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Red Listed is the fourth episode of the sixth season of The Mentalist.


Jane reveals that a list of fake Red John suspects he planted was stolen and the team realizes these men are in danger.


The episode begins with a flashback reminding the audience that Robert Kirkland is still in the picture.

The scene then changes to the FBI investigating the death of Benjamin Marx, whom Jane imprisoned in Red Rover, Red Rover after unethically getting a confession out of him by burying him alive. He and Lisbon arrive at the scene to encounter Reede Smith, who proves to be as intellectually skilled as Jane. Jane then reveals to Lisbon that he created a fake list of Red John suspects, and Marx was on the list. This list was stolen back in Red Letter Day, by Kirkland's men.

While Lisbon assigns the team to protect each of the suspects, Jane tries to get into contact with Madeleine Hightower, but he is then informed that she and her kids are dead. Jane visits Hightower's aunt and sets up a rendez-vous with her via a memorial site which the still-living Hightower uses to stay in touch with people.

Lisbon visits Richard Haibach, one of the names on the list, only to find that he is still as reluctant to talk to the police just as he was when he was accused of being the San Joaquin Killer. He is then tazed and abducted by an unknown assailant.

Reede Smith and Bob Kirkland meet on a bench in a park and share coffee. Robert Kirkland uses the Tyger, Tyger poem to see if that rings any of Smith's bells. Smith seems oblivious to the poem. Kirkland explains that during the Red John invesigation Homeland Security uncovered a conspiracy of corrupt members of law enforcement that identify each other by saying, "Tyger, Tyger". He and Robert Kirkland say they will remain in touch.

Jane meets with Hightower at a Chinese restaurant. She reveals to Jane that Robert Kirkland and Homeland Security have been spying on him since he joined the CBI. She also reveals that when FBI Director Alexa Schultz talked with Virgil Minelli about keeping the FBI updated on the Red John and Jane case, that they were secretly delivering the information to Homeland.

Jane meets with Kirkland at the Homeland HQ. Clearly realizing that Kirkland stole the fake list, he informs him that the list was indeed fake, although not directly revealing that he also knew that Kirkland was the culprit. Kirkland kidnaps Jane and takes him to his brother's cabin, where he is also holding Richard Haibach captive. He removes the SIM card from Jane's phone so that no one can locate him.

Hightower calls Lisbon, and tells her that she thinks she may have gotten Jane in trouble. The two meet and locate Jane. While they are heading towards his location, Kirkland cuts off Richard Haibach's thumb because Jane wouldn't reveal the real list. However, Jane did reveal that Kirkland was one of his suspects. Kirkland tells Jane that his twin brother Michael was the closest family member he had after his mother left and father died from alcohol poisoning. Michael got involved with Red John, and then Michael went missing. Kirkland automatically suspected that Red John killed him and vowed to kill him. Just as he is about to torture Jane some more, Lisbon and Hightower arrive, saving Jane and Richard Haibach, and arresting Bob Kirkland. Hightower tells Jane that he'd better not call her unless Red John is dead, so that she can finally get out of hiding. Jane agrees, and kisses her on the cheek goodbye.

Rigsby and Van Pelt have just gotten married, but still haven't "done it". Just as they are making out in the elevator desperately waiting to get to their honeymoon suite, the janitor walks in embarrassed. Rigsby and Van Pelt smile at each other.

Kirkland's prison transport vehicle is pulled over by Reede Smith. He tells Kirkland that the Tyger, Tyger poem is a password used within law enforcement. He informs Kirkland that he can escape. While running, Smith takes the driver's gun, and shoots and kills Kirkland. They make a deal that Kirkland tried to escape, and the driver had to shoot him. They both say "Tyger, Tyger."


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  1. Rigsby suggests to Van Pelt that they should spend the night together and get a babysitter to look after Ben. Grace says she has gym with her friend, Rachel and suggests they something some other time. Rigsby appears disappointed by this.


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