns him down with a weapon hidden in his coat pocket. Jane then sits down and calmly sips tea while waiting to be arrested, apparently satisfied that this man was indeed Red John. However, in subsequent episodes it appears that the man that Jane had killed was not Red John but a child abductor named Timothy Carter, another one of Red John's accomplices. 

After he kills the real Red John, he escapes to South America, but he returns after two years to work as a consultant for the FBI.


Jane's signature look is one that embodies both presentability and the right amount of nonchalance. He almost always wears a 2 button three-piece suit and a dress shirt sans tie, and there are even times where he sleeps in them. Though some purists frown upon three piece suits without ties, Jane makes this ensemble uniquely his. He is also handsome and quite charming.

Throughout his journey to capture Red John, the shirts Jane wears are either linen or cotton, in plain whites or sky blues. Patterned shirts during this period do occasionally appear in the form of stripes or checks. After exacting his revenge, Jane almost exclusively wears linen shirts with a light and subtle floral pattern, possibly an influence from his days in extradition. All of Jane's current shirts are button cuffs and the collars are soft, a stark contrast from his psychic days where the shirts have French cuffs and much stiffer collars.

His suits are mostly linen or wool (in patterns ranging from plain, pinstripes, chalkstripes, and Prince-of-Wales glenplaid), with corduroy making at least one appearance. Most of his suits are double vented, with a small number being centre vented. Jane has a preference for notch lapels, but during flashbacks of his psychic days he seems to wear exclusively peak lapels. It is possible that peak lapels remind him of the person he was before his family's death, and he avoids them now (an example can be seen in the light grey suit he wore during his TV appearance commenting on Red John, the same day his family was killed - it was a peak lapel - the suit makes no appearance other than during that time). The pockets on his jacket and vest are often slanted, with his jacket frequently having a ticket pocket (a smaller pocket on top of the outer right jacket pocket).

The first 3 seasons Jane frequently wears an odd vest with his suit, and the cutting of his clothes appears to be rather relaxed. During this period the vests he wears have a sham button as a last button (reflecting the sartorial rule of leaving one's bottom button unbuttoned), but in his case the vest is often too short, exposing his shirt in a triangle just above the pants zipper, a major faux pas. Early in season 4 he continues this, but a few episodes later the suits and shirts are much more slim cut, more form fitting on his silhouette. The vest also no longer has the sham button, and he buttons all 6 buttons to great effect - the dreaded triangle is no longer present, making the overall look more streamlined. During his early days of working for the FBI, he forgoes the vest, but a while after starting his relationship with Lisbon, he resumes his habit of wearing the full ensemble.

His pants are flat front, slim, tapered, and with a full break. Occasionally Jane wears a belt, which is traditionally considered a faux pas when one is wearing a vest. However he does go beltless rather often. Some of his pants have cuffs, and in Days of Wine and Roses (the scene where he sneaks into a room and steals a Gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day Date) we see clearly the cuffs on his pants as well as the full break.

Jane has appeared wearing a tuxedo, albeit only once. Oddly enough, he breaks a cardinal rule of black tie - a single breasted dinner jacket must be either peak lapel or shawl lapel with a one button closure - Jane's tux was a notch lapel 2 button. A man of Jane's knowledge would surely understand this simple rule, and this deliberate breaking of the rules serves as further confirmation of his current distaste for peak lapels.

His shoes are brown derbys. Throughout the course of the series, he only had them resoled once.

Jane marked an iconic moment by wearing a watch for the first time: a Longines Master Collection Reference Number L2.673.8.78.3. His choice of this particular model, which bears a brown leather strap and rose gold bezel, is an acknowledgement of Jane's attention to detail as he carefully matches his leathers and metals. He does not wear it during his exile but after returning to the US and starting his stint with the FBI, he resumes wearing the watch.


Patrick Jane has a playful and cocky personality and a tendency to ignore authority, often using unorthodox methods which are met with disapproval by his coworkers. Jane is considered to be the finest detective in California. He is capable of amazing feats of observation and induction and although he says he isn't psychic, some people maintain that he must be. Jane is not afraid of taunting others, although after the deaths of his wife and daughter he is more cautious and knows that his actions can have terrible consequences.

Jane 02

Jane in Devil's Cherry

Although he generally exhibits a happy demeanor, Jane suffers enormous guilt over the deaths of his wife and daughter as well as a ferocious determination to kill Red John, the serial killer that murdered them. After Sam Bosco and his CBI team are murdered by the team's assistant Rebecca Anderson, it's revealed that she's Red John's minion. Rebecca tells Jane that the slaughter was committed to give the case back to Jane because Red John "knows it will make Jane happy". This "cause and effect explanation" generates more guilt in Jane.

