Vanna Clooney

Portrayed by Kathleen Gati
Name Vanna Clooney/Mariska Kopecki
First appearance Red John's Friends
Status Alive
Last appearance Red John's Friends
Profession Housekeeper (retired)
Family Undine Kopecki (daughter, deceased)

Vanna Clooney (born Mariska Kopecki) appears in Red John's Friends.

Vanna is the former housekeeper of the Renfrew family. Her daughter Undine was found dead in a bedroom at the Renfrew residence. Jared Renfrew was tried and convicted of her murder, due in part to Vanessa's testimony that Jared had been stalking Andine.

A year later, Jared contacted Patrick Jane, said he was innocent, and offered Jane information about Red John in exchange for clearing his name. When Jane and the CBI team investigated and interviewed Vanna, they learned that Jared and Undine had actually been lovers (rather than stalker and stalking victim), and that Mrs. Renfrew had paid Vanna to lie at Jared's trial and keep silent about the true nature of the relationship. They also discovered that Undine's killer was not Jared, but Mrs. Renfrew.

Vanna used to have a different name, but changed it to "Vanna Clooney" after Jared's trial. Her former name is Mariska Kopecki.