Red Badge is the third episode of season two of The Mentalist.

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Lisbon sits with the shrink but doesn't feel like sharing. She's been going for five weeks, but he won't sign off on her yet. He signed off on Jane in one week. "He has good mental health," he says. He recaps her life. Mom dead at 12, abusive alcoholic father, now dead, three younger brothers.

Her phone rings. She asks why he won't sign off on her. "Because there's something you want to tell me first."

They follow up an anonymous call about a dead body two blocks away. They don't see a body and argue over who has to look in the Dumpsters. Jane notices ants crawling along the wall. They open a door and find their corpse, shot three times in the chest.

Lisbon recognizes him as William McTier, a serial rapist who served time at Pelican Bay. She knows because she sent him there.

Back in the office, Jane tries to get her to relax. He has her breathe deeply then name 20th century presidents as she concentrates on which mug something is under. He says he's reading her thoughts as he picks up a mug to reveal $20. He asks how she knows Agent Bosco.

Out in the office, the team is looking up stories about Lisbon catching McTier. He abducted young girls and she was the San Francisco inspector who solved the case. Reading the news report, they read a commendation from her supervisor: Bosco.

They're already looking into the father of one of the girls. Jane goes with Van Pelt to talk to McTier's live-in girlfriend.

The woman says she was his fiancee and Bill treated her like a princess. She says he was innocent and was only arrested because a "bitch cop" had a vendetta for him. Tanya's brother David comes in from fixing her sink and says hi. A moment later, a young girl comes bounding in the door to say hi to her mom.

Patrick talks to her and sends her to the kitchen. He tells her mom he doesn't think Bill touched her yet, because he was grooming her, Van Pelt adds. Patrick runs through their relationship, that they met at a mall, probably near the arcade. That he treated her sweetly and didn't pressure her to have sex and was so good with Emily and listened to her. Lately he'd be asking if he could take Emily on an overnight trip, pressuring her a little and she'd started to have doubts. Watching her reaction, it's clear he's right.

Cho and Lisbon meet with someone from the DA's office to prep cases, including Howard Milbank. Rigsby comes in and says they have a problem. They got a print off the gun that killed McTier. It's Lisbon's.

Lisbon meets with Minelli. Her fingerprint was on the magazine. She thinks it's a lab error. She's off the case and Bosco gets it. Jane joins them.

She doesn't have an alibi. Bosco wants her to a polygraph, but she doesn't want to. "Nobody said you did yet," Bosco tells her. She leaves.

Jane finds the team outside, debating whether to interfere with McTier's case. Rigsby is the only one who thinks they should follow up if she actually killed him. Nobody else minds that he's dead.

Jane meets Lisbon for coffee. He says she lied about her alibi. She resists for a minute, but then says she can not remember. He wants to hypnotize her but she doesn't want him in her head.

The father of one of the victims comes in, but he'll only talk to Lisbon, so she gets to sit in. He says he didn't kill McTier. Then he turns on Lisbon and says she could have saved his daughter. He's read the case files and knows she knew about McTier the week before his daughter was attacked. She says she didn't have a strong case then. The dad storms out.

Lisbon's ready to take the polygraph.

Van Pelt and Cho talk to his boss at a sex shop. He says he didn't fight with McTier, his friend "Dog" did. So he fired McTier.

Lisbon's waiting to testify when one of the people she's testifying against, Milton Howard stops her, trying to get her to listen to his story. Then Minelli comes for her. She failed her polygraph. She's suspended.

She turns in her badge and gun.

Lisbon talks to Dr. Carmen. He tells her to ask to retake the polygraph. She tells him her dad used to have blackouts when he drank and nearly beat her brother half to death. She wants to know if it's possible she killed McTier and doesn't remember. Carmen can't help her until she remembers.

Lisbon goes to see Jane. He knows why she's there.

Cho and Van Pelt look for info on "Dog" in the files. Bosco finds them and tells them to knock it off. Rigsby stares him down and they get back to it.

Rigsby found that McTier had a cell mate who went by Dog. It's Tonya's brother, David.

At Lisbon's house, Jane says he's not going to hypnotize her because she's too stressed about it. He continues reassuring her not to be worried about being hypnotized as he counts down from 100 and slowly hypnotizes her.

He gets her to admit she dances to her Spice Girls CD before he brings her to Tuesday. She finishing forms on the Milbank case. She pauses when he asks where she went after work. She starts to get agitated so he reassures her everything's OK. She can't remember. He calms her down and brings her out of it, saying it's a little weird.

She's upset and crying, but asks him to go. He promises it'll be fine.

Back at McTier's house, Cho and Rigsby grab David/Dog.

He says their friend the cop paid him to bring McTier to the alley. But he only got direction through texts. He was supposed to get McTier drunk and take him to the alley. So he did, and ran when he heard shots. The next day there was $10,000 in his account.

At work, Lisbon and the team lay things out for Bosco. He tells her she's not even supposed to be at work. She starts twitching, then yells and screams that she's sick of everybody and runs to her office, in full breakdown mode.

Jane comes in and the team tells him she's freaking out. He's not concerned until she picks up an office chair and hurls it through an office window. She asks him what's happening to her.

Back home, she dances to the Spice Girls, surrounded by pills and booze.

At the office, Rigsby and Van Pelt have found that the Cayman's account that paid Dog $10,000 paid someone else $1 million, probably the shooter. Bosco hears them, but says it's OK. He asks about Lisbon.

Minelli and Jane worry about her, too. Minelli wishes he'd taken her off duty weapon.

At her house, Dr. Carmen stops by at Minelli's request. He sees the booze, pills and bullets. She turns around with her gun in her hand. She's drunk and upset. She points the gun at him and tells him he was right, she wants to tell him how angry she is about all the bad stuff she sees. She thinks she killed McTier, she says as she points the gun at her head. He says if she did, it's OK, he was a bad man. She still can't remember. As she holds the gun to her head, he tells her to remember the alley. He walks her through the entire scene, describing every little detail, including the Dumpsters and a cross nearby. She still crying and shaking but then stops abruptly. How did he know about the cross?

She's completely sober. It was an act. Jane comes down from the darkness upstairs. He commends the doctor for getting her to come back week after week so he could get her fingerprints from the coffee mug and dose her with something to make her lose her memory. He knew she'd conceal the memory loss, which made her fail the polygraph.

Carmen realizes her breakdown at CBI was fake. After that all they had to do was get Minelli to send him there. "I've been waiting for you all night," a cheery Lisbon says.

Jane tells him he went too far with the memory loss drug because when she couldn't remember, even under hypnosis, he knew she'd been drugged.

They bring Carmen in. He wants a deal, but they don't think he even knew who he was working for.

Rigsby tells him they do. Milton Howard is walked by in cuffs.

Van Pelt tells him it took them awhile, but they traced the shell company back to him. He paid Carmen and Dog to frame her to discredit her.

Bosco drops in Lisbon's office. He's impressed by her breakdown skills, but a little hurt they didn't warn him it was an act. He heard Minelli is billing her for the window. He leaves when Jane walks in. Jane announces that he sees it now, Bosco's in love with her. Lisbon brushes him off and goes back to fixing up her office, everything hunky dory.

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