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Redemption is the first and premiere episode of season two of The Mentalist.


Jane and Lisbon arrive at a department store to meet the officer in charge, who takes them to the victim and where they have all the detainees. The officer knows who Jane is and tells him right off the bat that he doesn’t believe in “that psychic crap.” The murder weapon is not at the scene. Jane sniffs the body and then explains to them that the victim was a “ladies man” who went after “high end cougars” and that he’s a causal cocaine user who doesn’t play the guitar well and works in the creative industry in a non-creative position. As they head over to the detainees, Lisbon requests that Jane “take it down a notch,” but then quickly upgrades to “take it down three notches.” Jane tells her that he has it under control. He goes through the detainees and talks to each one of them, giving them advice as he goes along. A woman speaks up in outrage at Jane’s questioning technique. She’s Mandy Schultz – the wife of a Modesto City Council member – and Jane tells her that she’s going to lead them to the murder weapon. She tells Jane he’s "nuts", but goes along with it to prove him wrong. He uses her to reveal where the murder weapon has been hidden in the store (he needs physical contact). Jane reveals the murder weapon, a bloodied piece of broken glass that was stashed neatly back into its box within a pile of other boxes. Mrs. Shultz starts to declare her innocence when Jane reveals that the killer was the store clerk. The clerk’s wife was having an affair with the victim. The store clerk bolts as the uniforms follow chase him down. Gun shots and screams are heard.

Rigsby, Cho, and Van Pelt are playing with a ball of paper while Jane and Lisbon are in Minelli’s office. Minelli goes off on them about complaints and damages. Jane tells him that he felt that Red John was their priority and just wanted to close the case. Minelli has him stop right there, saying that Red John is the problem and feels that a problem is coming. Minelli thinks that since Jane saved Lisbon’s life, she may be going easy on him (which she denies). He calls in Agent Sam Bosco, who will now be taking over the Red John case. Lisbon has worked with Bosco in the past and agrees with Minelli who feels he’ll be helpful on the case. When Jane protests, Bosco says that maybe Jane’s pain over the death of his family is clouding his judgment. Lisbon then asks Bosco what’s clouding her judgment, but he just says “You tell me” . Lisbon tells Cho, Rigsby, and Van Pelt that they need to work straight. No short cuts. Jane starts to pack up. He doesn’t feel like there’s anything for him there unless he can use it as a way for revenge.

They get a car and decide to take two cars (in case they need to split up). Lisbon is a bit testy, especially when Van Pelt doesn’t seem to be able to find where the key goes in for the van and sets off the alarm. “Van Pelt, it’s not a jet plane!” Jane gets into the van and tells them that he’s there for just this one case; he doesn’t want to leave them in a lurch. They arrive at an apartment complex and are informed that they’re considering her a Jane Doe (her license was a fake). Van Pelt thinks that she was knocked out with a stun gun and suffocated with a pillow. Jane tells them that someone was obviously looking for something, but didn’t find anything. “She’s a law-abiding middle-class housewife who did something she feels terribly guilty about,” Jane tells them. He has taken a picture from the crime scene and has Van Pelt look up an athletic team and then cross-references it with missing people. They find their Jane Doe – Monica Dunninger. She was accused of stealing money, $1,000,000, from her job. Jane says he wants look at houses in the area, saying that he wants to move there. “No secrets, Jane. No lies. No tricks. No surprises. The truth,” Lisbon tells him. “When’s that the rule?” he asks. Jane goes on to explain that the only reason he’s still there is because he’s afraid that they won’t be able to cope without him. Lisbon gets pissed and has Van Pelt drive away without Jane.

Cho backs up and picks up Jane; he wants to know what he said to them. Jane tries to tell him that it was an overreaction. He tries the “we need to find a house for sale” idea with Cho and he just shrugs and says “okay.” They find one and Jane goes up to the door and knocks. The mail is backing up in the box and Jane uses a piece of mail to write a note for Monica to call him and his phone number. Cho wants to know what’s going on, but Jane says it’s better as a surprise. He gets a basket of strawberries and brings them as a gift for the team. He apologizes to Lisbon for what he said before and wants to continue working with them. He tells her that he has nothing else to do. “No jokes. From now on, there has to be boundaries,” she tells him and doesn’t want to have to clean up his messes. He agrees and then hugs her.

