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White Lines is the eleventh episode of the sixth season of The Mentalist.


The FBI is tasked with finding the killer of several DEA agents, and Jane goes on a date with a beautiful woman associated with the case.


Patrick walks into the HQ and tells Kim that he wants to have a couch. He says that Abbott said he could have a couch, she keeps telling him he can’t; as it is not allowed to have a couch in the room he’s in. Patrick talks to Kim and keeps on bugging about her not admitting to seeing a shrink, because he can tell that she’s seen a shrink. Abbott enters just after Kim agrees that he can have a couch and tells them that they are going to Corpus Christi, where 5 DEA agents have been murdered.

Teresa, Cho, Kim and Patrick at the scene of the crime; they’re working out what could have happened in the room all of them except Patrick. Patrick notices a mirror on the wall and asks why it’s so high. When the mirror is checked, a  surveillance camera is found.

Kim is talking to members of the DEA with Patrick; they’re going over the Gulf Coast Ring and the gang that runs drugs. They believe that Mr. X is an intelligent business man and he’ll be difficult to deal with. Patrick says it’s odd that they find that Mr. X is disciplined, because he believes that Mr. X is the opposite for shooting five DEA agents. They’re briefed on Paco, who has ties to the Colombian drug cartel. Patrick notices another picture and asks for who’s in it, the FBI agents tell him about the man; but Patrick was actually asking about the woman and wants to meet her.

Cho and Teresa are heading out, they get into a van; Cho asks if Teresa listened to the video because he noticed that there was the sound of an engine along with the guns going off. He calls Jason Wylie and gets him to see if he can determine the make and model of the car. Wylie later calls to to let them know they are looking for an Impala and that there are only three of the right type in the area.

Patrick and Kim find Krystal, Kim asks her about the DEA agents that were shot; Patrick stands quiet while Kim goes on more about how Richie who they thought was her boyfriend is dead. Krystal says he was just a friend and had known nothing of his gangster life, Patrick asks Krystal for her number. Krystal says she’s never dated a cop before, Patrick says that he not a cop and he’s willing to talk more about himself with her over dinner. Krystal writes her number and gives it to Patrick.

Kim asks if Patrick asked Crytal out. Patrick says he did. Kim says she’s surprised because she never thought that Krystal was Patrick’s type. Patrick says that she is exactly his type; Patrick ends the conversation about his upcoming date and asks if they’re going anywhere. Teresa and Cho find the car they were looking for, Patrick arrives with Kim at the warehouse along with them. Patrick calls Krystal and leaves a message asking if she’d like to meet for dinner tonight. Patrick waits at the car, while Cho, Teresa and Kim go into the warehouse, making sure it’s clear. Cho finds three dead bodies at the back of the warehouse, he tells Kim to come and see along with Patrick. Patrick receives a call from Krystal and talks to her about dinner that night; he makes plans for eight o’clock and will be picking her up.

The three men who were killed had their throats cut and were shot in the head. Patrick wants to leave because he’s got some plans. Cho finds a phone and it has made several calls to an unknown number; turns out it’s connected to Paco. Patrick, Teresa and Kim are back into talking with DEA agents, they believe that Perez is the guy they’re looking for. Kim asks if there’s any info on him; but it turns out there’s not much.

Patrick is now at his date with Krystal. Krystal asks if Patrick is going to tell her who he is, though Patrick says that it was only a sales pitch. Patrick says that he knows there’s a Krystal that she doesn’t let anyone see and he wants to meet that Krystal. Krystal says he’s pretty good for a guy who’s been out of the game for a while. Krystal asks about his wedding ring, but he dodges the question.

Kim finds Teresa at a bar. Teresa asks Kim about Patrick’s date. Two guys send drinks to Kim and Teresa‘s table from the bar; it looks like Kim and Teresa aren’t too thrilled about the idea. The two guys try to hit on them, but after finding out they're members of the FBI, they leave pretty quickly. Kim gives Teresa her FBI badge and congratulates her. Teresa is happy to be an official FBI agent.

Patrick tells Krystal about his story; Krystal feels sympathy for what Patrick’s been through. Patrick tells Krystal that he’s trying to move on now and that she should also move on after her boyfriend Ritchie was killed. Krystal asks if the investigation of his is important to him, he says it is; she then says she can help. Krystal agrees to talk with Cho and Kim, Krystal talks about Paco’s condo he owns on the beach; they ask if she knows any more, but she doesn’t. Krystal wants to know if she’s safe. They reassure her that she’ll be fine. Kim and Teresa arrive to meet up with Cho at the condo; looks like Perez left in a hurry. They missed him by a couple of minutes. Patrick drives Krystal back to her place; she thanks him for the ride and asks her if he can walk her to the door. Krystal says not this time, but maybe next time he can; Patrick says that he’ll call Krystal tomorrow. She gets out of the car and walks into her house. Krystal walks in and finds Paco in her living room; she asks why he’s in her house. Paco believes that Krystal sent the FBI to his condo, Krystal tries to play dumb, but Paco doesn’t buy it. Paco threatens Krystal, but Krystal says she is in charge of things. Krystal asks Paco why she’d talk to the FBI. She replies that just because she can't kill Paco due to his Columbian connections. That doesn't mean that the FBI can't deal with him if they think that he killed the 5 DEA agents.

While Teresa and Kim are trying to find information from Perez's condo's security cameras, Jane asks for advice about what to wear on his date. When he leaves, Teresa tells Kim that Jane knows something about Krystal as she has seen him act this way before.

Patrick calls Krystal about their date, and she confirms that she'll see him that evening. As she hangs up the phone, she loads Paco Perez into the trunk of her car. At an empty residential property, she calls 9-1-1 and says she saw Paco entering the premises. She hangs up and shoots him. As she leaves, she tells her aide to set up the scene. Her aide starts a gunfight with the police, and they assume that Perez was killed in the gunfight. Cho investigates and realizes that Perez was not alone.

Teresa reviews an old security tape from the DEA office and realizes that Krystal had been to the office and noticed the security cameras, making her the ring leader. She calls Patrick to warn him, but he hangs up before she is able to tell him what she knows. Patrick is already with Krystal, and she suggests that they go for a drink on a friends yacht.

Once on the yacht, they talk and Patrick says that they have found Paco dead, and that he is staying in town because of her. His phone rings, but he does not answer it. Patrick talks about the case and explains that the Mr. X running the drug ring is void of ego, so he thinks that Mr. X is a woman. When Krystal asks who he thinks is the woman in charge, he replies that he thinks it is her. Patrick explains how she has orchestrated everything, and she admits to shooting Paco herself. She draws a gun on him, and he shows her his cell phone and says that the FBI have heard everything and should be arriving now. When the FBI don't arrive immediately, he jumps in the water. The FBI arrive and arrest Krystal. Teresa, Kim and Cho offer the soaking wet Jane no sympathy as he should have told them his plan before implementing it.


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