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Ron Deutsch was a security guard who worked in a mall in California. He was also one of Red John's accomplices (sometimes the fans call him "the bald cop"). After Patrick Jane shot and killed Timothy Carter, Ron rushed to the scene to see a waitress hovering over Carter's body. He intimidated the waitress into leaving by accusing her of compromising the crime scene. She ran and Ron took Timothy's gun and phone, deleting all calls.

He was murdered by Red John.

Notes by fans[]

It's very possible that Deutsch could be a Visualize member. If true, this actor appears as a cop, as a Visualize member and as Ron Deutsch.

Did you know that "Deutsch" is the german word for "german"?

See 'Chat' to discuss the actor who portrays him, Alex Wexo.


Confront: is Ron Deutsch the bald of Visualize in Brother Wench group (episode 3x03)