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Silver Wings of Time is the seventeenth episode of the sixth season of The Mentalist.


Jane and the FBI take up the cause of a death row inmate who has two days to prove his innocence before his sentence is carried out.


While news of an impeding execution plays on the TV, a man prepares a briefcase bomb, which he leaves next to a man at a bus stop. When the bus arrives he switches briefcases and gets on the bus. A few seconds later the bomb explodes.

Lisbon arrives at the scene by cab, and Jane asks how her date went. Fischer reports that the only one person was killed. When Abbott says that they are keeping the terrorist task force updated, Jane says that it was not a terrorist attack, the only intended target was the victim. Abbott is scornful until a bomb disposal officer says that the bomb was designed to kill only one person.

The victim is identified as David Ronaldo, who was working on a appeal for Luis Cruz, the convicted murderer whose upcoming execution the TV was reporting. Abbott visits Cruz in jail and all he learns was that Ronaldo called to say that he had new information about the case. Cruz tells Abbott that he is innocent and asks Abbott to believe him.

When the team review the film from a bank camera they realize that Ronaldo was distracted by a woman pushing a pram. Facial recognition identifies the woman as Gina Petrocelli, a small time fraudster. She is questioned by Lisbon who tells her that the bomber was a private investigator called Pete Koch.

Pete Koch is found dead in an alley with a gunshot to the head, the briefcase and his watch and wallet are missing so the police thought it was a robbery gone wrong.

Abbott tells Jane that he has a feeling that Cruz is innocent,and asks for his help in preventing the execution.

Abbott briefs the team about the crime, Sarah Fienberg was shot by an intruder 14 years ago, her body was found by her husband. A sweatshirt stained with Sarah's blood was found at the scene with gunshot residue on the sleeve.

Jane and Lisbon interview Edward Fienberg and his new wife Mae. At the interview they deny having an affair before the death of Sarah and say that they have been married for 11 years. On the pretext of going to the bathroom Jane investigates Edward Fienberg's office and finds a prescription pad. Just before they leave Jane accuses David of killing his wife, which he denies.

Fischer and Cho investigate Ronanldo's apartment where the only thing strange things they find is a new map and some diving equipment.

Back at the office Jane says that the map shows that Ronaldo believed that the gun was thrown into a body of water, and he was intending to dive all the local bodies of water to find the gun. Jane also says that the briefcase was taken because the killer wanted to know how far Ronaldo had progressed with his investigation.

Jane then asks for a security station to be set up, and for Fienberg to be arrested and kept overnight.

Cho arrests Fienberg on a charge of prescription fraud and his wife follows them to the FBI office.

At the newly installed security station Mae Fienberg's cell phone and purse are taken for security reasons.

Jason Wylie tells the Fienbergs that the fire alarms are tested at 9:00 am and 5:00 pm everyday.

In interrogation Jane accuses Edward Fienberg of killing his wife, hiding the gun, hiring Koch to follow Ronaldo, killing Ronaldo when he was getting close and then killing Koch.

The team then take turns at interrogating Edward Fienberg, without learning anything. When it gets late pillows and blankets are brought for the Fienbergs with Mae refusing to leave.

The fire alarm wakes everyone the next morning, and Abbott appeals to Edward Fienberg to confess to the murder of his first wife, but Fienberg denies having anything to do with the crime.

The team and Mae Fienberg watch the announcement of Luis Cruz's execution on the bull pen plasma screen.

Jane tells Edward Fienberg that Cruz has been executed while watching his reaction. Jane then asks how it feels and Edward says all he feels is sad, that there was no feeling of release. Jane then tells him that knew he was innocent, but his wife is another matter. Jane shows him a recording of Mae learning the news about Cruz's death and says that her expression is one of triumph, and that she remained at the FBI office to check on the progress of the investigation.

The Fienbergs leave and in their car driving away Edward confronts Mae about Sarah's death. After much prodding Mae admits to killing Sarah, so that she and Edward could be together.

The FBI arrive and arrests Mae. Jane explains that all the clocks were put forward and that the TV footage announcing the execution was faked. He also says that he planted a bug in Edward's pocket and the FBI have a recording of her confession.

Abbott visits Luis Cruz to tell him that Mae had revealed the location of the gun, which proves his innocence.

Lisbon leaves the office wearing a "Little Black Dress" to go on a date with Marcus Pike.

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  • Abbott tells the team that in about 50 hours the man on death row will be executed and this is right after Wiley's computer told us that the current time is 10 o'clock, so technically the execution should occur at 12. Yet in the remainder of the episode the time of the execution is 10a.m. Wiley's computer also states that it is currently 5 o'clock when the countdown has 17 hours left, making the time 7 o'clock.
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