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The Red Barn is the thirteenth episode of the fifth season of The Mentalist.


A 25 year old case seems to be linked to the Visualize cult and Red John. Lisbon contemplates about her future after arresting Tommy Volker. Jane narrows down his private lists of Red John suspects after speculating that Red John is, or has connections to the Visualize cult.


The episode begins with Lisbon knocking at the door of Jane's room at the CBI. He cracks the door open and acts mysterious about what he is doing. Exasperated, Lisbon informs him they have a real case, and he follows her. Lisbon asks Jane about his list of Red John suspects - he admits that his list is still very long.

Lisbon and Jane go to the crime scene, which is some kind of bar, where there is a shooting victim lying on the ground. Rigsby points out that there is something on the man's face. As Lisbon leans in closer to find out, the man opens his eyes, pulls her near and kisses her before shouting Happy Anniversary! People emerge from all over the bar and everyone starts clapping. Turns out it was a surprise from Lisbon's team, specifically Rigsby's idea to celebrate her tenth anniversary at CBI. The guy lying on the floor turns out to be a stripper. People come up to congratulate Lisbon, include Agent Ray Haffner who asks Lisbon if they can meet for lunch soon, as he needs to talk to her.

Cho informs Jane that they have been called in on a case. Jane does not want to interrupt Lisbon's fun, and says they should handle this one themselves. Cho and Jane head over to Elliston where bodies were found in a secret basement in a barn. Some kids found the entrance and discovered some bones - three victims who possibly died 25 years ago. The police found shotgun pellets, but a bullet is missing.

Jane finds the scene depressing and heads outside leaving Cho inside with police Chief Rick Anaya. That's when Jane spots the huge smiley face on the side of the old barn - the Red John symbol.

Back at the office, Van Pelt and Cho discuss the symbol and Jane refusal to comment on it. Rigsby has a hangover from the party and worries he may have done something embarrassing. Lisbon comes in and thanks the team and tells Rigsby she will never forgive him for the stripper.

Cho explains that the murders might date back to 1988. A ring found at the scene was traced back to Lester Bradovich, who went to high school in Dixon. They found no bullets and the gun was not registered.

Jane asks Lisbon about the party and comments about her 10 years at CBI, to which Lisbon replies that every year with him counts as two. Jane shows her a photo of Red John's symbol on the barn, and Lisbon points out that the murders took place 10 years before Red John was even active and he never used a shotgun as a weapon of choice. Jane says those are excellent questions and walks away, saying she knows where to find him.

Cho has checked out Bradovich and learns that he had a record, but nothing after 1987. He also has a brother, but strangely no one ever filed a missing person's report.

Cho finally tells Rigsby that he got on a table and sung Bohemian Rhapsody at the party. They go to interview Lester Bradovich's brother. He has not spoken to his brother in 25 years, but never believed he was missing. Lester had joined some group and straightened up his life. Lester told his family he had to break off ties with them for his true identity to emerge. The group's name was none other than Visualize.

Ray Haffner calls Lisbon for lunch. Meanwhile, Jane and Lisbon are at the Visualize headquarters and are met by Brother Cooper, as Brett Stiles is out of the country. Cooper reveals that Bradovich and probably the other two victims, Charney and Talbot, were all church members. The church owned several farms as Stiles had a vision of running an agricultural empire. Cooper gives them details on the other victims. The three men ran the farm together. He claims that they believed the men had run away, and never thought they were missing.

Lisbon is annoyed that the cold case has no leads, and Jane suggests they go get chili at a restaurant called Ella's Diner, where Jane clearly believes he could find a lead. Lisbon questions a waitress, but she says that while she heard about the murders, she knows nothing. Jane asks her who told her about the three bodies in the barn. She points out a man called Miles MacCambridge, who Jane guesses used to be a teacher.

Questioned by Lisbon and Jane, he says that Visualize people kept to themselves and were useless farm folk. He mentions Tom Crayhew, who had issues with the Visualize people. The local chief of police enters, which upsets McCambridge. Jane concludes that the latter does not like the police officer, who may have been a student of his in the past.

At the CBI office, Cho, Van Pelt and Lisbon go over letters sent by the three farmers to Visualize asking for more money or help. They were the only full time workers at the farm and while the documents show that many temporary workers came along, no names were recorded. Van Pelt did trace one man named Peter di Buono who was willing to come in to talk to them. Lisbon also asks her to trace Tom Crayhew.

Lisbon heads off to lunch with Haffner who comments that two days as Jane's boss nearly killed him. Lisbon says Jane is not that hard to handle. Haffner tells her he is planning to leave CBI to start a security and investigation firm for high end clients and asks Lisbon if she would consider coming with him. She thanks him but refuses, although he offers a generous starting salary and tells him that she loves her job and it's not about the money. Haffner asks if it's the job or if it's Jane, to which Lisbon replies that Jane is part of the work. Haffner says he understands why she would not want to leave given the team's impressive track record. He also insists however, that the job is a game to Jane and that one day he will leave her on her own.

