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Reede Smith is a character appearing first in the Season 5 premiere. He is an FBI Special Agent who works in California and is partners with Gabe Mancini, and his Supervisor Agent is Alexa Shultz.

He was one of the seven final people on Jane's List of Suspects to be Red John being the sixth to be eliminated, and the only one to survive the investigation and manhunt.

Reede, moreover, is a "middle man" of the Blake Association. He is also the man who killed Robert Kirkland. Smith shot him 6 times, according to the file (but onscreen we see 7 shots).


Five years prior to The Great Red Dragon, Smith hurt his back helping his cousin move a couch. He was prescribed painkillers by his doctor and quickly found himself addicted to them. During a moment under the influence, he accidentally shot a twelve-year-old girl to death while chasing a gang member. Luckily for him, he was approached by a detective working for the Blake Association, who made his incriminating blood sample disappear, got the investigation shut down and even got the FBI to give Smith a medal. After they saved him from a long jail sentence, they let him join their ranks.



FBI Agent Reede Smith

Reede Smith first appears in the Season 5 premiere as an FBI agent sometimes partnered with FBI Agent Gabe Mancini. They were assigned the FBI's investigation of Red John in the fallout over the arrest of Lorelei Martins. Patrick Jane believes the CBI's failure to capture Red John was the result of a mole within the FBI who leaked information to Red John. Agents Smith and Mancini both denied the existence of such a mole but were subsequently dismissed from the Red John case. Instead, he could be also the "good friend in FBI", that RJ nomined in The Crimson Hat

Smith appears quite taciturn, sarcastic and aggressive. He also seems to have violent instincts repressed.


Smith speaks with Kirkland before killing him

In Red John's Rules, he was revealed to be one of the final seven Red John suspects.

In Black-Winged Redbird, he is seen in a meeting with Gale Bertram and Thomas McAllister discussing the Red John case and other collaborations. Smith states that Bertram's role in this operation (possibly referring to the involvement of Homeland Security and Robert Kirkland) is to monitor the work of Patrick Jane.

Smith did not tell Kirkland about the organization. Bob Kirkland found out about it himself. So Smith killed him saying he was right about the secret organization. It's not revealed though if Red John is a member, or if they are tracking Red John.Because none of the members of the organization - Partridge, Bertram, Smith and others - knew who Bloody John was. They only knew that it was someone from the leadership of the organization whom they did not know either. The group uses the words "Tiger Tiger" to communicate.

In Fire and Brimstone, it is revealed that he doesn't like heights (acrophobia maybe), and that he has a tattoo with three dots, like Gale Bertram, Thomas McAllister and maybe Red John.

In The Great Red Dragon, it is revealed he had an addiction to painkillers. When he was chasing a gangbanger while being high, he killed a twelve year old girl. They had him dead to rights with his blood and witnesses but a detective showed up and claimed they could make it go away. After they were done, the FBI gave Reede a commendation and from that point on he was a member of the Blake Association. It is also revealed that during his tenure as a member of the organization he helped get Rebecca Anderson's killer FBI credentials so he could sneak in and kill her.


  • Unnamed twelve year-old girl (Shot to death)
  • Robert Kirkland (Shot six times in the back)


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