Red and Itchy

Season Episode
5 21
First aired April 28, 2013
Written by Daniel Cerone
Directed by David Paymer
Guest-starring Pruitt Taylor Vince, Rebecca Wisocky, Meagen Fay, Aimee Lynn Chadwick, Mike Doyle, Keith Pillow, Lisa Pescia, Dennis Cockrum, Meg Foster, Mark Dippolito, Michael Rubenstone, Micah Nelson, Karl Sonnenberg
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Red and Itchy is the twenty-first episode of the fifth season of The Mentalist.


J.J. LaRoche personally requests Jane’s help when the mysterious container he’s been hiding for nine years is stolen from his home.


Jane is in the CBI attic thinking about Red John when Lisbon interrupts and says that there is a dead body in J.J. LaRoche's house and that JJ has asked for him specifically.  Jane arrives at the crime scene and quickly determines that the dead body suffered from rheumatoid arthritis. JJ wishes to speak to Jane before being taken away by the ambulance. In the ambulance, JJ tells Jane that his tupperware box is missing and in its place was a note telling him to drop his current investigation into a security leak at the CBI. JJ tells Jane that he has had the box for nine years and that its contents will end his CBI career. Jane agrees to help, and JJ thanks him and says that his mother would also thank him.

On the way back to the office, Jane updates Lisbon on the situation and tells her to investigate the box and try to determine its content.

They determine that the body belongs to a local locksmith and inform his wife at his shop.

Van Pelt discovers that nine years ago, JJ's mother was subjected to a 2 hour sexual attack and rape, during which she begged the rapist to stop the whole time. His mother committed suicide 3 months later.

Brenda Shettrick requests that Lisbon gives a press conference about the events at JJ's house.

JJ explains to Jane that he was investigating the leak after a major drug bust failed because of a tip off. He also reveals that during the Tommy Volker case, Volker had been called 6 times on a secret cell phone from the CBI office.

When the M.E. determines that Jane's initial diagnosis was correct, they visit the widow at home, where Jane puts the family cat into an airtight safe, causing the widow to open the safe. This confirms Jane's theory that she was the second person at the robbery. The widow admits her part in the robbery, but the box has already been delivered to a drop off point. When Jane and JJ arrive, the box has already been collected.

Rigsby and Van Pelt discover that Scott Sainey, the rapist of JJ's mother, has been released from prison.

During the TV interview, Brenda will not allow the interview to deviate from questions about the LaRoche case.

Alone in her office, Brenda takes a tupperware box out of her bag and puts it in her desk.

Cho finds a 7 year old article in the Sacramento Weekly about Parsons (the locksmith), when Brenda was the managing editor.

Jane tells JJ his suspicions about Brenda and says that he can bring Brenda down by tonight, but he will have to involve Lisbon and the team. JJ is initially reluctant but realizes that Jane will do what he has to do.

Jane tells Lisbon that he needs her help to bring down Brenda. She is initially reluctant, but when Jane reminds her of the Volker case, she says, "Alright. How do we get the bitch?"

Jane tells Brenda that Lisbon needs help with the press in the bullpen. Once there, Lisbon tells them that they have a tip about the drug lord who got away. Cho briefs the RRT team and the camera crew who are riding along. They leave without giving Brenda time to make a phone call.

Once at the scene, the team head out, but Brenda has to return to the van to collect her forgotten bulletproof vest. In the van, she calls the drug lord to warn him about the raid.

She then joins the rest of the team inside to find Jane, JJ, the camera crew and the rest of the team in an empty house reviewing footage of her calling the drug lord, and is arrested. At her interrogation Brenda won't talk, so Jane calmly dissects her personality causing her to breakdown, calling her a political phoney on the take.

Rigsby and Cho search Brenda's office and find the box, and as Rigsby is about to look inside, Jane appears and takes the box which he returns to JJ. Jane tells JJ that Brenda is cutting a deal so that they forget about blackmail and she forgets about tupperware, thus preserving his career. LaRoche said it reminded him of the depths a man can sink and reminded him of his mother.

Jane asks Lisbon to leave him alone in his attic until he comes out, as he wants to work on the Red John case.

When Lisbon visits the house where the man who raped LaRoche's mom lives, she finds out from his mother that somebody broke into his house the day before his court hearing, gave him a sedative, and cut his tongue out.  The tongue was never found. The implication is that the box contained the rapist's tongue. Also, Scott had mumbled something which both Lisbon and his mother heard. If you turn up the audio, you'll hear 'Red John' mumbled twice.

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The episode was directed by David Paymer, who played James Panzer aka the San Joaquin Killer in season four episode "Blinking Red Light".

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Filming of this episode began on March 10, 2013. (Revealed on Karl Sonnenberg's Twitter account)

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