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The Whites of His Eyes is the eighth episode of the seventh season of The Mentalist.


Jane worries for Lisbon’s safety when the team puts itself in the line of fire to protect the witness in a murder investigation from a skilled assassin.


A man, Lydon meets with a man at a multi-story office space still under construction. Lydon shoots him then attaches a glass cutting device to the window. He sets up a sniper rifle and waits for an SUV to pull up. He shoots a man that’s being escorted in the courthouse along with his two guards. He packs up his briefcase and walks out.

Teresa and Jane are playing Foosball at a bar and are both being super competitive. Jane sees the news about Edwin Hu’s murder who was going to testify against Kelvin Bittaker, a murder suspect. Jane orders chicken wings to go as Teresa gets a call from Abbott to come in. The sniper locks away his rifle and then shreds photos of Hu. He has one other target that we see a photo of – it’s a woman.

Agent Spackman is waiting on them at the crime scene. He says two FBI agents, the witness plus the realtor were all killed within minutes. Bittaker’s family is apparently in crime and that’s why they went to the effort to get him off for the beating death of his victim Owen. Spackman says there’s another witness to Bittaker’s crime and says he thinks they have a hit out on her too. Her name is Lily Stoppard.

Cho says the shot seems tricky but Spackman says that doesn’t narrow it a lot. Jane says the guy is local and likes beignets. Jane says he thinks the Bittakers were close to the assassin. Lily, the witness, is under watch at HQ and Spackman asks Jane to talk to her to get her to testify. Lily and her husband Matthew are in the office and Spackman promises their protection.

Jane says it’s her choice to testify and the husband says no. He tells her to think about their son but she says she has to think about Jamie Owen too and says he couldn’t even fight back. She describes the brutal slaying as we see it in a flashback. She says she was scared and just stayed in her car. We see Kelvin approach her car and her speed away.

Spackman tries to reason with her husband but Jane says their concerns are valid. He asks about their son and says it’s hard to know what the right thing to do is and says he doesn’t know himself. Jane asks Lily what they will tell their son Henry about whether they let a killer go free or helped put him away. Spackman tells him nice work and Jane says to look after her and demands his word on it.

Kelvin is brought into a room with Abbott. He tells Abbott his mom told him not to talk to strangers but Abbott is angry and says four good people are dead. He sits and asks what four people. Abbott tells him about the FBI agents, realtor and witness. Kelvin asks if he’s kidding then laughs and says – hallelujah. He thanks him for the news.

Abbott comes back and tells Cho that it’s not likely Kelvin ordered the hits himself. There’s also brother Ethan who has a record and Caleb, a teen who’s being groomed for something. Cho says they haven’t found any messages regarding a hit. Abbott tells Cho to go talk to the Bittakers and to take Jane along. Ethan is in the family’s warehouse and has an IV with him. Cho says he’s FBI and Ethan calls out for his mom.

She comes out and asks how she can help them. Cho talks to her about the dead people and the hit on Lily. She plays dumb and Jane tells her she’s a terrible liar. She says her son in jail is innocent and they’re living hand to mouth. Ethan says they can’t bust in and accuse them of assassinations. Jane says he needs to work on his attention issues. Jane finds Caleb playing a violent video game but Ethan pushes him out.

They tell him to go and Jane tells Mrs. Bittaker to lay off the anti-depressants and says she has a lovely family. The mom goes to tell Caleb not to play that violent game while people are there. Wiley finds Caleb on the MMORPG and says he’s Cal da King in the game. Jane thinks he talked to the hit man in the game.

Jane asks him to check out some of the other online gamers. Abbott says they have a suspect based on ballistics. Spackman says he’s local like Jane said. He goes by Lydon but Spackman says they have no images of him. Spackman says there will likely be a go-between and it will be hard to find. Wiley knocks and has the info Jane asked for. Jane says it’s the 35 year old woman from Louisiana.

Spackman, Teresa and Jane are in Lafitte to see the woman, Peg Baily, whose ex used to be an enforcer for the Bittakers. They pull up at her ratty looking place and Spackman tells Jane to stay back while he and Teresa check it out. Jane says he’s not a dog and calls him a jack ass. They knock on the door and Spackman heads around back. A man family comes to the door and Teresa asks for Peg.

She introduces herself and Jane and he says he’s her cousin Billy. They ask to come in. He has a gun behind his back. Spackman sees a dead body and sneaks up on him but the guy shoots Spackman several times then runs out. Jane tends to him while Teresa goes after Billy but he got away from them. The ambulance makes it there and the EMT tells Jane he saved Spackman’s life.

