The Red Tattoo is the fifth episode of the sixth season of The Mentalist.

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When a publicly popular member of Visualize is mysteriously killed, Jane investigates in the hopes that the case will provide a clue that will lead him to Red John.

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The scene opens with a nervous looking man running into an elevator at a hotel. He quickly tries to close it but a father and son rushed in before it closes. When they reached their floor, the nervous man rushes out, bumping into the man's son which angers him. The father rushes after the man and quickly locks his apartment door, while the father goes to get security. The head of security knocks on the door, and hears what sounds like a struggle only to see the man stabbed, bleeding and dying. Before the man dies, he said "He stabbed me".

Jane and the CBI are immediately called and we cut to the man's room where Ray Haffner and Jason Cooper appear, saying that the man was a member of Visualize. Cooper says that since the man was a member, they will be part of the investigation and show the authority the Lt. Governor has given when Lisbon starts questioning, giving her no choice but to let Haffner tag along. Jane and Haffner chat in the elevator.

We cut to a gym where we learn that the deceased was a gymnastics coach. Jane and Cho chat with a father of one of the girls the deceased was coaching. He explains that his daughter once had a coach with whom she spent long hours with and with the deceased he didn't need to worry about him eyeing his daughter. They went to talk to the manager of the gym who tells them about a young man the deceased had previously coached and says the two were good friends.When they are about to leave a blonde woman approaches Cho, asking about the gym. Cho replies that he's CBI and the woman replies by asking what happened, with Cho just replying that it was a murder and when the woman asks more questions, Cho just directs her to a gym employee.

Elsewhere, Lisbon and other team members discovered a man in a car who was killed by a gun carrying the murder weapon that killed the other man. The man is far from the building, which leaves the team wondering how he could have gone to the apartment and end up back in the car in such a short amount of time as the man in the car died a few minutes before the Visualize member. They are still looking for the gun that killed the man and finds it between the apartment and where the car was.

Back at the office, Jane is chatting to Lisbon when he notices the woman from the gym leaving with Cho. The woman had came in asking for Cho and Van Pelt directed her to his desk until Cho came back and he agreed to go out for coffee with the woman. After hearing from Van Pelt that the girl sat in Cho's chair, Jane goes to Cho's desk and pulls out a bug planted by the woman. He asks Van Pelt where they went for coffee and when he gets there, reveals the bug to Cho who threatens to arrest the woman and then she reveals she is a journalist named Kira Tinsley hired by Visualize, and asks for the bug but Jane says he threw it in her coffee, infuriating the woman who claims that the bug was very expensive. It turns out he threw a coin in the coffee and put the bug in Kira's purse so they can listen to her conversations.

In the end Jane asks Lisbon to gather Cooper and Haffner at the apartment and asks her to bring him a big gym rubber band and also we see that before he himself goes to the apartment he tells Cho and Rigsby to guard where the gun had been found.

When he arrives he explains how the man died and why no one saw the person the killed him leave the apartment. It turns out the man in the car was the man the deceased used to coach and they were lovers and that's why the girl's father was never worried.

The man in the car wasn't doing well financially so he asked the deceased to lend him some money but since they broke up he wanted nothing to do with him. So the man in the car threatened to tell people he was gay.

When the deceased said he'd give him the money, he took a gun and a bottle neck when he went to meet the man in the car and shot him through the bottle neck so that no one nearby could hear the shot.

What he didn't know was that the man in the car had a knife and when he shot him the man also stabbed him. That's why the man was in a rush and Jane takes the long stretch band he asked Lisbon to get and shows that the struggle everyone heard was the deceased using his own band to shoot the gun to another area to hide the evidence.

Jane shows this by shooting an apple to where the gun was found, where he told Cho and Rigsby to stand. Back to the deceased, when he was stretching the band due to his injury he pulled a vital body part which lead to his death. When he said, "He stabbed me", he said that in shock that the young man had a knife and actually stabbed him.

At the CBI offices, Cooper is leaving and tells Jane he hopes they won't meet again. Jane asks him why he tried to bug the CBI office, but Cooper denies having done so. Jane realises that he is telling the truth and that Kira may have been sent by Red John or will become his next victim. The team tracks her down and still listening in through the bug in her bag, realise an assailant has entered her home. Meanwhile Lisbon and Jane are on their way to her home, as well as a SAC PD patrol car, but both arrive too late, and find a badly wounded Kira on the floor. With her dying breath she manages to tell Jane that Red John has a tattoo on his left arm.

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