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Red Velvet Cupcakes is the twentieth episode of the fifth season of The Mentalist.


Rigsby and Van Pelt go undercover as a couple with relationship problems to investigate the death of a woman who received advice from a radio love doctor.


Rigsby is interviewing a witness when Van Pelt arrives late, and makes remarks about her having a hot date. He then enters the mansion where Cho is examining the body. Rigsby calls Jane who says that he is busy, but will help. They describe the body, bedroom and kitchen to him. Jane deduces that the victim Missy Robins and her husband Kip were in a troubled relationship, and that Kip's alibi of a rafting trip is fake.

Lisbon persuades Jane to assist on the case in person by telling him, "Jane, I need you." Missy's sister tells them that Missy and Kip had been on Buddy Hemming's radio show about a month earlier.  Calling the rehabilitation center where Missy worked Van Pelt discovers that Missy had reported one of the girls, Monica Suarez, for selling drugs.

While staking out Monica's home, Rigsby talks to Van Pelt about his feelings for her.

While interviewing Buddy, Jane suggest that Kip was having and affair. Lisbon tells Jane that Kip skipped out on the rafting trip. Jane then broadcasts an appeal on the radio for Kip's car offering a prize of $20 dollars and a guest DJ spot. They soon trace Kip to a hotel room where he and his personal trainer (Rosie) are continuing their affair.

Kip and Rosie's alibis check out,

Jane returns to the radio station and goes to talk to Buddy and asks to see Missy and Kip's episode of the show. While watching the show he notices that she is wearing a very distinctive pair of "sexy gold sandals." He then calls Rigsby and tells him to go back to Missy's house and look for the sandals. Cho calls Jane to tell him that they can't find the sandals. Jane asks what size shoes Van Pelt wears and then buys her a pair of shoes.

Jane then convinces the couple who were to take part in that days show not to take part. This means that Rigsby and Van Pelt can go undercover as guests on the show, Van Pelt admits that she cares about Rigsby and that she loves the fact that he's a dad. Rigsby says that she knows how he feels about her, its the same way he has always felt since the first day he met her.  Jane calls Rigsby and Rigsby tells Buddy and Van Pelt that he has to leave because of work and leaves them alone. Buddy invites Van Pelt for some more counselling, she accepts and leaves.

On the way out Van Pelt breaks the heel off her shoe and pretends to fall. Buddy takes he to his office to recover. Jane says to Lisbon (they are outside listening) "Great, Van Pelt is now alone with a killer".

In his office Buddy, starts massaging Van Pelt's foot. Lisbon asks Jane how he knew that Buddy was really into feet and Jane explains that he has manicures at a place where they do pedicures and the picture of a ballerina's foot on his wall. Van Pelt asks what she can wear home, and Buddy produces the missing pair of Missy's shoes. The team are about to enter when Buddy's wife Elizabeth enters and threatens them with a gun, but the team arrive and arrest both of them.

Under interrogation Buddy admits to an affair with Missy, but she broke it off and gave him the shoes to get rid of him. Elizabeth says that she only went to Missy's house to scare her, but when Missy called Buddy a creep she got mad and shot her.

The episode ends with Van Pelt going to visit Rigsby at home, she kisses him on the doorstep and then goes in to his house.


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  • In the episode Patrick is at one point seen laying down in his apartment while he reads Charles Dickens' novel "A Tale of Two Cities". Perhaps lending credence to the "Lisbon is Red John" theory is the fact that the villain of "A Tale of Two Cities" is named Madam Thérèse Defarge.
  • Another interesting part of the episode was the fact that Patrick once again was blatantly dismissive of forensics (as he has been in previous episodes). This may lend credence to the "Brett Partridge is Red John" theory because Brett Partridge is the head of the forensics unit in The Mentalist and he and Patrick don't get along with each other. 

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