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Rosalind Harker is a blind young woman who was Red John's girlfriend for a brief period of time. She believed that Red John was a mysterious business man called Roy Tagliaferro.


Early life

Rosalind met Red John likely in late 2008 when Red John's car got broken near to her house.[1] Red John, introducing himself by his alias Roy Tagliaferro, asked Rosalind's permission to use her telephone. She agreed and made him lemonade. They then got talking about classical music, and shortly after became lovers.

They were together for around five months. Red John paid frequent visits to her, telling Rosalind that he was "doing business in the area" (actually, he was building a trap for Jane and Maya Plaskett in a basement with his accomplice Dumar Tanner). He also painted one of his signature smiley faces with red ink on a wall over her bed, mocking the fact that she was blind and never got to see it.

He liked to listen to her playing in the piano pieces from Johann Sebastian Bach, his favorite composer, to whom "Roy" admired his rigor. He did bring Dumar for Thanksgiving, as he couldn't believe a blind woman could cook. Dumar bought a stuffed toy elephant as a gift for Rosalind.

Someday Red John left Rosalind without saying goodbye (likely when the trap for Jane was ready), which hurt Rosalind, who sincerely loved him. She found a business card of Roy that he had been forgotten and sent a letter to the address on it expressing her feelings, though not really hoping he would read it:

Dear Roy,

I found this address on a business card of yours that I discovered down the back of the sofa. And so I write to you today in the faint hope that this letter may find you.

If it does, and you are reading this, I just want to say that I still love you very much despite the very cruel way you treated me, and I hope you will come back to me one day.

With all my heart,



Season 1

When the CBI team investigate the murder of Emma Plaskett at the hands of Red John[1], they find Rosalind's letter at the mailing address used by RJ to hire a skywriting plane. This lead them to Rosalind, though she doesn't accept the possibility that Roy could be a serial killer and is only willing to cooperate with the team after listening the sadness in the voice of Jane when talking about the murders of his wife and daughter, and after Jane lies to her suggesting that Red John could be impersonating Roy (although Jane had already seen the smiley face on the wall, but never told her).

She provides the team with the earliest description of Red John, and of his accomplice Dumar, which allows them to track down their basement and rescue the kidnapped Maya Plaskett, though Red John manages to escape.

Season 4

After he kills Timothy Carter[2], Jane thinks he was not the real Red John, so he contacts Rosalind[3] and brings her to the morgue to identify the body. Rosalind touches Timothy's face and tells Jane that she had never met the man before, confirming his suspicions that Red John is still alive.

Some time later, FBI Special Agent Susan Darcy contacts her for the same reason [4], and she reiterates what she said to Jane. That night, she calls Jane and tells him that Roy has returned and is at her home. Roy listens to her play the piano like before, and is seen holding a white teacup and sitting on a lounge chair. He wants to inform Jane and Susan Darcy that "it's all a big misunderstanding", and that "he's going to clear it all up" (accepting that he faked his death, though Rosalind believes that he's trying to clear his name).

When the FBI and CBI storm the place, Red John has fled, leaving Rosalind apparently hypnotized and with the corpse of the morgue attendant in charge of Timothy's body in her closet.

Bret Stiles later mentions that she is in witness protection ever since.[5]

Season 6

After the demise of the Blake Association, her name is seen on a fake list of members of the organization. [6]


Rosalind, the possible key to finding out who Red John is

Rosalind, even blind, easily told Jane and Susan Darcy that the man in the morgue wasn't the real Red John. That leads to the thought that if the 7 final Red John suspects were brought to her, she could easily identify RJ by touching his face or, in an even simpler twist, only by listening his voice.

However, as Red John hypnotized Rosalind during their last meeting (long before the list was made), he probably incapacitated her to recognize him (just like he did previously with Kristina Frye[7] or Jane did with the girl sent by Red John [8]).


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