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Red Sails In The Sunset is the eighth episode of the fifth season of The Mentalist.


With the help of Bret Stiles, Jane orchestrates an elaborate plan to break Lorelei Martins out of prison in the hope that she will lead him to Red John.


With the help of Bret Stiles, Jane breaks Lorelei out of prison. Lisbon and Bob Kirkland think that Jane helped Lorelei, but after they find Jane's car with a broken window and his cellphone with the message: 'someone after me,' they suspect that Lorelei has Jane, in order to bring him to Red John or to take revenge.

In the meantime, Jane tries to convince Lorelei to tell him who Red John is. She refuses. Jane is willing to do anything that Lorelei wants so they go to the ocean for the night. Lorelei tries to turn on the radio but it's not working.

Lisbon and Kirkland visit Lorelei's mother, Dana Martins. She is distant and offers no insight into why her daughter is the way she is and eventually orders them out of her house when Lisbon pushes her.

In the morning Jane wakes up to find Lorelei swimming in the ocean, and hastily hides her behind a rock when a park ranger appears. When the park ranger notices Lorelei's shoes, she calls out that she'd come out but she's not wearing clothes. After he leaves, she tells Jane she knows somewhere they could go, but she needs to change her look first.

Kirkland and Lisbon meet with the park ranger who identifies the car Jane is driving while Jane stops at a gas station and convenience store where he buys a disguise and snacks for Lorelei. Lorelei, left in the car spies the keys in the ignition and when Jane emerges with his purchases the car isn't where he parked it. A whistle calls him around the corner to where Lorelei has moved the car due to a cop spooking her.

Dana Martins arrives at the CBI to talk to Lisbon. She confesses that when her first husband left her, she had financial issues due to her own substance abuse, and sold her daughter - Lorelei's sister Miranda - to a rich foreign couple who couldn't have biological children. Lorelei never forgave her mother. Lisbon is unsympathetic at the news.

Jane and Lorelei check into a motel - Jane deliberately asking for a room without a television.

Lisbon meets Virgil and Marta Roman - the couple who bought Lorelei's sister. Miranda turned out to be an unhappy child, and when she was in high school they sent her to therapy where she remembered things they thought she had forgotten, including just one name. Lorelei. The Romans tracked down Lorelei and reunited the sisters. Lisbon asks where Miranda is now as they need to talk to her and Marta answers, 'She's dead. She was murdered.'

Jane asks Lorelei where they're going and she tells him it's a cabin she used to go to with her sister, and that her sister is dead. Lorelei tells him that her sister's death was a gift, sort of. Jane asks her to explain that and she tells him that her sister's death brought her into her full reality - she faced her deepest fear, now she has complete awareness and nothing can hurt her. Jane tells her that's nonsense, things can hurt her. She tells him to try her, then complains that the beer is cold. Jane leaves to get ice.

Kirkland and Lisbon are discussing Miranda's murder - she died of heatstroke after being raped and left chained in an empty warehouse, the coroner thinks she lasted two days. Lisbon's phone rings and she answers it to find Jane on the other end asking her for help. He tells her that he's in fear of his life and asks if Lisbon knows that Lorelei has a sister. She says she does and faxes Jane the crime scene photo of Miranda's body and the only clue - carved into the floor beside her body, the name 'Roy'.

Jane returns to the motel room, where Lorelei has turned the radio on and heard a news broadcast about her 'kidnapping' Jane. She hits him, raging about his lying to her. Jane confronts her about her sister's murder and the clue that was never made public. Lorelei rejects the truth and scathingly tells him "I only wonder why the two of you didn't become life-long friends the moment you shook hands." She takes the keys and leaves, Jane barely getting into the car. Jane fixes the wires to the radio, revealing he disconnected them earlier on.

Lisbon and Kirkland are in a briefing, having tracked Jane's phone call to the truck stop motel and narrowed down the direction they're travelling. Van Pelt tells the room that she's been going through Miranda's financials and has found the cabin she owned, which is in that area. And that since her death an anonymous third party has been paying the taxes, which Rigsby suggests could be Red John.

Jane and Lorelei arrive at the cabin, and she tells him that he won't convince her that Red John killed her sister. He tells her that she needs to leave, that the police will find the cabin and tells her 'I know I'll never convince you Red John killed your sister.  You have to go and find the truth yourself, and when you do, you'll know where to find me.'

Lorelei leaves in a car that was parked at the cabin and Jane crashes their car to make it look like Lorelei kidnapped him, and took off. Lisbon and the team arrive, and find Jane in the crashed car, Jane tells her Lorelei is on foot.

The episode ends with Jane and Lisbon in his loft, discussing whether she knows if he engineered the escape and kidnap or not, and Jane tells her it was worth it because Lorelei told him something new. She told him that he and Red John shook hands - Red John is someone he knows.


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  • The episode's title is a reference to the song of the same name by Bing Crosby.
  • One of the characters on Jane's List of Suspects to be Red John, in Black Cherry, has his name in the title of this episode. Heller, talking about Patrick's hunting of Red John, says: "You see the white whale".
  • "Red Sails in The Sunset" is an anagram of "Hunts Ardiles, it's seen". The ADA is also the first of these suspects to appears after the episodes, in Panama Red.

We now know from Season 5's finale that Ardiles is not one of the final list of seven suspects compiled by Jane.

  • Both of Simon Baker's sons have cameos in this episode - Claude as the boy who stares at Jane when he buys hair dye and snacks for Lorelei, at whom Jane crossed his eyes, and Harry as the boy in the green shirt playing soccer when Lorelei and Jane sped off from the motel.
  • The film Bret Stiles watches in the movie theater at the start of the episode is North by Northwest by Alfred Hitchcock.
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