Rigsby and Cho go to Crayhew Farm, where Crayhew draws a gun on them thinking they are IRS agents come to collect taxes. He eventually puts the gun down and talks to them about Visualize people. He says they were stealing his water, diverting it into their fields. He says he confronted them and one of them pulled a revolver on him. Crayhew identifies one of the victims as the man with the gun. He also says the Visualize farmers tortured their animals and engaged in satanic rituals. He advises them to talk to the retired vet, Preston if they don't believe him.

Lisbon back from lunch, goes to see Jane in his room at CBI. Again, he acts mysterious and refuses to let her in. She tells him about Haffner's offer and tells him she is considering it. Lisbon and Jane go see the vet, Dr. Ellen Preston and meet her daughter, Holly, who tells them that her mother suffers from Alzheimer's. Lisbon questions the daughter about the bad treatment allegedly carried out against the animals. She ridicules Crayhew's claims and says that if anything had been going on, her mother would have talked about it.

Van Pelt interrogates Peter di Buono, now Father Di Buono. The latter says he was a member of Visualize when he was young and didn't know better, adding that Brett Stiles only says things that sound good. Van Pelt argues that some of the things he says make sense. He says he once ran the Elliston farm from 1986 to 1987 until Bradovich came in and worked people for over 20 hours. He also says there were claims that Bradovich gave people drugs to keep them working.

Jane asks the priest about the Red John symbol. The priest said he had seen that and that Talbot told him it had been drawn by some kid working on the farm. Jane concluded that anyone under the age of 30 could be that kid. Father di Buono said there was a bad vibe about that place, and he left quickly.

Lisbon and the team try to determine any possible motive for the death of the three farmers. Rigsby found out that the Crayhew was part of a militia in the 1980s. Jane is interested in the drug claims and they bring in the Chief Anaya. The latter claims not to have any knowledge of drugs, but Jane points out that Anaya used to deal drugs and that he was the one who supplied Bradovich. Jane also says that while Anaya recognised Bradovich, he pretended not to. Lisbon says he could be charged with obstruction to justice for withholding information. Anaya finally admits that he used to deal in high school and sold him some stuff, but since Bradovich needed larger amounts that he did not have, he put him in touch with serious, scary dealers. He gives Lisbon their names.

Lisbon finds out that two of the dealers are dead and a third is on death row. The missing bullet was also found , shot into the ground. Jane asks Lisbon to get everyone they interviewed to Ella's Diner.

Ray Haffner comes by and asks about Lisbon's response to his offer. She tells him that he already knows her answer. Haffner then asks about the case, and if the information sent by Cooper was helpful. Lisbon is surprised because she never mentioned his name. Haffner argues that someone else from her team told him, but Lisbon says that no one else knew aside from her and Jane. She realises he is a member of Visualize. He admits that it is true and he never talks about it because people take it the wrong way. Lisbon also realises that Visualize is funding Haffner's agency.

Meanwhile Jane is breaking into Ella's Diner in the middle of the night, seemingly to prepare for his plan to catch the killer. The next morning, all the suspects are gathered and Jane points out the various possible motives that each person may have had. Jane places a napkin with a Red John smiley symbol on the table and Dr. Preston, the retired vet, gets upset because she recognises the symbol. When Lisbon and Anaya insist on questioning Dr. Preston, her daughter Holly Preston ends up confessing.

Back at CBI, Holly admits that her mother had concerns about how the animals were being treated and confronted Bradovich about it. She threatens to report him and he goes out of his mind, taking a gun and shooting a pig tied up nearby. Dr. Preston slaps him and in his rage he attacks her. Holly tries to defend her mother and uses the shotgun to shoot Bradovich. Holly says that she knows nothing about what happened to Charney and Talbot, that it wasn't her. However Holly admits that when she and her mother hid the body in the barn, they found the other two bodies already there. But she had the feeling someone was there, watching them.

The episode ends with a chilling realization by Lisbon. After finding out that Agent Ray Haffner is a member of the Visualize cult, she asks him if he worked at the farm where the bodies were found in 1988, when he would have been 21. Ray points out that he and Lisbon are friends and declines to answer, leaving Lisbon to suspect the worst. She goes to see Jane in his room upstairs, but as usual he won't let her in. Upset, she insists he must let her in as they are partners and he finally relents. Lisbon is captivated by the many documents, pictures, and notes that Jane has taped to the walls. Jane tells Lisbon that he is close to discovering Red John's true identity. Lisbon of course knocked on Jane's door with the intention of informing Jane that she suspects Ray Haffner is Red John, but strays away from telling Jane her suspicions. Instead, she tells him that there is no way to find out that Red John was a member of Visualize and that they cannot get a warrant to check the Visualize membership list in 1988. Jane tells Lisbon that he remembered the names of the 2164 people that he met and shook hands with since Red John murdered his family. He is convinced he cannot have missed many and having eliminated the women and the men he never heard from again, he feels he is getting very close. The episode ends with Jane about to tell Lisbon his latest list of suspects.






  • The Red Barn murder is the name given to a real murder case that took place in Suffolk, England, in 1827, where a woman was shot and buried in a barn called the Red Barn, her decomposed body being found some time later.
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