Sophie Miller appears in Red Brick and Ivy.

Sophie was the ex-wife of Alex Nelson, who died while giving a speech at Leyland University (it was eventually revealed that he had been poisoned by Chancellor Stern). She worked with Dr. Lewis Stutzer in an unsuccessful research project.

Sophie was also Jane's doctor when he was in a psychiatric ward after his breakdown following the murder of his wife and daughter.

In Black-Winged Redbird, Jane discovers Sophie's head in the oven in her home. It is also implied that she was the one who supplied Red John with the information about Jane's connection with Eileen Turner. So that proves that Red John is indeed not psychic. Jane theorizes that Red John physically met Dr. Miller, and so there should be a file about their session. When the file is found to be missing, Jane reveals that Sophie could not type, and used a service to produce her notes. Jane and Lisbon then listen to Sophie's Red John notes.

Red John's description by Sophie MillerEdit

"Preliminary diagnostic session with Jay Roth.

Mr. Roth came in complaining of a recent issue with severe acrophobia.

He’s middle-aged, in good health, with no stated prior history of psychiatric issues.

He has no living family, but many friends on whom he relies for company and emotional support.

He’s well-spoken, good posture, self-possessed.

In the waiting room, he sat calmly in one place, needing no distraction.

Though I note, he is an excellent whistler.

His self-presentation is pleasant, but there are hints in his behavior of a damaged and narcissistic personality.

He says he deals with conflict and adversity easily, though.

I’m not convinced he’s being truthful about this.

In fact, much of what he said, though spoken convincingly, did not match what I can only call my instinctive response to his presence, though I cannot point to identifiable clinical behaviors that indicate this.

I sense something deceptive and dark in his emotional makeup.

However, there is every indication that his phobia issues are real, whether acrophobia or some other issue remains to be seen.

An interesting case.

I look forward to further sessions with him.

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