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Richard Haibach was an amateur photographer living in San Francisco. He was also a suspected pedophile who repeatedly comes into contact with law enforcement officers but particularly Teresa Lisbon and Patrick Jane.

During Blinking Red Light , he was one of several people suspected of being the San Joaquin Killer and questioned by Lisbon and gives her an alibi for the murders. He is later arrested in connection with the investigation when Lisbon and Van Pelt find sexual suggestive photos in his possession after he lied about his whereabouts, but released due to lack of evidence.

He reappeared in Red Listed. Haibach was offered police protection after being revealed as a fake Red John suspect. He refuses, and shortly after, is abducted by Bob Kirkland. His thumb is cut off, and he is held captive. He is saved by Teresa Lisbon and Madeleine Hightower. He is then rushed to the hospital, still alive, and swearing vengeance.

He appears in Grey Water as a suspect behind the killing of former CBI employees.

It is revealed in White as the Driven Snow that he and his sister are responsible for the murders of Oscar Ardiles and J.J LaRoche, as well as the kidnapping of Grace Van Pelt. It is also revealed that when he was a child he was sexually abused by his father when he got drunk and is implied to be the reason why he is the way he is. After a struggle at his cabin Richard Haibach was killed by Rigsby and his sister Hazel was taken into custody.

Richard Haibach is portrayed as a pedophile throughout the show.


The following were targeted by either Hazel Haibach or Richard personally:

  • Oscar Ardiles (Stabbed in the chest repeatedly by Hazel)
  • J.J. LaRoche (Shot once in the chest with a shotgun rigged to a tripwire by Hazel)


  • Wayne Rigsby (Shot at by Hazel and shot once in the chest by her; survived)
  • Grace Van Pelt (Shot at by Hazel and later kidnapped; rescued)
  • Patrick Jane (Kidnapped and tried to cut off his finger; rescued)


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