Rick Carass

Portrayed by Bradford Tatum
Name Rick Carass
First appearance The Thin Red Line
Status Alive
Last appearance The Thin Red Line
Profession None
Family Unknown

Rick Carass appears in The Thin Red Line.

Carass was awaiting trial on narcotics charges, when Patrice Madigan and Joseph Purcell were found dead. Carass was a suspect because Purcell was a key witness in the trial and was about to testify against him. Without Purcell's testimony, the charges against Carass were dropped. When the CBI questioned Carass, he admitted to having a motive and acknowledged that he had benefited from Purcell's death, but he had an alibi and denied any involvement in the murders. Wayne Rigsby still suspected Carass because he could have ordered the murders, but Patrick Jane pointed out that the murders weren't Carass's style. Sam Blakely was eventually revealed to be the killer.