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The Greybar Hotel is the second episode of the seventh season of The Mentalist.


Lisbon goes undercover as a prison inmate in order to get a convict to turn on her boyfriend, who is the leader of a high-end car theft ring.


The second episode of season Seven starts off at the “Save The Wetlands” Charity Gala in Houston, Texas. Guests are arriving and leaving the event in fancy, upscale cars. Across the street from the Gala, Marie Flanagan and Cole Foster pull up and Marie kisses Cole just as a car they want pulls up in from of the Hotel. Marie pulls a gun out from the glove compartment of the car and tells Cole that she is driving back. They both exit the car and walk over to the Hotel, where they hold up the patrons and Marie steals the car, while Cole runs back to his own car and takes off. Marie screams in excitement as she speeds down the road. She runs a red light, prompting a cop on the opposite side of the road to follow her. Marie leads them in a chase through the streets before cops block her in. Marie exits the car and runs for it, but is brought down by a cop a few feet away.

Meanwhile, Cole makes it back to their hideout, an abandoned warehouse, excited that they got a huge score on a high-end car theft. Cole's two partners, Ronald Hendricks and Benson are waiting for him and tell him that Marie has been captured. Benson makes a comment that Cole doesn't like, and Cole bangs Benson's head on the hood of a car, and then requests Hendricks 'shammy' the dent his head made out of the hood. Hendricks suggests Cole leave town, but Cole refuses, saying Marie won't tell on him.

Marie is being held at the FBI. Cho and Abbott interrogate her, but Marie insists she won't talk, telling Abbott and Cho that they might as well lock her up. Abbott sends Marie away, and Cho asks Abbott about Plan B. Abbott agrees with a simple "Plan B."

Jane and Lisbon sit in the back of a cop car, where he is preparing her for 'Plan B'. Lisbon is set to go undercover in prison to get Marie to give up Cole. Jane tells Lisbon that she should ask for a small favor and stick to one big lie instead of little lies: "You're from Chicago, you have three brothers, you're ticklish..." Lisbon interrupts Jane's teasing to tell him that she is not, and Jane replies teasingly that she is. Lisbon tells him everyone is ticklish when being tickled. She tells Jane she knows what she is doing, but Jane teases her again by telling her to wear her flip-flops when showering because it makes her less attractive and the jail floor is full of bacteria. She thanks him for his advice and Abbott knocks on the window and asks if Lisbon is ready. Lisbon says she is, and Jane helps her remove her trenchcoat hiding the orange jail jumpsuit underneath. Jane reaches into his pocket for handcuffs and Lisbon listens as Abbott tells her they just need Marie to give up Cole and the sooner she does that, the better. Lisbon lifts her hands and Jane cuffs her wrists. After he finishes cuffing her, he takes her hands in his and tells her he will "wait for her". She laughs and tells him to hush and go. Jane exits the car, but you can see him take a deep breath. He watches the cop car pull into the jail and out of sight. Jane looks on as if lost.

Lisbon is moved into the prison, and the guard gives her rules as she is led to Marie's cell. Lisbon introduces herself as Teresa MacGregor. Marie asks what Lisbon is in for, and Lisbon tells her Burglary, who isn't granted bail, and asks what Marie is in for. Marie tells her grand theft auto, but a host of other things, too. Marie asks Lisbon if her last name is Irish, and Lisbon tells her that her grandparents came over from Derry. Marie tells Lisbon that hers came over from somewhere like that, too. Lisbon asks Marie if she can have the top bunk, that she gets Claustrophobic, but Marie changes course and tells her only if Lisbon 'takes' it from her. Lisbon says never mind and makes the bottom bunk.

Meanwhile, in the outside world, Vega walks across the bullpen with a cup of coffee...Jane's cup. Wylie stops Vega and tells her to wash Jane's cup out and put it back, and he might never know she used it. As he is telling her this, a woman emerges with Abbott from the elevators. Vega asks Wylie who she is, and Wylie tells her that she is from the CIA, and that her name is Danitra Cass, but he doesn't know why she is here. Vega goes to take a sip of coffee after Cass is out of sight, but Wylie tells her she seriously needs to put the cup back.

