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Red Letter Day is the nineteenth episode of the fifth season of The Mentalist.


The CBI team heads out to a run-down Wild West tourist town when the owner is found dead. Meanwhile, Kirkland tries to find out how much Jane knows about Red John.


Jane is in the CBI attic working on his Red John notes, when Cho tells him they have a case.

They arrive in the "Wild West" town of Percy where the owner of the town Hollis Percy has been found dead in his office.

Meanwhile Lisbon is having coffee with Kirkland who questions her about the Red John case.

Lisbon and Jane return to Percy to question the widow and meet the local police chief who was not at the murder scene as he was investigating a series of fires, possibly related to some local drug dealers. Lisbon and Jane meet the widow (Joanne) and son (Ian), who tell them that the town was dying due to money troubles and that Hollis was having to sell land. Jane prompts them to write the name of the person they suspect. They both write Francisco Navarro, who runs the medicine show in town, because he didn't want the town to be sold.

In the town Jane annoys the town street magician and then talks to the bar waitress Lily who tells him that Hollis was very popular.

Rigsby and Cho investigate the fires and Rigsby immediately identifies the most recent fire as arson. Rigsby thinks that the cabins may have been mocked up to look like "meth" labs, Lisbon tells them both to follow up that angle

While the team are out two homeland security agents (disguised as air-conditioning repair men) break into Jane's attic and photograph his files and his connections wall.

Rigsby and Cho are loading their SUV with cases claiming to be the CBI arson unit, whilst discussing Rigsby's feelings for Grace. They discover the police chief with a can of gasoline and is taken for interrogation. He admits to setting up phony meth labs and burning them down so that he can buy the property cheap. He also tells them that Hollis had been drinking and that he and his wife were arguing.

Kirkland reviews the material that his agents have taken from Jane's attic with them, then refuses to upload the information to the system. He then dismisses his agents.

When questioned Joanne admits that Hollis was drinking, and that he had fallen of the wagon about a month earlier. Back in town Jane convinces Lily that he can foretell what she will have for breakfast the next day, He writes something on a piece of paper, puts it in an envelope and gives it to Lily to keep until the next morning.

Jane and Cho question Navarro about Hollis' drinking in the bar. Jane thinks that the cause is something from his past. Jane then provokes Navarro into fighting and Cho arrests him. Under interrogation he tells them that Hollis got a girl pregnant and paid her to deal with the baby. The girl's brother (Dominic Flores) roughed up Hollis and was recently released from prison.

Dominic Flores has an alibi for the time of the murder.

Lisbon tells the team that Jane wants them to meet him at the medicine show, meanwhile Jane has provoked the magician into resigning so that he can appear at the medicine show in his place.

Jane appears at the medicine show and tells a couple on holiday in an RV where they are from and where they are heading. He calls Lily up on stage and tells her that the envelope actually contains the name of Hollis' murderer. He says that he also has an envelope that contains the reason for the killing. Ian prefers to be arrested than have the reason read out. Under interrogation he admits that he was having an affair with Lily.  On the night of the murder, he met with Hollis who was drinking and admitted that Lily was his daughter, they had an argument and Ian killed him.

Rigsby says to Grace that they have to talk about "you and me" but are interrupted by Grace's new boyfriend Duncan.

The episode ends with Kirkland completing his reproduction of Jane's Red John connection wall.


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