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Vincent "Vint" Molinari appears in the season 3 episode The Blood On His Hands as a CBI agent and detective of the "Missing persons" section. He investigates on Kristina Frye's missing case.


In autumn of 2010 a listener to a radio show recognized the voice of a caller as that of Kristina Fry, who was abducted by Red John a few months earlier. The listener immediately contacted the police, who immediately traced the call to a house, but by the time the police got there they (Red John & Kristina) were gone. All that was left was a doll under a cot on the floor, with Red John’s signature blood smile painted on the wall.

Molinari is committed to finding Kristina and does not want to hand over the case to Lisbon and Jane, who are, of course, hunting Fry's captor. Nevertheless, he gives Jane a courtesy call and politely invites him to the house to gather input. When Lisbon tries to take the case from Molinari, Jane tells her it's not necessary because Red John, in Jane's judgment, let Kristina make that call so it could be traced. A contemplative Jane tries to figure out Red John’s latest game.

Kristina was found later, but with the aid of Bret Stiles.


Molinari shake

Jane meet and shake hands with Molinari in The Blood on His Hands

His name is in Jane's List of Suspects to be Red John or his accomplice.

Sometimes is pronunced "Vince Molinari".