Pink Champagne on Ice is the nineteenth episode of Season 4 of The Mentalist.


Patrick discovers that an old magician friend is being forced to rob the casino where he works in order to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend.


The episode begins with Jane and Lisbon walking into a crime scene. Lisbon asks Cho for an update from the scene. Cho tells them that the victim is Ryan De Stefano. They found his wallet and no money was stolen. The ignition was on but the gas tank was empty. Jane says that there were two guys and one of them had the diet cola and the other was on regular. So the second guy is missing. They find out that Ryan worked at a casino and reach the casino. They meet the manager and ask him about Ryan. He tells them that Ryan was a security guard at the casino. But Lisbon tells him that Ryan was a criminal and was convicted for burglary and armed robbery, and she was surprised that he was hired despite that. But the manager tells them that, his criminal record was the only reason for firing him.

He says that once he did a background check, and found out about Ryan; he fired him. He also tells them that Ryan kept to himself and hence he is not aware of anyone who would try to harm him. In the meanwhile Jane notices that a magician named Jack Hellion is performing at the casino and slips away to watch the performance. The manager takes Cho and Lisbon to the office. Jane tries to distract Jack by continuously asking for his 50 bucks. Jane tells Jack that he is losing his touch and Jack punches Jane on his nose for ruining his act. The two talk in the dressing room as they are old friends. Jack tells Jane that he got busted for doing drugs and that messed his bookings; and now he is working his way back up. Jack is shocked to know that Jane is working with the CBI. Jane questions him about Ryan but he does not know anything about him.

Back at the office, the team is discussing about Ryan. After losing his job six months prior, Ryan fell completely off the grid. Grace tells the team that his parole officer told her that, Ryan got into a scuffle with an unknown man at the bar. Rigsby tells them about Nicky Shaw and that he could be a possible lead for this case. Lisbon assigns the three their tasks. But she is querying Jane about his disinterest towards this case. Jane tells her that either Ryan was a hardened criminal or largely misunderstood; also, that the casino could be connected to the mafia.

Grace reaches the bar where Ryan had a scuffle. The bartender tells her that Ryan was hot headed and used to keep telling them about getting back the casino for firing him. Lisbon tells Jane to check up on the manager, Dante Holmes. But Jane is already with him. It turns out that the fight was between Holmes and Ryan and Jane questions him about it. Holmes’ boss Shaw is also present at the table. Holmes tells Jane that Ryan was angry at him for firing him and was also drunk. Shaw tells Jane that he did not know about the fight and Jane finds it leery that he doesn't mind Holmes withholding that information from him.

At the offices, Rigsby updates Lisbon that the passenger with Ryan was a girl named Holly Danvers. Lisbon asks them to get her in. They reach the address, but the landlady tells them that Holly ran away with a guy couple days ago, whom she identifies to be Ryan. They want to talk to her roommate and also look around the trailer.

They find Holly’s roommate Shelly dead inside the trailer. At the office, Cho tells Lisbon that ever since Holly got out of prison, records show that she stayed clean and went regularly for counseling and she also got a job as a waitress at the same bar where the scuffle took place. Grace goes back to the bar to dig deeper. Next, Jane is in Jack’s green room once again. He congratulates Trish, his stage partner, and Jack for their performance. He also meets Skitty and Vincent, two young magicians Jack is mentoring. He takes their leave but decides to hang around in the casino. A while later, he sees Skitty and Vincent walk out, and Jane finds their body language to be dubious. A moment Holmes walks out of the secured area. Jack accompanies the two guys to the parking lot and Jane follows him.

He tells Jack that he knows that Jack was planning to rob the casino. Jane tells him that he had figured it out the moment when he faltered the first time during the act. He knows that he is trying to protect Holly Danvers, who is Jack’s girlfriend. Holly has been kidnapped and the guy who is behind the kidnapping wants him to rob the casino. Jack tells Jane that it is impossible to rob the casino and the cops cannot be involved. In that case, Jane decides to rob the casino for Jack. And we know Jane plays both the roles very well. Jack shows Jane Holly’s video that was sent to him but has no clue about who sent it. Jack also tells Jane that the guy who is doing all this also knows how the casino works. Meanwhile, Rigsby tells Cho that Jack lied about not knowing Ryan, as he found out that Ryan had helped Jack to perform one of his tricks.

Jane meets the team. The team educates Jane about the vault and the security system. But the main problem is that the guards come in and check the vault every 5 minutes and it is going to take Jack more that 5 minutes to crack the vault. Jane reaches the office and the team updates him with their findings. They tell him that Jack is dating Holly and they killed Ryan. But Jane tells them that they are way off the mark. He tells the team his plan. They agree and reach the casino. The cop team knows everything; but the con team is unaware that the cops know about their plan. Jane tells them that they are there for a murder investigation and that they need not fear them. They carry on with the plan.

Jack performs an act wherein he needs to have a black hood over his face and in the middle of the act he and his one of his partners switch places. Jack goes to rob the vault while the other guy is on stage. Due to the similar physical appearance, nobody notices the difference. Meanwhile, Jane introduces Grace to Holmes and flicks the vault key from his pocket. They reach the vault but Jack tells them that he can’t do it as he is not a criminal. So Jane steps in and tells the other guy to place the key back in Holmes pocket. Well Jane eases Jack to open the vault and also the key is in Holmes pocket, just in time. Holmes goes inside to check on the vault. And everything looks fine.

But the guys are still in there and go unnoticed. They have covered the legs of the table with reflector sheets. They open the vault and take out the money. Also its time for Jack to be back on stage and he is, just in time. The heist team meets in the parking lot. They are supposed to take the money, but Jane stooges them on staying back. Just them Cho arrives and arrests them. They reach the place where the kidnapper asks them to get the money. Just then a car arrives and Trish, Jack’s stage partner, steps out with Holly. Jane tells her that the money is in the box in the back of the car.

She is about to shoot them when Lisbon steps out of the box and arrests Trish. Trish tells Grace that Ryan was with her in the beginning and that she killed him as she couldn’t trust him. He was the one who brought Holly to her. She says that it was always about the money and there was nothing else she cared about. Meanwhile Jane is still asking Jack for his 50 bucks and the girls go get a cup of coffee.


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