Wesley Blankfein, also known as Grady Shipp, appears in Red Sky in the Morning.

He was a student and, under Ruth and Dylan's coercision, an attempted copycat killer of Red John.

The boys shots some snuff movie, inspired by Red John, and use the name of a serial killer Grady Shipp, who stayed in cell with Orville Tanner, an accomplice of John. His mother was kidnapped by Ruth and Dylan, the directors of the snuff film, to force him to continue killing the victims.

Ruth kills Marley Sparrow, then they blackmail Wesley to kill Patrick Jane, but Red John appears, shoots Ruth and Dylan, the latter dying instantly. RJ then stabs Ruth to death and injures Wesley, sparing his life because he was being forced to impersonate him, and saves Jane.

The intervention of RJ was most likely purely because he doesn't like being copied.

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