White Orchids

Season Episode
7 13
First aired February 18, 2015
Written by Bruno Heller & Tom Szentgyorgyi & Jordan Harper
Directed by Chris Long
Guest-starring Joshua Bitton, Aubrey Deeker, Owain Yeoman, Amanda Righetti, Robert Belushi, Derek Phillips, Milissa Sears, Angela Sprinkle, John Marshall Jones, Joyce Guy, Maya Gilbert, Henri Lubatti, Rachel Keller, Ryan Fisher, Chris D’annunzio, Elizabeth Guest, Maitely Weismann, Jan Munroe, Lucas Barker, Ella Jerge, Karl Sonnenberg, John Troy Donovan
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White Orchids is the thirteenth episode of the seventh season of The Mentalist and the show's series finale.

Summary Edit

Lisbon accepts Jane’s surprise marriage proposal, but a killer’s quest for revenge may cost them the happy ending they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Plot Edit

While Jane and Lisbon are busy preparing for their wedding, it comes to light that Joe Keller, a serial killer is still on the loose and is plotting revenge on Jane. The happy couple waver on whether they should elope or have a large wedding. They finally decide to invite a few close friends, but word gets around and more guests arrive than they bargained for. Wiley, still coping with Vega's death asks for a transfer from his new field job with Cho, but Cho talks some sense into him and he decides to stay.

At first, Abbot and Cho decide not to tell Jane and Lisbon that the killer is still at large, but Jane convinces Abbot otherwise and they decide to use the wedding as bait after agent Tork unknowingly tells the killer that Jane and Lisbon are getting married. However, Lisbon and Jane quickly decide to elope after the wedding gets out of control with decorating and catering. They go to the shack that Jane bought for them and ask for the Judge to go there. However, the killer gets the Judge's name from the marriage license office, tracks down the Judge and hides in her car as she makes her way to the new venue. Meanwhile, Wiley recalls that the Marriage License forms have the Judge not the location. Patrick watches as Teresa exits the trailer in her wedding gown, they have a brief moment before walking into the shack together.

The killer is seen entering the shack after them. However, the room appears empty, then Cho and fellow FBI agents, emerge from their hiding places and arrest him. The wedding then goes ahead as planned at the shack with a dance afterward where we get glimpses of all the main crew. Grace and Rigsby have also come to the wedding.

In the closing scene the newly married Patrick and Teresa watch the others dance and share a quiet moment before Teresa reveals to Patrick that she's pregnant. Surprised, but teary and overjoyed, Patrick shares a hug with his new wife before the episode fades to black.

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  • The final scene was written by Simon Baker.

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