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[1] is the first and premiere episode of Season 5 of The Mentalist.


While Jane tries to decipher Lorelei's connection to Red John, the CBI team is forced to partner with the FBI to solve the murder of a hotel employee. [2]


The episode begins with Jane looking at Lorelei from the other side of the window. DNA samples are taken from her. He wants to talk with her but the FBI still prohibits an interrogation. Lisbon enters the room and tells him that they have a case, a double homicide.

Jane arrives later at the crime scene and does not mind his illegal parking after he is told by a police officer to move. In the apartment, Officer Tom Yannick gives them information of how the two bodies of a young woman named Callie Carson and a man named Rex Lango were found. There was no forced entry, and it does not seem that the two killed each other, so Lisbon asks Jane for advice.

Outside, as the CBI team is about to leave, FBI agents come and tell the team that they are suspended due to the happenings at the end of The Crimson Hat. Jane points out that the FBI screwed up , provoking Agent Mancini.  Lisbon tries to prevent a fight, but fails.  Cho and Rigsby start fighting with the FBI agents.

At the State Building, Lisbon and Jane are told that their suspensions have been lifted, but they get warned about the fight between the CBI and FBI, because in the press conference outside, they wanted to tell the reporters that the CBI and FBI are joining forces to investigate the events that led to the murder of Luther Wainwright. People do not believe them due to their history together, but it is still announced that they will work together on this murder, as well as on the double homicide in DuPont Gardens.

Both teams agree to be civil as they enter the hotel where Callie worked. Jane and Lisbon query the hotel staff while the FBI agents talk to Mr. Norris. After Jane gets to know that Mr. Norris has a thing for the women of the hotel staff, he decides to question him. Mr. Norris becomes a suspect when pictures from Callie's apartment are found.  He is taken by the FBI, who would only hand him over if Jane gave them Lorelei, but he does not agree since he planted the pictures. When he tells Lisbon about his trick and that he can focus on Lorelei now, she tells him that the FBI won't let that happen. Jane explains that if the FBI has Lorelei, she will either escape or die.

Back in the headquarters, Van Pelt informs Lisbon about her further investigation concerning Callie.


FBI Agent Reede Smith

She has an older sister named Nicola, whom Callie named before the 911 call. Rex Lango does not appear to have a connection to Callie, so Lisbon sends out Rigsby and Cho to question the neighbors whether they heard or saw something. One of them is particularly helpful, as she saw Rex Lango arriving at 6:30 pm at Callie's house, and heard Callie screaming at 7:10 pm. She is sure about the times because she was watching the lottery numbers. But the times do not match Callie's time of death which would have been after the 911 call after 8 pm.

In the meantime, Lisbon and Jane drive to Nicola, Callie's older sister, with whom she's been working on paying off debts that their parents left. They used to be wealthy, but the parents lost everything in 2006 and died a year later. What was left went to their daughters. While talking, Jane gets a phone call that informs him about the FBI giving up Lorelei. So after Jane buys an eye-catching bracelet from Nicola, he tells Lisbon they need to leave.

On their way back to the headquarters, Jane persuades Lisbon not to listen to his interrogation with Lorelei so that she can talk freely. She is still worried, but he convinces her that he does not have feelings for her, which would forbid him from talking to her.

In the interrogation room, Jane offers Lorelei a new identity and life far away from California, so that if she gives him information concerning Red John, she will not be killed by him. She does not really care because she is far under his control, but when he kisses her in order to prove that she already has his friendship and trust (the only things she asked for), she decides to consider his offer.

But Lisbon does not listen to Jane overhearing their whole conversation.  She is upset and believes that Lorelei is playing him. He counters that he has also played  her in order to turn her.

Grace updates Lisbon about the murders and tells her that Callie was choked and suffocated, and Rex died from a blow to the head. Thus, one of them died first. Since the two murders don't add up, Lisbon wonders whether there is a second murderer involved.

In Bakersfield, Cho and Rigsby question Lango's cousin and uncle, who tell him that Rex changed his name before moving. Later, Cho describes him as a scheming, a dishonest and thieving womanizer. They are sure that Callie Carson would not have been involved with a guy like him, despite a lipstick mark on Rex's cheek.

Meanwhile, Grace tries to access Callie's computer and notices that she has not been able to call up her e-mails, Jane concluding that "Lango" was at Callie's to fix her computer.

Then Jane leaves for another talk with Lorelei. As he is about to get upstairs, he discovers that she is being hauled away by some officers that have been given a federal judge's warrant for the FBI. Jane wants to interfere, but holds back. For the first time being clearly upset, Lorelei screams for his help.

Normal 156

Lorelei is taken away by the FBI

Eventually, Jane comes clean about the things Red John told him: he mentions Red John's friend within the FBI and the danger of Lorelei getting killed over there. Lisbon and Jane convince Bertram to reverse the warrant and talk to the judge.

At the custody hearing, the judge says that he will award custody to whichever side irritates him the least. Jane is told not to play his games during the hearing. The FBI tells the judge about the sexual relationship Jane had with the witness, and the judge is about to give custody to the FBI, but Jane comes out with some information Lorelei gave him on Red John: his followers always carry a blood red glass bead in their pockets, and Red John has a good friend in the FBI. The FBI agents, including Alexa Shultz, call the theory ridiculous, but Jane challenges Agent Mancini to remove a red glass bead from his pocket. The judge orders him to empty his pocket and indeed, there is a red glass bead. Agent Mancini is sure that Jane planted it, but has no proof because Jane never touched him. They start a fight, Jane running away from Mancini and Lorelei's custody given back to the CBI.

Back on their double homicide, Jane notices the television reporting about the lottery winner, Valerie Whittaker, claiming her check. Jane tells Lisbon to call Nicola to meet in front of the stage where Valerie Whittaker is supposed to claim her money. Jane asks her whether she knows the police officer Tom Yannick from the Sacramento Police. She replies no, but after Jane picks on her again, she breaks down and confesses. So the check is given back to Nicola.

In the headquarters, Rigsby confronts Yannick and Whittaker with the murder scene:

Lango has been working on Callie's computer when the lottery numbers are drawn. Callie screams because she has the same number, so she calls Nicola. Then she gets from the refrigerator the champagne that she would only open on important occasions in order to celebrate. But Lango gets up and strangles her. Callie hits him with the bottle and kills him. She calls 911 and passes out. Yannick comes to her home and sees the lottery ticket. He kills Callie and takes the ticket for himself.

After Nicola thanked Jane, he and Lisbon drive to the Sacramento County Jail to get Lorelei. They wait in the penitentiary. Jane is nervous, but Lisbon tries to comfort him. But when the officers present them the wrong woman, whom the guard claims is the only Lorelei Martins they have, Jane realizes that she is gone.


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  • The episode's title was originally announced to be "The Red Glass Bead" , but was also featured as "" by CBS on their official website for The Mentalist. The season five DVD cover features the episode as "The Red Glass Bead".  
  • This is the first appearance of Red John suspect Reede Smith.
  • Second appearance of Davis, the television host from Jane's flashback in the Pilot episode.
  • It is revealed that Susan Darcy fell into great disgrace after the events of the end of season four, which had her career ruined and she was mentally destroyed after this incident.
  • Although not specified or mentioned in the episode, it is implied that the CBI's disdain for the FBI would not only be because of the disastrous operation that occurred in Season 4 season finale, but mainly because of the "mole" that was infiltrated in the CBI being an FBI agent and a Red John's undercover agent and he nearly killed two CBI agents, Teresa Lisbon and Grace Van Pelt, who was his fiancee at the time.


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