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Wedding in Red is the third episode of the sixth season of The Mentalist.


Jane gets the CBI involved in a case in Napa in order to focus on Sheriff McAllister, while Van Pelt and Rigsby take a trip down the aisle.


Rigsby wakes up to find that Grace has woken early and is playing with Benjamin. They talk about a new protocol for agents, allowing them to be in relationships, and to marry.

Jane tells Lisbon about a case involving a dead body in a duck pond. The case is in Napa valley where Sheriff McAllister has jurisdiction. She says its about Red John, he says that he just wants to get to know the sheriff.

When they arrive Jane quickly determines that the dead man was a fast food delivery person.

Lisbon tries to get the sheriff to climb a ladder and retrieve a hammer, but he is reluctant so Rigsby get the hammer.

Grace identifies the body as Larry Kincaid, who was in town for his niece's wedding. Larry was a pizza delivery man.

They interview the wedding party and find that Larry had left to buy some more alcohol, and when he didn't return they thought that he had used it as an excuse to leave.

Grace and Rigsby search the wedding pavilion and find the groom's younger brother injecting laxative into the wedding cake. He tells them that the best man Angel was harassing the victim. When interrogated he claims he didn't really know Larry.

When the interviews produce no results, Jane organizes a meeting of both families and ensures that the wedding is called off by exposing their petty rivalries.

Jane realizes that the body could have been dumped over a nearby cliff, and so the murderer was not a local.

Jane and sheriff McAllister

Jane confronts with McAllister

When talking to the bride's father he learns that he was going to read from a Bible worth 500,000 dollars at the wedding. He calls Grace and tells her to persuade the bride that the wedding should go ahead.  While persuading her, Grace tells her that she met someone that she wanted to marry, but couldn't because that would have ended her career. She also reveals that she met someone else, got engaged but it didn't work out. She did keep the dress, as a reminder of hope. Rigsby is listening in the observation room.

The bride decides that the wedding is back on, but they have cancelled the minister, so the wedding can't be in Napa Valley. Jane reveals that he can marry people, so the wedding is back on, at the original location.

Lisbon tells Grace and Rigsby that Jane thinks the killer will make a move during the reception, and if nothing happens for two hours, they are to create a distraction. Grace asks what type of distraction, but Rigsby says he can handle it.

At the reception, after two hours, Rigsby takes the microphone and makes a speech which ends with his proposing to Grace. She accepts, and Lisbon notices someone leaving while everyone is congratulating them.

Jane and Lisbon find Charlie, a relative of the bride's family, attempting to steal the Bible. He takes Jane hostage and backs out of the church and onto the roof. Sheriff McAllister climbs up a ladder, shoots Charlie, and rescues Jane proving that he has no fear of heights, but as he is leaving he is startled by a pigeon.

Grace and Rigsby marry at the end of the episode. Cho and Lisbon are in the room with them while Jane watches from outside though a partially open door.


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