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There Will Be Blood is the sixteenth episode of the fifth season of The Mentalist.


Lorelei Martins returns, determined to find out if Red John had a role in her sister's death, and Jane is forced to confess to Lisbon his part in Lorelei's prison escape.


The episode opens with Lorelei assaulting and torturing a woman she suspects is involved with her sister's death. The woman finally admits to being involved.

The scene was filmed on a nanny cam and brought to the attention of Jane and Lisbon by the Sacramento Police Dept. The video shows Lorelei killing the woman, Julia Howard, who managed a battered women's shelter.

Lisbon, Jane and Cho go to the crime scene. At this point Lisbon and Cho can't understand why Lorelei would target this woman. Jane is silent, although Lisbon asks him if he has any thoughts. Lisbon receives a call from Bertram and leaves.

She goes to Bertram's office, who is in a meeting with Robert Kirkland. Lisbon does not understand why Homeland Security is interested in Lorelei Martins. Bertram explains that Kirkland and his team will have access to their investigation.

Lisbon informs Jane, who seems lost in thought. She is concerned that the investigation will lead to questions about Lorelei's escape from prison and tells Jane that she knows he was involved somehow. Lisbon says she won't tell anyone about this, but this makes her an accomplice to murder too. Jane admits that what Lorelei has done is shocking, but he believes the latter must have had her reasons and that Julia Howard must be involved in her sister's murder. Jane says he trusts Lorelei, which Lisbon does not look too happy about. She reminds Jane that they are partners and he must be honest with her if Loreleil tries to contact him.

At the shelter for battered women run by Julia Howard, Lisbon goes to talk to the trustees, while Jane looks around. He sneaks into Julia Howard's office, probably searching for something to tie her to Lorelei or Red John. He finds a letter to Julia sent to an address outside Sacramento - Davis, California.

Jane interrupts Lisbon's interrogation to ask if Julia lived in Sacramento. One of the trustees insists she has lived there for years, at least 8. Jane leaves to go check out the Davis address. He enters the house and as he is examining the rooms, finds a piece of wire - fishing gear it seems - then hears a noise. Lorelei is there. She asks if Patrick missed her and insists that she has not killed Julia in vain. She believes Julia was invoved in her sister's death, although she maintains that Red John was not involved. Lorelei refuses Jane's help and says that they are both on different roads now.

Rigsby finds out that Julia Howard also owned a home in Davis. At the same time, Lisbon realises Jane is nowhere to be seen. She drives to Davis and finds him in the house. Lisbon is upset because Jane did not tell her he was coming to Davis. She does not believe Lorelei's claims that Julia Howard was involved in her sister's death, although Jane believes Miranda may have stayed at Julia's shelter for battered women. Lisbon is also mad that Jane did not try to prevent Lorelei from leaving. Jane believes that he must let Lorelei find out for herself that Red John killed Miranda, and that when she does, she will tell Jane his real identity.

Lisbon is convinced that Lorelei is playing Jane and tells him that his involvement with her is clouding his judgement. Jane says that he feels nothing for Lorelei, but a visibly upset Lisbon does not seem to believe him. She sets an ultimatum - if he continues to be involved in this situation with Lorelei, he can no longer be part of her team.

Jane confesses that he may have some feelings for Lorelei but that his actions are not motivated by those. He says he will do anything to get to Red John and that Lisbon has known that from the start. They are interrupted by a call from Bertram, who wants to meet Lisbon in the morning for an update. Lisbon says she does not know what to tell him. Jane tells her that if Kirkland and the CBI get to Lorelei first, he will never see her again or get the information he hopes for. Lisbon walks out.

At her meeting with Bertram, Lisbon tries to avoid giving any information away. However, he wants to know if Jane has any insight and questions his impartiality in the matter since Jane admitted to sleeping with Lorelei. Bertram points out that Jane was also kidnapped by Lorelei and they spent days together alone, and asks Lisbon if she never wonders what happened between them during that time. Lisbon seems uncomfortable and looks away, and Bertram tells her that if anything is wrong, she can talk to him. She thanks him and leaves. Kirkland comes out the back room. He has been listening in all this time and asks Bertram if Lisbon can be trusted. They both realise that Lisbon knows more than she is saying.

