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Where in the World is Carmine O' Brien? is the sixth episode in Season 4 of The Mentalist.


When the CBI team travels to a resort town to find out who murdered a police chief, Lisbon crosses paths with her brother Tommy Lisbon, now a bounty hunter, who's tracking a bail jumper, and his daughter, Annie Lisbon.


The team investigates the death of a police chief in a small vacation community. She was shot twice at a previous location and transported in her own trunk until she woke up and tried to get out. This caused her killer to crash the squad car, shoot her again and run.

Rigsby heads to her house to find out and ends up in a stand-off.

Rigsby’s looking through the chief’s mail when a man with a gun bursts in, soon followed by an adolescent girl with a shotgun. The new guy backs off and lowers his weapon when Rigsby says, but the girl refuses. It’s a stalemate until Lisbon walks in. This is her brother Tommy and her niece Annie. It turns out that her little brother is now a bail enforcement officer and had recently talked to the chief about a fugitive he was tracking. He went to her house to check things out when he heard she’d been killed. Annie was supposed to stay in the car. We see repeatedly in this episode that “listening” is not her strong suit. The skip he’s tracing is Carmine O’Brien and the race is on – who will find him first. Lisbon gets handicapped by ending up with Annie for the day.

In addition to O’Brien, there’s another suspect. The chief had recently arrested an international playboy named Dmitri Zubov for drunk driving, even though his breath test was under the legal limit. Lisbon pulls Jane away from teaching Annie bad habits to go find out why, leaving Annie to pickpocket Rigsby while making him feel uncomfortable.

They interview Zubov about his whereabouts at the time of murder, when they are interrupted by a masseuse (Christiiann Castellanos). Jane subsequently deduces that he is "quite the sex fiend". They discover scratches on his neck that he claims are from a “hiking fall”. As if he’s the type to go hiking. They suspect that he assaulted a woman, but that she was unwilling to make a formal complaint, leading to the DUI arrest instead. Jane and Lisbon go to see the management of the spa to request the video footage from the hallways, knowing they don’t have a warrant. They start out with Chad, the son of the owner, but it’s clear that he has no real power after witnessing him being berated by his father for cooperating without a warrant. After dad leaves, Jane is, of course, able to manipulate this dynamic to get the footage anyway. He seems suspicious of Chad too, questioning his “private” air conditioner and clearly trying something funny during their final handshake before leaving.

While this was happening at the spa, Cho and Tommy had both managed to track down O’Brien and somehow Cho gets hit by a car in the process and O’Brien gets away. Lisbon has it out with Tommy about his “career choice” before meeting up with at the station to review the footage from the spa.

It clearly shows that Zubov had assaulted a maid. When questioned, she says she told the chief as a friend, but refused to press charges. She still doesn’t want to. She wants to put it all behind her. They confront Zubov, who says he only made a pass at the girl after an unsatisfying “massage”. He also says he went to see the chief the night before she died to resolve things, but that a “big woman” showed up and he left.

The “big woman”, whose name is Julie, confirms this and says that she had also gone to see the chief that night to discuss her son Steven. The chief had asked her to find out if Steven knew anything about O’Brien, but she also asked the chief to try to get Steven into a treatment plan. She told the chief that Steven was heading to a nearby cabin that night to buy drugs and hadn’t come home afterward. A new suspect emerges, but not for long. When Rigsby goes to investigate the cabin, he finds Steven’s body. He appears to have been shot by the same gun that killed the chief. When he reports it in, Jane just wants to know if the drug in question was cocaine and if there are other cabins there.

During this time, Jane has been busy with Van Pelt at the spa. It seems Zubov has an alibi for the murder. He’s set Zubov up to get his next “massage” from Van Pelt. All he really gets is arrested for sexual assault and assaulting a police officer.

Lisbon’s also off the main case at the moment. She’s having lunch with Tommy and Annie. She’s still trying to get Tommy to give up being a bail enforcement officer and trying to discourage Annie from wanting to be a cop. She calls Lisbon “totally badass” and tells her she gets “paid to carry a Glock”.

Back at the cabins, Jane’s set one up to look like someone’s been crashing there, implicating O’Brien when Rigsby and the owner (also the owner of the spa) check it out. O’Brien’s actually been found and the plan is in motion. Jane gets O’Brien out of custody and gives him to Tommy, telling him he needs to go right now with him and to pick up Annie at the spa. Then he grabs Lisbon and fills her in. They call Chad to tell him that there’s a bounty hunter on the way there to pick up his daughter and that he has O’Brien with him. Chad, of course, falls for it and pulls Tommy into his office, offering him triple his fee to take O’Brien to Mexico instead. Tommy’s confused, especially when Lisbon and Jane come in to confront Chad about his drug dealing and his fear that O’Brien had witnessed the murder. Jane’s observations of him earlier had included taking his pulse during the handshake and he had concluded that Chad was at least using cocaine. Chad tries to run and it’s an awesome joint brother/ sister takedown. Chad ultimately confesses to both the dealing and the murders of Steven and the chief.

In the end, Lisbon actually breaks down and admits that her brother might actually be good at the bail enforcement gig and gives him O’Brien, since he wasn’t actually involved in any way, to take back for the bounty. Both admit that they still love each other despite not seeing each other very often.


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  • The episode's title is a reference to the computer game and educational media series Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
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