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Visualize — Self-Realization Center Church (or more commonly known as Visualize) is a philosophic and spiritual cult, led by Bret Stiles, who is somewhat of an adversary to Patrick Jane.

Visualize was founded in the 70s by Timothy Farragut, who was later killed by Bret Stiles, who subsequently assumed leadership of the cult. The organization is suggested to have a global reach, with the mention of a Visualize center in Jakarta. Visualize had also a university where the followers get the spiritual diplomas. Additionally, Visualize has a lot of followers in US law enforcement forces such as the FBI or the CBI.

Stiles' second in command and executive of Visualize is Jason Cooper. Both Bret Stiles and Jason Cooper are found within Jane's list of suspects. Teresa Lisbon, Jane, and the rest of the team suspect the cult of having a connection with the notorious serial killer Red John, with Jane believing (with utmost convinction) that some of the members of the cult (particularly Stiles himself) either know people that are accomplices  to Red John, or that Red John himself involved within the cult and it being his starting point (only a theory), at the time of Visualize's farms and Brett Stiles' agricultural project.


Visualize is based on some techniques of electromagnetic diagnosis of "aura", which may remind some theories of Scientology or the New Age, as well as on the doctrine of self-realization, the eye as a door and key of the "six dimensions", knowledge of the human mind and visualization's techniques against rage and negative emotions. It's accused of practicing brainwashing and mind control on the disciples.

Members (Past & Present)[]

Leadership members of Visualize:

  • Bret Stiles (deceased), leader
  • Jason Cooper (current), executive, leader of Visualize after Stiles's death
  • Charles Leben (current), executive, high-ranking member of Visualize

Known Current Members:

  • Jon Musashi (Stiles' new lawyer)
  • Warner Van der Hoek (current, head of Visualize's security)
  • Brother Tec (current)
  • Brother David (current)
  • Rose (current, student in Visualize's university)
  • Evelyn (current, employee in Ecuador's embassy)

Ex-Known Members:[]

  • Steven Wench (undercover FBI agent)
  • Elizabeth Stanfield (incarcerated)
  • Celia Jovanovich (deceased)
  • David Herren (incarcerated)
  • Julius Coles (not officialy member, deceased)
  • Officer Ron Deutsch (deceased)
  • Gabriel Meadows (deceased)
  • Nora Hill (Dean of Visualize's university, imprisoned)
  • Officer Downs (Oakland Cop, imprisoned)
  • Timothy Farragut (Founder of Visualize, deceased)
  • Lester Bradovich (deceased)
  • Allan Charney (deceased)
  • Martin Talbot (deceased)
  • Father Peter DiBuono (past)
  • Chad Parkman (deceased)
  • Ray Haffner (deceased)
  • Thomas McAllister (past,deceased)
  • Jessie Meadows (past)
  • Lucy Joel (past)
  • Randal Parker (past)

Murders committed by or involving members[]

  • Timothy Farragut (killed by Bret Stiles)
  • Elliot Elswit (killed by Bret Stiles)
  • Martin Talbot & Allen Charney (killed by Red John)
  • Lester Bradovich (killed by Holly Preston)

    Visualize headquarter in Davis, CA

  • Celia Jovanovich (killed by Julius Cole)
  • Julius Coles (killed by David Herren on Stiles' orders)
  • Gabriel Meadows (killed by Nora Hill)
  • Julia Howard (killed by Lorelei Martins as a result of Stiles' actions)
  • Devin Frost (killed by Chad Parkman)
  • Chad Parkman (killed by Devin Frost)


  • The logo of Visualize bears a great resemblance to the logo of CBS, the television network that produced The Mentalist.
  • The location chosen to be the headquarters of Visualize in The Mentalist is the Brandeis-Bardin Institute (or Brandeis-Bardin Campus of American Jewish University), a famous Jewish retreat located since 1947 in the northeastern Simi Hills, in the city of Simi Valley, California. This location is known to be the location chosen to be the main setting for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the first series of all in the Power Rangers franchise. In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, this location is the Command Center, which is the base of Zordon, Alpha 5 and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.