She calls Abbott and tells him what happened and that Lily’s photo was on the computer in the house. Lydon, dressed as a maintenance guy, shows up to a hotel in Austin. Jane tells her they both got a good look at Lydon aka Billy and asks Wiley to work up disguise variations to get an idea of what he might look like. Cho comes to see Abbott who says this whole thing is arrogant and says he wants to crush them.

Cho agrees. Abbott says Ethan has dialysis four times a day and has 38 months left on his parole. Abbott says they’re going to go lean on him. They go drag him out saying he’s a dangerous parole violator. Mrs Bittaker freaks and says he has dialysis in an hour. Abbott says they’ll take his IV pole and will try to help out. Abbott tells her that she’s going to call off the hit on Lily and deliver Lydon or he can’t guarantee Ethan’s health.

She plays dumb and he tells her to go ahead and call his bluff. He tells her what happens to Ethan will be on her. He says he’s nothing to Ethan but the woman says he won’t let him die because he’s too ethical. Cho says they don’t know him and she says she’ll bet her son on it. They take Ethan. Lydon is in the hotel rehearsing his hit. He times himself.

Wiley runs a slide show of possible disguises. Teresa asks him to print them and send them to the hotel. Vega tells him her favorite MMORPG is Battlefield and they trash talk. Wiley challenges her to a one v one. She says any day and time. They bring Ethan back to the office and Abbott says the hit is still in play and says they have to get ahead of him.

Abbott says he already likely scoped out the hotel Lily is at. Jane says he should leave Lily where she is and to choose the battlefield themselves. They go to the hotel. Jane says the lobby has lots of camouflage and egress. They rehearse where he might be able to kill her – Jane says he’ll use small passageways and says he’ll have an exit in place.

Teresa says they have six possible areas of risk but Jane says seven. Jane looks out the window of his RV when Teresa wakes. She asks if he’s okay. She says it’s a good plan and they know what they’re doing but Jane says Lydon has a good plan too and is worried that someone will get hurt. She promises that everyone will be fine. She asks him to come to bed.

She offers to sing him a lullaby to put him to sleep. He says no but she sings anyway. She sings Living on a Prayer. He groans then sings along with her. Lydon shaves his head completely bald and then injects some chemicals into his face to make it puffy. He adds a mustache and he looks drastically different. Teresa tells Abbott that Wiley is in the van and ready.

She says Wylie has the hotel cameras on live food. They bring in Lily and her hubby to go over the plan. Abbott says they will need to leave in an hour. Abbott says the car is in the parking deck and says the plan is all about her safety. Teresa says they are ready for every scenario. Lily thanks them. Matthew is edgy but Abbott tells him to trust his wife’s decision.

Jane goes to take another look around and says he’ll be back. He sees smoke in the hallway and says it’s happening. He says it’s a decoy to change their plans. He says to press on with the plan. They have to use the stairs because the elevators will shut down. Jane goes to the lobby as first responders come in. He looks all around. Wiley watches the cameras as Jane hops into the van.

Jane contacts Abbott and he tells him that Teresa and Cho are with Lily. Jane says he’s coming in as an emergency worker and to watch for that. Sure enough, Lydon comes in carrying a bag and dressed in an EMT uniform. Jane tells them to go now. They head out. Lydon heads up the stairs and Jane spots him. He tells Teresa what stairwell he’s in and to confirm it.

Teresa follows the guy, but it’s not Lydon. He’s back in a stairwell. Jane says they need to pick up the pace. Lydon is down in a linen room and sees Abbott and the others. He sets off a device that puts the halls into darkness. Jane says he’s there and to be careful. Teresa is in a stairwell. Lydon sets off a blood bladder and says he was shot. One of the FBI guards goes to check on him and Lydon takes him out.

He tosses a stun grenade down the hall and Abbott protects Lily. Only it’s not Lily, it’s Vega and Cho shoots Lydon. Teresa meets back up with them. Mrs. Bittaker is at the FBI and Cho runs down the list of charges against them. She tells him she won’t throw her kids under the bus and says she loves her kids. Cho says Jamie Owen’s mom loved her son too.

Cho says there will be no deals and they’re all going down together. Abbott comes in and says her fail safe hit man was so close but didn’t see when they subbed in an agent for Lily. She gives him the slow clap and looks unhappy. Wiley paces and waits on Vega. He pulls her into the room and shows her that he set up the game for them to face off. She says it’s so on.

They start playing and commence trash talking happily. Teresa is packing up to go home when Jane comes over. He asks what’s wrong and she says he must already know. She’s angry that he pulled her off and sent her after a red herring. He says he wanted to protect her and she says it’s her job. He says he’d do it again and she says that’s a big problem.

She says if he can’t let her do her job, she doesn’t know how they can work together. He says they can work it out. Teresa walks out angry and Jane follows.


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