Despite his grudge against Red John, Jane is reluctant to wield weapons except in extreme circumstances; notably when he saved Lisbon using a gun against a man who might have given him information about Red John. When he met the man who he believed was Red John, Jane shot him to avenge his dead family.

Jane is a master manipulator, a trait also possessed by his enemy Red John. He's obsessed with Red John and, it has become apparent, Red John is obsessed with him. As Brett Stiles put it, "It's a kind of love, Patrick." Jane forms few personal attachments for fear of losing more loved ones. There is a close friendship and a hinted-at romantic attraction between him and Lisbon. Jane is aware that his attachment to Lisbon could make her a target for Red John.

Red John felt slandered when Jane called him sad, ugly, lonely and tormented. This would make a case for him being anything but. His charisma, intelligence, plus three mistresses that we know of, support this. Since Lorelei made a comparison between Red John and Jane (who is beautiful, brilliant, charming -- and only sad, lonely and tormented since Red John made him that way), it would stand to reason that Red John could hold a candle to Jane. Jane has compiled a notebook of everyone he knows believing Red John to be among them.

When Bret Stiles calls Red John's preoccupation with Patrick "a kind of love," he hits the nail on the head. No one gives Red John more attention than Patrick. Red John is a showman; he's performing. And he delights in having so discerning an audience. The brilliant Patrick Jane, whose life is devoted to deciphering his every move. His life would be diminished without Jane.

Known people killed by Jane

People with his involvement in their death (or killed because of Jane)

Relationship with Teresa Lisbon

Jane and Lisbon first met when he came to the CBI to get information about the Red John case, but he quickly got involved in another case and proved that his mentalist skills could be useful. Virgil Minelli, impressed by Jane's skills, offered him a job as a consultant. That's how he found his way into Lisbon's team. 

Over the years, the two of them developed a deep friendship and strong feelings for each other. Lisbon is without a doubt the closest person in Jane's life and even though he wouldn't mind getting himself killed if that meant catching Red John, he would always choose Lisbon over Red John, as proven in the season 1 finale, when in order to save Lisbon's life, Jane shoots the only person that could've led him to Red John. Lisbon is the only person that Jane completely trusts and also the only one Jane admitted to that the man he shot in the season 3 finale was not Red John. Jane cares deeply about her, exhibited only when she's in danger, for example when she gets shot by O'Laughlin in season 3. 

Over the years, Jane has developed romantic feelings towards her, which he admits in the season 4 finale. Seconds before fake-shooting her, he hugs her and tells her that he loves her. Later, when she asks him about it, he claims not to remember his words (which is strange for his impeccable memory).

In the first episode of season 5, Red John accomplice Lorelei Martins teases Jane, saying that he's "a little bit in love with Lisbon" and that he only does this job to be close to her. Jane doesn't deny this but instead says that he does it to pass the time.

In the season 5 episode "Devil's Cherry" Jane hallucinates his dead daughter Charlotte after drinking belladonna tea. She teases him a lot about her (like when she asks if Lisbon has a boyfriend, constantly smirking in their direction and just the look on her face) and makes it obvious that she wants them to be together. Since Charlotte and everything she says is made up by Jane's mind, it's likely that she was just his way of handling the feelings he has for Lisbon.

In the season six premiere, Jane admits that he regrets having told Lisbon about the list of suspects because he's afraid she's in danger. At the end of the episode, Lisbon gets captured by Red John and he uses her phone to call Jane. When he realizes that Lisbon is in the hands of Red John, Jane looks absolutely horrified.

Even though Jane does love her, as confirmed by Bruno Heller, he knows that his feelings for her could make her a possible target for Red John.

Heller also stated that their relationship will change in season 6. They will realize how they really feel about each other and start acting on these feelings.

In the episode My Blue Heaven,  it is revealed that Jane has been writing letters to Lisbon during the two years he has been a fugitive in a South American country following his murder of Red John. When the FBI offers to drop homicide charges if he comes to work for them, his first demand is to work with Lisbon. When they are reunited, he appears delighted and tells her how much he missed her.

In the season 6 finale, Blue Bird, Jane confesses his romantic love for Lisbon by boarding her DC bound plane and telling her he loves her. In the final moments of the episode, Lisbon reciprocates his feelings and the two kiss passionately as the screen fades to black.

In the season 7 premiere, Nothing But Blue Skies, Jane starts a romantic relationship with Lisbon. He agrees with Lisbon's decision to keep it secret from their team.

In the series finale, White Orchids, Patrick Jane proposes to and marries his longtime partner, Lisbon, in a ceremony on land he bought to build their home. Teresa Lisbon is now his wife. At the end of the episode, Lisbon reveals she is expecting the couple's first child.