They break the news to Monica’s family. Her daughter Kessie thought she’d be living it up in Mexico. Monica’s husband Hollis leaves the room and takes his son Ansel (who had cancer, but who is in remission) into the other room with headphones. The daughter’s very upset with everything about her mom and reveals that Monica was having an affair and skipped out when the son was diagnosed with cancer. The daughter never felt like her mother had time for her. The father comes in and tells her to have some respect. They explain that because Monica was in the news, the doctors at the hospital helped and saved the son for free. Jane asks them if they know the man who’s name was on the mail at the house for sale, but no one knows who he is. Lisbon is irritated that he’s not explaining himself completely to her. She wants Van Pelt to explore the family, but she thinks they look clean. Lisbon gets snappy while Jane messes with her arm. Jane wants to go back to Sacramento because he has a meeting with Bosco, Lisbon wishes him luck.

Cho and Risgby go to check out the lover. Rigsby asks Cho about his time in juvie, he was in because of a gang (Avon Park Playboys). Cho doesn’t explain anything further. They find him hiding in a storage box and arrest him.

Jane meets Bosco and admits that he may be right. Jane feels that he knows the case and could be a good resource. He tells him that Jane’s a clown. Bosco tells him that he “wouldn’t tell him where the bathroom is if his ass was on fire.” Bosco calls Jane out on the fact that he should have listened to his wife and gotten out of his psychic business but that the money and attention was too good. “You’re not a detective, you’re a victim,” he breaks to Jane.

Lisbon asks about his meeting with Bosco. Jane says “good,” but then recites what Bosco told him. Lisbon laughs and thinks it’s funny. When she asks what he’s going to do, he says nothing. “If you sit by the river long enough, you will see the bodies of your enemies float by,” Jane says cryptically. They meet with the head of the firm Rhonda Jaffe and she is more hurt about the trust issue than the money lost. “Saved her life, she resents me,” Jane confides aloud to the CEO. They meet with her direct supervisor, Greg Humphrey. He explains that Monica fried the hard drive and took the accounts book, so they’re not sure how exactly she stole all the money. Van Pelt reports in that the daughter takes care of the bills and that she started to pay all the bills in cash. Van Pelt feels really good about this discovery.

Cho starts to interrogate the lover. He says that she was in business with someone and he didn’t want to be next to be killed. Van Pelt has the daughter come in and questions her. She finds out that Monica tried to contact her daughter and that she received $5,000 in cash with a note. The daughter kept it a secret because started to receive the same amount every month and they really needed the money. Lisbon likes the daughter for it, but Jane doesn’t want to give his take. Lisbon tells him that he’s distracted. She tells him that Bosco’s a good agent, “as good as they come.” Jane goes over to Rigsby and Cho and asks who wants to go with him to catch the killer. Rigsby asks if Lisbon okay'd it, and Jane lies telling him, “of course.”

They arrive with folding chairs and a cooler to the ‘for sale’ house that previously belonged to Miles Thorsen. The note on the door was in case the killer got there first, he’d call them. Jane picks the lock and Rigsby freaks out because they don’t have a warrant. Cho says, “Don’t you hear someone shouting inside?” Rigsby is really irritated that Jane tricked him. Jane decides that Rigsby should be punished and is sent to the library. “Your punishment for being a wuss.” Rigsby names off all the laws they’re breaking, but Cho says “the door was open.” Jane reveals that he used Miles Thorsen's name as bait and starts to pass out snacks for Cho as they wait for the killer to show up.

Someone arrives at the house, a realtor with a couple to show the house. Cho’s irritated that the guy got his name; they were supposed to be working one hundred percent straight. The CEO, Rhonda, shows up at the house and tries to claim, “wrong address.” She stole the money from her own company. Rhonda made a deal with Monica: she’d ensure that her son got the best treatment and would pay her. Jane picks up his cell phone to drove that he has proof and calls Rigsby. Monica swapped her account book (with a DVD) with a fax book (it is at the house).

On DVD, Monica explains that everything in the account book is the truth. She wants the record to be straight in case something happens. Monica did all this because she really wanted her son to recover. She says that she loves her daughter even though her daughter thinks that she doesn’t. The book spells out the deal. Lisbon tells Van Pelt, “nice work.” The family grieves for the loss of a mother and wife, with the truth coming out.

Jane calls out saying he’s Sam Bosco about his in-house passcode, afraid it’s been compromised and wants to change the access code.


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