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The Mentalist tells the story of Patrick Jane, an independent consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI), who has a remarkable track record for solving serious crimes by using his razor sharp skills of observation. He also makes frequent use of his mentalist abilities to lead witnesses or offenders into offering the actual facts of the case, as known only to them.

Within the Bureau, Patrick Jane is notorious for his blatant lack of protocol and his semi-celebrity past as a psychic medium, whose paranormal abilities he now admits he feigned. Patrick Jane's role in cracking a series of tough high-profile cases is greatly valued by his fellow agents.

However, no-nonsense Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon openly resists having Patrick Jane in her unit and alternates between reluctantly acknowledging Patrick Jane's usefulness and blasting him for his theatrics, narcissism and dangerous lack of boundaries. Lisbon's team includes agents Kimball Cho, Wayne Rigsby and rookie member Grace Van Pelt, who all think Patrick Jane is a loose cannon but admire his charm and knack for clearing cases.

After failing to capture Red John last season, Jane's search for his nemesis continues in season two. In the opening episode, the Red John case is taken away from Lisbon's team and given to CBI Agent Sam Bosco. However, Jane's persistance to follow Bosco's investigation lands him in jail. After his release, Bosco and his team are murdered by Red John and the case is given back to Lisbon. When a Red John copycat strikes in the season finale, the CBI comes to suspect students at a university campus. Jane is kidnapped by the copcats, only to be rescued by an unlikely saviour. 


Character Appearances[]

Main Characters[]

Recurring Characters[]

Notable Guest Cast[]

* His Red Right Hand - unknown actor disguised as Red John in a police uniform. Red Sky in the Morning - uncredited actor - later revealed in interview as Simon Baker - disguised as Red John in a black garb.

Episode List[]