Skill Set

  • Hypnosis: He uses hypnosis to occasionally get information and confessions from suspects but it's seen as unprofessional by the CBI and FBI.
  • NLP: Patrick uses NLP to get confessions out of people a lot. There is even an episode based on NLP called "Russet Potatoes" Series 1 Episode 18.
  • Cold Reading: Patrick uses the cold reading abilities he learned to become a Psychic, and reapplies them to use on corpses, suspects, and crime scenes alike, gleaning all the information he can from what is observable at the seen of the crime and gaining information about individuals of interest.
  • Mnemonics: Patrick (like a lot of Mentalists) uses mnemonic devices to help remember things. These devises include "The Method of Loci".
  • Strategy: Patrick has an almost preternatural ability for strategy. He almost always relies upon this skill to definitively catch the "bad guy" at the end of most episodes.
  • Psychology: Patrick (again, like a lot of Mentalists) uses a strong understanding of Psychology to improve and strengthen his other skills.
  • Lock picking: In the second episode of season 6, Jane picks a lock to enter the house of his former psychiatrist.
  • Stage Magic and Slight of Hand: Jane shows some skills in slight of hand. In the season premier of season 6, Jane slips peanuts into a man's gun, while the man is looking at him, in order to disarm the man without him knowing. In later episodes he shows other skills in stage magic, including pick pocketing, reverse pick pocketing, and burning a dollar bill to ash then seeming to pull it out of thin air.


