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Red, White and Blue is the seventeenth episode of the fifth season of The Mentalist.


The CBI team investigates when the body of a female army medic who worked with soldiers with PTSD is found near a military base.


Jane and the CBI are called to the scene by the Sheriff of the small town of Wyoga Lake to investigate the murder of an Army nurse (Lucy) whose throat has been slit. Shortly after their arrival the Army turn up in the person of Lieutenant Lewis (and his escort) to take over the investigation. The sheriff is unsure as to who he should turn the investigation over to, until Jane works out where Lucy had been before she was killed.

The team discovers that she worked with returning soldiers who suffer from PTSD at a local hospital.

The crime was reported by an anonymous caller who hung up in the middle of the call. Whilst visiting the hospital Jane uses the recording of the call to reveal that the caller was a soldier who suffering from short term memory loss caused by PTSD.

Meanwhile Cho and Rigsby (Van Pelt is still on her computer course) discover that Lucy had been being harassed by members of her unit over an anonymous report of sexual harassment.

While interviewing the witness (Pete) Jane and Lisbon discover that if distracted Pete loses his memory as to what he was doing.

The team follow up on the sexual harassment angle and discover that the complainant was another nurse, Rose, and that the person doing the harassment was Lieutenant Lewis, but the investigation did not yield any results.

Rigsby finds Pete's clothing from the night of the murder and Lisbon calls Jane to tell him that she is arresting Pete. Jane says that it will do no good, but to bring Pete to the crime scene that evening.

Lewis' alibi for the night of the murder checks out, so the team once again have no real suspects.

Jane then goes to visit Pete at the hospital and hypnotizes him to allow him to have a restful night's sleep (something his PTSD has been preventing).

The next morning a meeting is called at the hospital where all the suspects are gathered to hear some new evidence.

The new evidence is revealed to be a key that Pete claims was given to him by Lucy before he died. He knows this because he found a note of the event in his PDA from the previous night. Pete hands the key to Lisbon and Rose identifies the tag as the type used by the hospital for its staff lockers.

Rigsby then trips a fire alarm at the army base and the meeting breaks up as Rose is on emergency call.

The doctor then goes to the locker room and starts trying to break into the locker whose key was found by Pete, where he is surprised by Jane and arrested by Lisbon.

Under interrogation the Rigsby tells the doctor that they know that he was writing prescriptions for cash, he then admits that Lucy had discovered discrepancies in the drug logs and wanted to mount a full investigation so killed her.

Pete turns up at the CBI office to see Jane, where Jane apologizes for planting the key and the note on his PDA. Pete replies that catching Lucy's killer makes it OK, but he really wants Jane to help him with his memory. Jane begins teaching Pete how to build a "Memory Palace".

Cho, meanwhile, has convinced the Staff Sargeant to reopen the harassment investigation and the episode ends with him saluting the Staff Sargeant as he leads Lewis away for questioning.


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