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Violets is the sixteenth episode of the sixth season of The Mentalist.


Jane's latest ruse is a dangerous sting operation to catch art thieves. An FBI agent from the art squad hits it off with Lisbon.


During a robbery at an art gallery, the gallery owner refuses to hand over one painting he claims is worth nothing to the robbers and is shot dead.

At the FBI office while the Art squad's office is being remodelled, Agent Dennis Abbott says that he has allowed them to set up office in the conference room. Jane overhears the Art squad interviewing the gallery owner's wife and she tells them that the painting he refused to give up, was of her and they fell in love while he painted it. Jane then offers the help of Abbott's team in solving the case.

Agent Marcus Pike briefs the team, and Jane says that he needs some art. Pike shows Jane and Lisbon the FBI's collection of recovered art, the recovery of which has not been made public. Jane says that he'll need about a week to set up the sting.

When the team gather for a briefing from Jane, Wylie gives the briefing to the surprise of everyone and details their undercover clothing.

Abbott apparently casually begins to talk to the only known suspected gang member at a bar and Cho starts an argument with Abbott which results in Abbott and the gang member leaving the bar together and going to a party at an upmarket house where Lisbon in a cocktail dress greets Abbot as an old friend and invites them in.

Wylie, Pike and Cho are watching the proceedings on CCTV, and Wylie says that the house is a drug forfeiture and in response to a question from Pike says that Jane and Lisbon are not in a relationship.

At the party Kim Fischer, also in a cocktail dress, leads the gang member to the bedroom where Jane tells him that the art on the wall is fake and he is in software.

At the end of the party the gang member leaves after opening a rear entrance for his boss. The boss arrives and give his name as MacKaye. He identifies all the art as stolen and guesses that Jane, Lisbon and the others are in town to steal a painting called "Violets" by Manet. He threatens Jane and Lisbon unless they let him be part of their team. Jane agrees to his terms.

Before she goes to sleep Lisbon and Pike have a flirty telephone conversation, where he tells her that the house is being watched.

Next day, Abbott give Fischer a list of things that Jane says he needs, including a marching band. At the house MacKaye meets Jane and Lisbon at the house and takes them to the museum where the Manet is being exhibited. Pike says he does not understand what is happening as they are not going to rob the museum. Wylie explains that they want to catch MacKaye for murder, and all MacKaye wants is Jane and Lisbon out of the house while his men rob the place. At the house, all the art has been placed into a large safe, and so MacKaye decides that they will have to rob the house while Jane and Lisbon are present, and threaten Lisbon to force Jane to open the safe.

The robbery initally goes as MacKaye planned, but while he was upstairs, Cho, Abbott with other FBI agents have arrested the rest of his gang. MacKaye apparently escapes, and while running away his progress is impeded by a garbage truck and a marching band. Eventually he finds a cab and goes to his hideout. Unbeknownst to him, the cab was driven by Wylie and shortly after entering the hideout MacKaye is arrested.

Abbott tells MacKaye that they have enough evidence to charge him with the robberies and the murder. Jane taunts MacKaye by asking him what tune the marching band was playing, as he had ordered "Yellow Rose of Texas".

Pike and Lisbon decide to skip the case closed pizza and go for a meal together.

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  • Owain Yeoman and Amanda Righetti (as Wayne Rigsby & Grace Van Pelt) no longer appear in the opening credits in this episode.
  • Pedro Pascal will make his first appearance as Lisbon's new boyfriend, FBI Agent Marcus Pike.
  • The robber that shot and killed the art gallery owner is wearing Bravo's mask from the video game: Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel
  • The house used in this episode is the same house used in the Jake Gyllenhaal movie, Nightcrawler

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