  • Bruno Heller, creator of The Mentalist, has admitted that there is chemistry between Jane and Lisbon (Jisbon), and that (a romantic relationship) is a small but possible way to take the show.
  • Patrick Jane used a Motorola Razr2 cell phone (Season 1 - 5); now he uses an iPhone (Season 6 - 7).
  • Patrick Jane drives an eggshell blue Citroën DS 21 Pallas as a tribute to the series Columbo in which Lt. Columbo owns a Peugeot 403.
  • His personal computer is a notebook Macbook Pro, seen in "Red John's Rules".
  • It's assumed by many that he is an insomniac, or at the very least, has a lot of trouble sleeping. He confirms this theory in "Bloodhounds" when he confesses to Dr. Montague. It's shown at least once that he has a lot of trouble finding sleep and is implicated more than once that the only place he has really slept in years is Lisbon's couch in the CBI office.
  • Patrick is an avid tea drinker. In almost every episode, he is seen drinking with a tea cup.
  • It is implied that Patrick Jane is a Buddhist, since he believes in the concept of karma and that he follows the concept of Buddhism ("Redwood").
  • His date of birth is unclear. In the episode "Byzantium", the birth date on his driver's license is given as July 30, 1969, which is also in fact the birth date of Simon Baker - which actually makes it apparent that we see Baker's driver's license in that scene. We can see another DOB in the series finale, "White Orchids" in which his birth date given on his marriage license is September 16, 1974. However, the timeline of the series better matches the 1969 birth date. In the episode "Throwing Fire", the date of a flashback to a teenage Jane is given as 1986. Jane is depicted there as about sixteen or seventeen years old.
  • He loves eggs. He says well-cooked eggs is the mark of a great diner ("The Crimson Hat", "The Desert Rose").
  • He's constantly eating. If there is food anywhere in the vicinity, he will find it and help himself ("Pilot", "Flame Red").
  • He's lactose intolerant and hates warm milk ("Bloodhounds").
  • When/if he does have food, he will almost always offer it around (especially with Teresa Lisbon).
  • He's an excellent poker player, at one point he uses this skill to raise bail money ("Scarlet Ribbons").
  • Although Jane has no formal education, he is well-read, culturally literate and has an appreciation of art, theater, wine and music, especially opera and classical.
  • He is an atheist.
  • He seems to have transcended his carny roots and appears, from his bearing, speech and sensibilities, to be several rungs in social class above Lisbon and Cho and more than several above Rigsby and Van Pelt.
  • He is not particularly comfortable with physical contact, usually choosing to avoid it if possible, though he does often try to hug people (mainly Lisbon) and in "My Blue Heaven" he attempts to hug Kimball Cho but stops when he reads Cho's refusal to show emotion. He also once hugged a US marshal, who did not seem too pleased at the action.
  • He can carry a tune ("Ladies in Red"), dance ("Code Red", "Red All Over", "Rose-Colored Glasses") and cook ("Red Sauce").
  • He loves puzzles, games and riddles. He can perform many sleight of hand tricks ("The Red Mile", "My Blue Heaven").
  • He has an affinity for children. 
  • He seems to enjoy watching nature documentaries, as can be seen on two separate episodes, namely the Pilot episode and in "The Crimson Hat". Both of which consisted of animals, mainly a predator hunting its prey.
  • He can be extremely persuasive, usually showing this trait with suspects or, more often, Teresa Lisbon.
  • He has shown a childlike appreciation of tractors ("Flame Red"), motorcycles, horses and remote control airplanes. He makes origami frogs ("Pilot") and paper airplanes.
  • He's an expert hypnotist. In "Russet Potatoes" he alludes to having hypnotized Minelli to stop smoking. He has hypnotized many suspects and witnesses though Lisbon frowns on this calling it unethical and illegal. In "Red Badge" he hypnotizes Lisbon (at her request) so she can recall what she did on the night that she's accused of a murder.
  • He spends his time at the CBI offices either lying on a leather couch in the unit's bullpen or upstairs in an unfinished part of the building which he adopted as his lair at the start of season three, "Red Sky At Night".
  • At the start of the series, Lisbon had an ugly old couch in her office. Jane bought her the large cream-colored couch she has now.
  • While married, Patrick and his family lived in a modern house in Malibu which he still owns. He now lives in a long-term motel near the CBI offices shown in the episode, "Strawberries and Cream". **<<-- this is incomplete/incorrect information as Jane moved into some upstairs roof or attic partment inside of CBI at some point. This note being placed here as a temporary place holder so someone can update/complete the entry or until I can locate the correct information to do so myself.** The fact that he still keeps up taxes on the Malibu house despite his paltry CBI pay, indicates that he has money from his psychic days or that perhaps he plays poker when he needs to replenish his funds. Patrick periodically returns to the Malibu house and sleeps on a mattress under the smiley face Red John painted with his wife's and daughter's blood. The Malibu house had a guest house behind it which served as Jane's designated meeting place for the five Red John suspects in "Fire and Brimstone".
  • Jane may be the only TV character ever to be depicted driving blind in two different episodes. In the first, "Bloodshot," he's temporarily blind and trying to escape a killer. In the second, "Redline," he drives Walter Mashburn's sports car blindfolded to win a bet (which he does, without killing anyone but the car).
  • He disdains high-tech forensic methods preferring to use his wits to solve crimes.
  • He doesn't like doctors, seeing them as cold, inhuman and convinced they're the smartest one in the room. Patrick believes that he's the smartest in the room and, in "Devil's Cherry," uses that phrase to describe his dead daughter, Charlotte.
  • He doesn't think much of psychiatrists except Sophie Miller, the shrink who rehabilitated him when he was institutionalized. She appeared as a murder suspect in the episode "Red Brick and Ivy" and was killed by Red John in "Black-Winged Redbird". 
  • He possesses a prodigious memory, as proved when he was able to remember the names of the 2,164 people he shook hands since the murder of his wife and daughter (this doesn't do much for his excuse of not being able to remember telling Lisbon he loved her in the season 4 finale "The Crimson Hat"). To remember things, Jane stores them in a part of his brain he calls The Memory Palace. Jane refers to this method as "not an easy trick" in the season seven episode "Orange Blossom Ice Cream", and later in this episode uses it to remember a long list of non-related numbers.
  • He has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Red John case.
  • According to a character list from the pilot script, Patrick was originally named "Daniel Jane".
  • He often plays Sudoku when not actively on a case as seen in the episode "Blood In, Blood Out".
  • Despite his cardiac-inducing good looks, only four women, without ulterior motive, have directly expressed sexual interest in him. One is Adriana Jonavich from season one's "Ladies in Red": "Ahh, the handsome one. Gay, yes?". Then later, after he tells her not to leave town, she eyes him and says, "as you wish", meaning "anything you wish". The second and third are two young women who asked him to join them at their table in a bar in "Crimson Casanova". Patrick pointed to his wedding ring and said "I'm married."  The fourth woman was the department head at the university who comes to see him after he solves the crime ("Red In Tooth And Claw").  She makes reference to getting together, as he's twirling his wedding ring, and to which he replies, 'Yes, I am', referring to being married.
  • He speaks terrible Spanish ("My Blue Heaven").
  • The episode "If It Bleeds, It Leads" shows one of two instances of Jane and Lisbon having a realistic couple's disagreement in which Lisbon petulantly refuses his help (he offers too little too late) and Jane smacks the table, upset and exasperated, when she leaves in a huff. They also have a similar disagreement in "Desert Rose" where she leaves after an argument about telling Van Pelt about the names on the list, and he chases after her, yelling at her to stop and slaps the car trying to get her to do so. In every other conflict, Jane maintains an amused detachment or engages in humorous banter. There was a similar discussion in Pilot but the scene was deleted from the final product. 
  • He very much values trust and spent a lot of time trying to gain Lisbon's after she bluntly said that she didn't trust him ("Carnelian, Inc.").
  • He often uses his ability to hypnotize into helping people quit smoking ("Russet Potatoes", "Something's Rotten in Redmund").
  • Jane would often get punched in the nose by the people he angered as a recurring gag throughout the series, with the exception of Walter Mashburn as part of their ruse ("Red Hot").

Books read by Patrick Jane


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