We go into Abbott's office with Danitra Cass, who asks if Lisbon is in with Marie. Abbott tells her she is, but he wants to know why risking Lisbon for a car theft ring is so important to the CIA. Cass tells Abbott that Cole sells the cars he steals overseas, to people who smuggle other things: guns, bombs, drugs. They need Cole to get his contacts so they can capture the network of smugglers he sells to. Cass tells Abbott that she thinks he will agree that the risk of Lisbon is worth it. Abbott is less than thrilled, but agrees. Abbott exits his office and moves into the open office area, where Cho and Jane are looking at a map of Marie's flight route. Abbott doesn't tell Jane that Cass was willing to sacrifice Lisbon, instead telling them there was nothing worth repeating. Jane tells Abbott that the route Marie took was a zig-zag, because her subconscious wanted to go home, but her conscious mind didn't want the cops to follow her. Using this, Jane narrows down the warehouse district a few blocks away. He says he can't do everything when asked which warehouse it is they are using. Cho leaves the room, saying he will try narrowing it down. Jane comments on Abbott's cologne, stating it is expensive for the office. Abbott tells Jane it is date night with his wife, Lena Abbott, and that she is up for a prestigious job in Washington, D.C. Jane congratulates him. Abbott turns to leave, but before he does, he tells Jane that they will bring Lisbon back safe, sensing Jane is worried. Jane replies that of course they will, but as Abbott leaves, his face falls and you can see he isn't quite as sure as he puts on.

At night, we can see that Lisbon is restless in her cell, unable to sleep. As the scene shifts, we can see that Jane is sitting up on his couch, unable to sleep knowing Lisbon is where she is. The next morning, Lisbon is reading a book when she hears arguing coming from down near the phones. She goes to investigate and finds Marie arguing with another inmate over the phone. Lisbon settles the dispute between Marie and the inmate, but Marie says she doesn't need Lisbon's help and walks away.

Jane is on the phone with Lisbon and asks her how she is holding up. Lisbon explains to Jane that Marie is a loner and likes to pick fights. Jane suggests that she needs a friend, using the fact that he lowered his guard for Lisbon as an example to what opening yourself up to someone can do. He tells her that he opened Lisbon up by opening himself up emotionally first. That night, in their cells, Lisbon calls up to Marie and asks if she can sleep. Marie tells her she can't that it is too hot. Lisbon tells Marie that she misses her boyfriend (Jane) in an attempt to open Marie up, while telling truth and revelations about what she was really feeling during her time with Jane. She tells Marie that Jane uses his brains to get by, and also that her and Jane were friends at first, but her feelings for Jane changed into romantic love, but she couldn't admit it to herself. She tried to lie to herself with her relationship to Pike, suggesting that the relationship was built on a lie, and even though Pike was a good man, he wasn't the right one. She tells Marie that she stayed because Jane told her he loved her and didn't want her to leave. She admits that she felt relief at not living a lie with Pike and hiding her own feelings for Jane. She also says that it is scary, because she doesn't know if Jane will bother sticking around for her. This honest talk is enough to make Marie open up about Cole. She tells Lisbon about the warehouse and the hotel down the block.

Lisbon calls in and tells the team what she learned. Wylie pinpoints a warehouse that matches what Lisbon found out, and Cho sets up a raid. They bring in Benson, who tells them that he doesn't know anything but that Hendricks does. From Abbott's office, Jane and Abbott watch the interview and decide that Marie isn't any use to them. Abbott thinks they should pull Lisbon out of Jail, but Jane says that Marie does have a use: she can lead them to Cole. Jane suggests that Lisbon break out of jail.

Back at the prison, Jane goes to visit Lisbon. Jane wears his old vest and suit, causing Lisbon to comment that she likes it. Jane says that it’s good to know and then proceeds to tell Lisbon about the breakout plan, only changing topic when Marie was in ear-shot of her. In a room off the visitor's room, Abbott sits there and tells Marie that she is being moved to super-max. Marie tells him that he can't do that, and Abbott yells that he can, leaving Marie in tears. Back in her cell, Marie tells Lisbon that she can't go to super-max. Lisbon suggests they break out of jail, and Marie agrees. Lisbon says she will go see Patrick in Florida. Marie makes a call to Hendricks.