Back at CBI, Lisbon asks Rigsby to look for evidence about Julia Howard's involvement in Miranda's death. Jane thanks Lisbon for not telling Bertram anything. Lisbon tells him she does not want his thanks. She is clearly still upset.

Meanwhile, Lorelei is seen in a van, clearly following someone (the trustees from the battered women's shelter).

Rigsby tells Lisbon there is no official trace of Miranda ever staying at the shelter. However, the detective who looked into her murder is certain that Miranda did stay there, because she had an abusive ex-boyfriend. She was at the shelter about a week before her death.

Lorelei, still keeping watch over her target, gets out of the van with a gun and is getting ready to shoot. A few children get in the way, and Lorelei cannot aim. She tries to hide the gun, but a woman seated nearby sees it and cries out "She's got a gun", causing everyone to run away in panic. Lorelei tries to run, but is stopped by a security guard who asks her to drop her gun. Lorelei manages to shoot him, but is shot in the arm by another guard and runs away on foot.

Lisbon and Jane come on the scene and see the trustees there. Lisbon and Cho interview the trustees, as it seems Lorelei was planning to abduct one of them. They all deny knowing Miranda and say they have no idea which one of them was being targeted by Lorelei.

Rigsby checks the tally of women staying at the shelter and finds out that someone doctored the records. While Miranda's name is not on any records, there was a woman at the shelter who was unaccounted for. Jane believes Julia Howard was responsible for this. Rigsby also finds out that this kind of doctoring has occurred before - 5 women have bee unaccounted for. Lisbon decides to release the trustees, but has an agent watch over their homes. If Lorelei goes after one of them, they will be there to stop her.

Lisbon insists however that Jane should stay at the CBI office in case anything goes wrong, as he is in too deep. Jane seems to comply initially and starts going through the trustees files while the agents are on their respective stakeouts. He soon finds something that links one of the men, Jason Lennon, to the house in Davis - Lennon is an expert in fishing. He concludes that Lorelei is going after him.

Jane, now in his car, phones Rigsby with this information. while they are on the phone, a car backs violently onto Rigsby's parked car, knocking him out and causing the airbags to open. It is Lorelei. Jane is still on the phone is she hears him. Jane calls Lisbon and lets her know that Rigsby may be hurt, and that Lorelei is going after Lennon.

Lorelei shoots Lennon in the leg. She ends up torturing and nearly killing Lennon. Jane walks into the house and finds Lorelei tazering Lennon. Jane claims she needs his help and that the police will be there soon. Jane questions Lennon about the five missing women and his involvement in their deaths. Jane shows Lennon the piece of fishing line and asks him to tell him the truth, or he will leave him at the hands of Lorelei. Lennon admits to working for Red John and says that Red John asked him to have her killed. Julia brought Miranda to Lennon, and he brought her to Red John. He says clearly that Red John killed Miranda. Lorelei, visibly shocked, thanks Patrick, and prepares to leave. She breaks off the deal with Jane about revealing Red John's identity and tells Jane to ask Lennon who Red John is. Then she kisses Jane, and at the same time, aims at Lennon and shoots him.

Robert Kirkland and his team arrive at the same time and remove Jane from the ambulance which was taking Lennon away. They say the crime scene and witness, is now theirs.

Two weeks later, Lorelei is found dead in an alley with the trademark smiley face in blood: killed by Red John. After seeing her body, Jane apologizes to her before telling Lisbon, "She had it coming." Visibly disturbed and dejected, Patrick walks away.


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  • Lorelei Martins was found murdered in what looks to be an alley, but could also be a warehouse. Worth noting is that the place is filled with the carny equipment similar to what we've seen in past episodes. No remark was made of the surroundings in the episode and Jane did not stay there to investigate the crime scene.
  • Lorelei was seemingly killed naked, with her body covered by a white cloth dripping with blood. Her hands weren't tied, and we can't tell if the cutting style is that of Red John.


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