Red In Tooth And Claw

Season Episode
5 14
First aired February 17, 2013
Written by Jordan Harper
Directed by Randall Zisk
Guest-starring Michael Gaston, John Rubinstein, Judi Evans, Samantha Quan, Rob Benedict, Zuleikha Robinson, Dakin Matthews, Rosalie Ward, Casey Graf, Drew Rausch, Shainu Bala, Bart Braverman, Aaron Norvell, Jen Kuhn
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Red In Tooth And Claw is the fourteenth episode of the fifth season of The Mentalist.


The team delves into the surprisingly cut-throat world of academics in a case involving a graduate student at a natural history museum.


The episode begins with Lisbon playing poker at the Trattoria with Bertram, Judge Manchester and Aileen. Just then she gets a message about a murder and she leaves. She arrives at the natural history museum. Jane is already there and he knows that Lisbon was out playing poker. She then meets Papadakis, the Dean of the University. He tells that the victim, Linda has been missing for some time and Greg was the one who found Linda. Greg tells them that he came to the lab to strip the flesh off a rare species of animal and preserve the skeleton. But when he went to put the animal into the tank full of flesh eating bugs, he found that Linda was inside the tank. 

Lisbon faints on seeing the corpse being eaten by the bugs. Later, Lisbon sends Rigsby the picture of the ring on the skeletons finger and Rigsby confirms that it is Linda’s ring. She also tells him that there is a scientific weapon found in the tank, which could be the murder weapon. Rigsby tells Lisbon that Linda has been missing for a few weeks and people thought that she was out camping and doing some research. But they found her car in the campus and realized that she was missing. Jane and Lisbon then meet Sonia Kidd, Linda’s adviser. Sonia tells them that Linda was doing research on the eating habits of a particular kind of woodpecker. Sonia tells them that Linda had no enemies and that the entire department is like one big family. 

Jane tells her that he needs to talk to a few students and also visit the gift shop that is nearby. Rigsby and Cho go to check Linda’s office and find Megan Parker. She was Linda’s classmate in her doctoral program. She tells them that she wanted to get the copy of macro evolution before they seal the office. She tells them that Linda got the Dean’s fellowship this year; it is a hundred grand. Rigsby finds brown sugar in Linda’s drawer. But Megan tells them that Linda did not do drugs. She says that she does not know much about Linda’s personal life. But she knows that Linda had a boyfriend. Lisbon talks to Professor Paul Friedman and Linda’s classmates. One girl tells Lisbon that Linda broke up with her boyfriend a week before she left. Her boyfriend is Officer Ray Moran. 

Grace tells Lisbon that she got into a program and so she wants Lisbon to talk to Bertram about the stipend request. Lisbon tells Bertram that Grace got into the program where in she will be trained by the best hackers. Bertram denies the training stipend. Cho and Jane go to meet Ray Moran, who is investigating a store robbery. Jane solves the case in two minutes by proving that the guy who was sitting at the cash register was the one who stole the money. They then talk to Moran. Moran tells them that a while back, he received an email with a link in it. It was a link to some dating website and Linda’s account was created on the website. They had a huge fight over it. But Linda denied it. They broke up. 

Later, Grace tells Lisbon that the person, who created Linda’s profile, also sent the link to Moran. This means someone was trying to break up Linda and Moran. Lisbon tells Jane that Bertram is mad because he is losing in poker and so he is venting it out on Grace. Jane goes through the dating profile and makes a list of the words used. He will now talk to students and compare their lingo with the list he has made. The one, who uses the maximum words, is the one who created the profile. Jane, Rigsby and Cho talk to the students on the campus. Jane also talks to Sonia and Paul. Later, he comes across a girl who uses most words on the list; it is Megan Parker. Rigsby interrogates Megan and Megan admits that she was the one who created it. 

She wanted to see if Linda could be hurt as Linda was the best; she was like a machine. She felt happy to see that the break up wrecked Linda and also that Sonia yelled at Linda for not doing her job well. Jane asks Lisbon to meet him at the museum the next day. Jane then goes to meet Bertram and gives him few tips. He points out that there is a “tell” in his fake tell. The next day, Jane goes to meet Sonia and tells her that he could conduct a small seminar for the memory trick. Sonia realizes that there is an ulterior motive. He then asks her about the name of the woodpecker’s diet Linda was working on. Rigsby and Cho go to the museum and distract the students who have come on a tour and Jane manages to steal a moth from the display. 

He then goes to the seminar where all the animals from Linda’s office are arranged in a line. He tells the class that he is going to take a look at the animals and memorize them and then tell them how to he used his memory. But a skeptic from the class feels that he could have already done that. He writes down something on a piece of paper and hands it over to the student. He asks Paul Friedman to rearrange the animals. Jane then takes a look at the animals and tells the class the order in which they are arranged in the form of a story. But when he mentions a moth in the story, the students murmur and he finds that the moth is missing. 

He then tells the student to read the note and the note says that Paul has the moth in his pocket. It is the same kind of moth that Paul recently claimed to have discovered. Sonia then figures out that Linda had discovered the moth first and Paul stole her discovery and also killed Linda! Jane then admits that the moth on the table was “borrowed” from the museum. Later, Paul tells Cho that one night Linda came to the lab with a new species of moth that she found in the forest. This is the moth that the woodpecker (her research subject) was feeding on. Linda baited few with brown sugar and caught one of them and brought it to Paul because she was unable to identify them. Paul realized that it was a new species. Paul’s recent paper was rejected and so he needed to find something new to survive. 

He knew that this was his moment. So he killed Linda and put her in the tank. He then went to the part of the forest where Linda had been and found the moths. He also got everything he needed. Case closed. Next, Sonia arrives and thanks Jane. Jane tells her that the best she could do for Linda is rename the moth; and name it after her. Sonia agrees to do that. Later, Bertram wins the poker match and Judge Manchester is surprised. Bertram is happy and thanks Lisbon and Jane for helping him. Lisbon is totally unaware of what Bertram is saying. 

Bertram agrees to grant Grace’s stipend. Lisbon is happy. Next, Grace has gone off to LA and Rigsby feels that it would have been nice to say goodbye. Cho calls him a coward because he has been hiding his love for Grace for a while now and hasn’t yet told her. Lisbon challenges Jane for a game of poker; she loses. The episode ends.






The episode's title comes from Lord Tennyson's poem "In Memoriam A. H. H.", and refers to the nature of predators. [On January 25, 2013, CBS released the first promotional photographs of the episode]. No detailed information about the plot was released along with the photos - however, since Bruno Heller is neither the director, nor the writer of the episode, it can be safely assumed that it will not reveal any significant new information about Red John, other than possible red herrings.

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