Vega and Wylie are listening in to the outgoing jailhouse conversations waiting for Marie to come through. They share some banter before Marie comes on the line and tells Hendricks that he needs to come for them. With the plan set in motion, Jane and the team discuss the way Lisbon and Marie will break out. Jane's plan is to cause a distraction using a bucket with a hole, a mop, and quick thinking. Jane explains that once the water from the bucket is all gone, the bucket will slide, causing the mop they jammed in the door to crash to the ground causing the guard to leave her post. Jane then tells the team that they sneak in the guard area and head into the workers locker room to change clothes, and walk out of the jail using momentum to avoid suspicion. He tells Abbott that Lisbon is then in his hands, suggesting Abbott is responsible for Lisbon's safety beyond this point.

Marie and Lisbon make it out of the jail and meet up with Hendricks, who drives off with Cho and Abbott following close behind. Hendricks makes an unexpected move when he turns into a parking garage, giving the chopper overhead no chance to track Lisbon. The scene shifts back and forth between Cho and Abbott to Jane, Wylie and Vega. Abbott gets out of the car and runs after Lisbon when they lose track of her. It's too late, as Lisbon switched cars with Hendricks and Marie and left the parking garage. Abbott tells Jane that they lost Lisbon. Jane suggests that they join the search for Lisbon.

Meanwhile, Hendricks drives Marie and Lisbon to a gas station. Marie and Lisbon go inside and get some stuff to eat when Cole comes up and scares Marie, kissing her. He tells them that there is a chopper waiting for them, which makes Lisbon uneasy. As Cole and Marie go to the counter to pay for their things, Lisbon feigns a headache and need for aspirin. She starts to write on a notepad but stops when she hears Cole shoot the clerk in the chest a few times before shooting him once more after he was down. Cole calls Lisbon over and asks if she has a problem and Lisbon lies and says no. Marie and Cole leave, but Lisbon stays behind enough to dip her foot in the clerk's blood to point Jane to where they are going.

Jane and Vega roll up to the gas station, having heard shots fired call over the scanner. Jane runs through the gas station thinking the shot person could be Lisbon. He sees the clerk lying on the floor and searches the rest of the station, but Lisbon is gone. He sees her message on the notepad from earlier and tells Vega about her footprint in the blood. Vega says that maybe Lisbon accidentally stepped in the blood. He knows Lisbon would never intentionally do it unless she had to. Vega says they have to follow protocol. Jane tells her to call whoever she has to. Jane steals a package of Gatorade and Vega's car. He takes off after Lisbon, using the Gatorade as breadcrumbs for Abbott to follow.

Lisbon, Cole, Marie, and Hendricks are at the chopper, which Hendricks is preparing to fly. Hendricks lays his gun on the table and Lisbon inches her way over to it. Cole sees her and asks her what she was doing. Lisbon denies anything, but Cole isn't buying it. Jane arrives and hides in the bushes as Cole and his gang argue about what to do with Lisbon. Jane knows he is running out of time. He runs back to the jeep that they used to get there and takes the rearview mirror. Jane hangs the mirror to the trees. Just as Cole is about to shoot Lisbon in the head, Jane pops out with his wallet and tells them they are under arrest. Hendricks points out the mirror and Cole and him shoot it. Cole laughs as he walks toward Jane and asks him if he really came there alone. Jane says it was worth a shot and then turns to Lisbon and apologizes to her, saying it is all he could think of. Lisbon tells him it is okay. Cole points the gun at Jane, but before he can pull the trigger, Abbott and the team storms in and takes them down. Jane moves toward Lisbon and thanks Abbott, who gives him a dropped Gatorade breadcrumb. Jane and Lisbon reunite, saying 'hey' to each other, and Jane gives Lisbon the Gatorade.

Cole is being interrogated and decides to give up the names of his buyers overseas. Cho stops Jane and tells him that the girlfriend of one of the buyers knows Jane. Jane opens up the file to see Erica Flynn staring him in the face.

The episode ends with Jane saying "Oh." 


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  • "Greybar Hotel" is another word for jail or prison.
  • Stella Baker, who is in real life the daughter of Simon Baker, appears in this episode as one of the female prisoners on phone.
  • Jane's plan to break Lisbon and Marie out of jail could be viewed as an homage to the series Prison Break, in which Robin Tunney and Rockmond Dunbar both appeared.
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