Simon Baker is an Australian actor who plays Patrick Jane on The Mentalist. He also serves as a producer for the show as of Season 6.

Simon is known for his roles as Brian Kelly in the film Something New, and as Christian Thompson in The Devil Wears Prada. He recently appeared as Roderick Blank in Sex and Death 101.

Baker is married to fellow Australian actress Rebecca Rigg and they have three children. He also has dual Australian and United States citizenship since 2010.

Baker is the only person to provide the eerie voice of Red John throughout the show. In an interview with TV Guide, Baker recalls "There was a point where Bruno was saying, "We don't know who we're going to cast to play [the masked Red John]." I said, "Don't cast anyone! I'll do it." Bruno was, like, "I love it! I love it!" So I put on a mask and did that funny, wispy little voice. And for seasons after, whenever Red John spoke, I had to go record the voice."

Episodes Directed[edit | edit source]

Simon Baker has directed 5 episodes over five seasons.

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