Image Title Writer(s) Director Airdate Viewers Ep. Number
Redemption Redemption Writer(s): Bruno Heller Director: Chris Long September 24, 2009 15.07 2.01
The CBI investigates the murder of a woman who is found suffocated after being accused of stealing a million dollars from her employer. Meanwhile, Jane and Lisbon can only watch as the investigation into the Red John case is taken away from them and handed over to CBI Agent Sam Bosco.
Thescarletletter The Scarlet Letter Writer(s): Tom Szentgyorgyi Director: Charles Beeson October 1, 2009 15.75 2.02
The CBI investigates the murder of a young intern, working for a State Senator that keeps a terrible secret, while Jane simultaneously tries to find out what new information Bosco has uncovered on the Red John case.
Redbadge Red Badge Writer(s): Ashley Gable Director: Eric Laneuville October 8, 2009 14.70 2.03
A paroled pedophile who Lisbon arrested years before is murdered, and Lisbon is considered the prime suspect when her prints are found on the murder weapon. The problem is, Lisbon can't remember what she was doing the night of the murder - even under hypnosis - which raises Jane's suspicions about her guilt.
Redmenace Red Menace Writer(s): Leonard Dick Director: Norberto Barba October 15, 2009 15.38 2.04
Jane and the CBI investigate the murder of Gordon Hodge, a powerful attorney, who is responsible for allowing a vicious murderer, Van McBride, a leader of a motorcycle gang, to walk away a free man.
Redscare Red Scare Writer(s): Ken Woodruff Director: Lesli Linka Glatter October 29, 2009 15.53 2.05
When a prominent architect, Alan Foster is mysteriously murdered in a crumbling, creepy and old mansion, there seem to be a number of witnesses who say he was killed by a ghost haunting his mansion.
Blackgoldandredblood Black Gold and Red Blood Writer(s): Tom Szentgyorgyi Director: David M. Barrett November 5, 2009 16.21 2.06
Bosco finds out that Jane was spying on him, and sends him to prison. Even after he is sent to prison, he is able to help the team on a case involving the death of a young man from his cell.
Redbulls Red Bulls Writer(s): John Mankiewicz Director: Martha Mitchell November 12, 2009 16.17 2.07
After a lead brings Bosco's team to one of Lisbon's crime scenes, Minelli orders the two groups to work the case together. The sister of a wealthy woman is kidnapped and the CBI attempts to find the culprits. Bosco struggles with the idea of working with Jane and feels that he is ruining the reputations of those that he works with. In response to his job well done, Bosco acknowledges that Jane offers a valuable perspective and asks for his input on the Red John case.
Hisredrighthand His Red Right Hand Writer(s): Ashley Gable Director: Chris Long November 19, 2009 15.85 2.08
Lisbon's team arrives at the office to find that Bosco's team has been shot and killed, while he is in critical condition. Through the investigation, it turns out that Red John was behind the attack. Someone impersonating a CBI agent then picks up and destroys all of the evidence relating to the case. Before Bosco dies after her assistant shot him, he and Lisbon admit their love for each another. Minelli is upset by the week's occurrences and decides to retire.
Apriceaboverubies A Price Above Rubies Writer(s): Eoghan Mahony Director: Charles Beeson December 10, 2009 16.37 2.09
A jewel heist during a charity event leaves a man lingering near death -- but the investigation takes a bizare turn when the chief suspect winds up dead.
Throwingfire Throwing Fire Writer(s): John Mankiewicz Director: Martha Mitchell December 17, 2009 15.77 2.10
While Jane and the team examine the crime scene where a baseball scout is found murdered, Jane is clocked in the head by a ball and flashes back to his childhood with his overbearing father.
Special Guest Cast: Nick Chinlund as Alex Jane
Redcoloredglasses Rose-Colored Glasses Writer(s): Leonard Dick Director: Dan Lerner January 14, 2010 15.38 2.11
Jane and company investigate the murder of a man and his wife, on their way to his fifteen year high school reunion where, clearly, the attendees haven't changed all that much.
Bleedingheart Bleeding Heart Writer(s): Erika Green Swafford Director: Norberto Barba January 21, 2010 14.60 2.12
A documentary filmmaker, with ambitions of becoming a top-notch reporter, is hired to help garner positive publicity for the CBI.
Redline Redline Writer(s): Jordan Harper Director: Bill D'Elia February 4, 2010 14.68 2.13
The team investigates the murder of a luxury-car saleswoman whose body was discovered in the trunk of a Bentley.
Special Guest Cast: Currie Graham as Walter Mashburn
Blood In, Blood Out picture Blood In, Blood Out Writer(s): Ken Woodruff Director: John Polson February 11, 2010 15.86 2.14
Jane insists on going along when Cho is asked to help with the investigation into the low-profile murder of a former fellow gang member.
Redherring Red Herring Writer(s): David Appelbaum Director: Eric Laneuville March 4, 2010 14.87 2.15
Jane and the team are asked to investigate the murder of Gabriel Barge, a prominent chef.
Codered Code Red Writer(s): Bruno Heller Director: John F. Showalter March 11, 2010 16.02 2.16
After being poisoned with a lethal dose of cryptohansa virus, bioweapons researcher Dr. Julia Seberg asks Jane and Lisbon to find a terrifying bioterrorist.
Theredbox The Red Box Writer(s): John Mankiewicz Director: Chris Long April 1, 2010 14.11 2.17
Jane and the team investigate the murder of a tutor; the investigation soon turns into a search for a priceless ring stolen from a British museum. Meanwhile, Lisbon is worried when Madeleine Hightower takes charge of the CBI.
Aingavite Baa Aingavite Baa Writer(s): Erika Green Swafford & Tom Szentgyorgyi Director: Stephen Gyllenhaal April 8, 2010 16.32 2.18
Jane, Lisbon and the rest of the team are asked to help a Jane Doe remember what happened after she suffers from amnesia caused by surviving an attempted murder.
Bloodmoney Blood Money Writer(s): Jordan Harper & Ashley Gable Director: Adam Kane April 22,2010 14.96 2.19
Jane sets out on a quest to prove that ADA Marc Odenthal is guilty of hiring hit man Cale Sweeney to kill a rival of his, Kelly Flowers.
Red-all-over Red All Over Writer(s): Carolyn Ingber Director: Roxann Dawson April 29, 2010 14.84 2.20
Jane crosses swords with the leader of a sinister cult while investigating the murder of the heir to a media corporation. Lisbon’s life is put in danger when a member of the cult plants a bomb in the victim’s family home.
Special Guest Cast: Malcolm McDowell as Bret Stiles
4 18-5-4 Writer(s): Leonard Dick & Ken Woodruff Director: Charles Beeson May 6, 2010 14.85 2.21
Patrick Jane and the CBI team investigate the death of a mathematical genius by a gun-wielding clown.
Red Letter Red Letter Writer(s): Eoghan Mahony Director: John F. Showalter May 13, 2010 14.84 2.22
Romantic sparks begin to fly when Patrick Jane and supposed psychic Kristina Frye cross paths again during the CBI investigation into the murder of a charismatic head of a non-profit organization that fights human trafficking.
Rsitm Red Sky in the Morning Writer(s): Bruno Heller Director: Chris Long May 20, 2010 15.22 2.23
Patrick Jane and Kristina’s first date is interrupted by a report of Red John striking again, which is discovered to be a copycat. But when Kristina reaches out to the real Red John, both she and Jane find themselves in grave danger.
Special Guest Cast: Jack Plotnick as Brett Partridge