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Sally Carter was the wife and accomplice of Timothy Carter. She was also a possible accomplice of Red John.


Patrick Jane met Sally Carter when he and Teresa Lisbon interviewed her after Timothy Carter's death. She was hostile toward Jane and unhappy to meet him -- understandably so, since he had shot and killed her husband. Jane tried to elicit information from her to confirm his suspicion (at the time) that Timothy was Red John. Sally, however, flatly refused to believe any information that implied that Timothy was a bad guy, or that he hid anything from her. She appeared to be very much the innocent wife without even the slightest idea of her husband's possibly being involved in anything illegal, let alone his being a suspected serial killer.

Jane, however, suspected that Sally knew more than she was telling. To draw her out, he showed her Timothy's key ring with seven keys on it, while her own had only six -- implying that Timothy had indeed kept something hidden from her. At this, Sally became even more upset and asked Jane and Lisbon to leave, as she was holding a wake for Timothy, and Jane and Lisbon had already interrupted it by interviewing her.

Jane and Lisbon left the house, but Jane snuck back in, hid inside a closet, and waited for the wake to finish. After the wake, Sally took Timothy's key ring and opened a secret bedroom with a young girl tied up in it. (The girl was later revealed to be Debbie Lubin, who had been kidnapped six weeks previously.) Sally began frantically searching for a lock that fit the seventh key. At this point, Jane came out of hiding and revealed that the seventh key was actually for his locker at CBI. Lisbon then appeared and arrested Sally for the kidnapping and imprisonment of Debbie Lubin. Sally was then taken to jail.

While in jail, Sally wrote a phony love note to Red John which implied that her husband was Red John. After she finished the note, Sally committed suicide by slitting her wrists with a spoon and bleeding to death in her cell. Lisbon and LaRoche discovered her suicide when they went to the jail to re-interview her. They found and read the love note. but because Sally was dead, they were unable to obtain any further information from her.


Her "innocent spouse" act notwithstanding, Sally Carter knew all along that her husband Timothy was a serial kidnapper and rapist. Not only did she know of Timothy's crimes, she was also his accomplice, assisting him in dealing with his victims. Working together, the two of them were able to keep Debbie Lubin hidden in a secret bedroom for a period without being detected by law enforcement authorities. Her complicity in Timothy's crimes is further borne out by the fact that she had her own key to the bedroom where Debbie was held.

It is unknown to what extent Sally worked directly with Red John. However, she did indirectly assist Red John by writing the jail cell note implicating Timothy as being Red John (attempting to throw the authorities off of Red John's track) and by killing herself before she could be pressured into revealing any information about Red John.