Steve Rigsby

Portrayed by William Forsythe
Name Steven Robert Rigsby
First appearance Like a Redheaded Stepchild
Status Deceased
Last appearance Blood Feud
Profession Criminal
Family Wayne Rigsby (son)
Grace Van Pelt (daughter-in-law)
Benjamin Rigsby (grandson)
Maddy Rigsby (granddaughter)
Unnamed Wife

Steve Rigsby was Wayne Rigsby's father and a career criminal.


Steve was the Sergeant-of-Arms of the Iron Gods Motorcycle gang until he left for unknown reasons and has convictions for robbery, drug dealing, assault and manslaughter. He served time in Lompoc, San Quentin, Pelican Bay, Carson Prison and finally Folsom Prison but was eventually paroled. While out on parole in 2008 he was seen affiliating with known criminals and his parole officer attempted to revoke his parole and send him to prison for twenty years. But Steve called his son Wayne and told him to give him an alibi to allow him to escape the charges. Wayne did so saying his father was with him and Cho and the parole officer never checked back.

He first appeared in Like a Redheaded Stepchild when a prison guard at Carson Prison is murdered. His son Wayne shows up to question him where he gives him his alibi and continuously insults Wayne. Wayne eventually comes back with Grace to ask for help on the case. He directs them to an old flame of his by the name of Rocket, and Steve went inside a bar to get her and ran into an old rival named Andy. Andy wanted a fistfight, but Steve pulled a knife on him, and the bartender pulled a gun. Wayne heard the commotion from outside and came in and talked everyone into putting their weapons down. Grace caught Rocket after she ran off in the confusion. She told them Butch Carwin killed the guard. However this turned out to be a lie encouraged by Steve to eliminate his competition in the smuggling cigarettes business. When Wayne found out he confronted Steve who gladly admitted to using him. Unfortunately Wayne broke into Steve's house, and burned all Steve's cigarettes. Impressed by what his son did, he put aside his knife to give his son an honest fistfight.

Steve returned in the episode Blood Feud, in which he was shot along with a man named Andy Huff. Steve survived but Andy was not so lucky, and Steve hid in a shed until he was found by his son. He was taken to the hospital where the doctors managed to stabilize him after pumping four pints of blood into him. The doctor told his son that one of the bullet pellets was close to his heart and his father will have to give up his vices if he wants to survive. CBI agents Lisbon and Rigsby questioned him about who shot him, but he refused to name the killer. He later escaped from the hospital and called Rocket, wanting to meet her at a local bar, but his son showed up instead and they talked for awhile. Wayne eventually showed him a picture of Steve's grandson. He got up and suddenly collapsed and died of his injuries. When his killer was later found, Patrick manipulated events so Wayne could enact revenge on his father's killer and shoot him to death.

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