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"Red John says hi."
―Rebecca to Sam Bosco[bron]

Rebecca Anderson was Sam Bosco's team assistant at the CBI. She turned out to be one of Red John's accomplices.

Rebecca's past has not been fully revealed except for some details according to Patrick Jane. She had an unhappy childhood and was molested by a close relative. The molestation led to Rebecca developing a strong sense of self-loathing, which manifested itself as self-abuse and self-medication (and could well explain how she got involved with Red John). At the time of the series, she appeared to be living a normal adult life. Rebecca said in an interview that she liked all kinds of music (especially country), had a cat named Rex, and collected porcelain frogs.

Under orders from Red John, Rebecca killed Sam Bosco and two other agents so that Lisbon's team, and thus Patrick Jane, would be given the case back. Also under Red John's orders and using the alias "Agent Rojo" (Spanish for "red"), she stole the body of one of Red John's past victims and evidence which could have brought Lisbon's team closer to identifying and capturing him.

When Jane questioned Rebecca, she stated that she loved Red John, and he loved her. This turned out to be a deception when the serial killer ultimately disposed of Rebecca as she was being taken into custody to avoid being caught; after Jane had finished questioning Rebecca, she was escorted to a holding cell, and on the way there, she initially smiled when she saw her killer, possibly Red John himself or a member of the Blake Association.




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