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White Orchids is the thirteenth episode of the seventh season of The Mentalist and the show's series finale.


Teresa accepts Jane’s surprise marriage proposal, but a killer’s quest for revenge may cost them the happy ending they’ve worked so hard to achieve.


At Keller’s house, Tork talks to the Fire Marshall who says they can go in and says they should have fun.

Tork says there should be two bodies in the basement and evidence related to the 10 other homicides that Lazarus aka Joe committed. He tells the CSUs to work with a fine-tooth comb. They head inside. A half-burned Lazarus watches this from a clearing a short way away. His clothes are burned, and he looks bad, but he jogs off down the road and away from the house.

Jane makes plans as he looks at the cottage. Teresa shows up and asks how his head is. He says his ears are still ringing a little. She brought sandwiches and he takes her outside to eat by the lake. She says it looks like the house slants a little. She notices that he’s not wearing his wedding ring, he tells her he’s not married. He says the ground is slanty but the house is straight. He says slanty is a technical term.

He has his wedding ring in his hand and say it’s been with him for a very long time. He says it has significance with his past and also represents meeting her. He says without that ring, he never would have met her. He says it could also represent his future. Jane says he wants it to represent their future together. He asks her to be his wife. She’s shocked and says okay then yes. Jane says he was a little nervous and says he wasn’t sure she’d say yes. They kiss.

Abbott talks to Wiley and Cho about the Lazarus case and then asks if he can help. They tell him it’s all good. He says he’s spinning his wheels between jobs. Teresa and Jane come in and tell them they’re getting married. Everyone hugs and congratulates them. Jane says they’re going to elope quietly.

Lazarus is at a gas station buying first aid supplies. He also picks up a ball cap and slides it onto his half burned head then selects some clothing. He’s in pain but is coping. The clerk freaks at his appearance but he blames it on a barbecue grill accident.

Teresa skypes her brothers about her impending marriage. She says no guests and no big wedding. They ask to come down. Teresa says no and they promise to be quiet but insist they’re coming. They tell her mom will spin in her grave. They star arguing and Stan says she doesn’t want them there. Then they start wrestling on the sofa as she watches. Jane pulls her away from her desk over to her couch. He says it’s okay that she invited her brothers and she asks how he knew. He tells her she should stop asking that.

She says it feels funny not inviting people from work since her brothers are coming. Jane replies that she should invite away and says to keep it small. He laughs and says he can deal with a huge massive wedding but she says 10 or so friends at the courthouse, 12 tops, then the bar or a restaurant. He says he’s going to go buy her a ring. She says she can help but he says he has better taste.

Abbott is at loose ends when Teresa finds him, she then invites him to the wedding. Abbott says they should have the wedding at his house and she accepts. Wiley comes to Cho and says he didn’t see the wedding thing coming but Cho isn’t as surprised. He asks what’s on Wiley’s mind and he says he requested a transfer to Salt Lake to a new cyber crime unit.

Wiley says he’s not good in the field and being in the office puts him near Vega’s desk. Cho smacks him upside the head and says to stop feeling sorry for himself. He says everyone makes mistakes. He says it’s okay to miss Vega but to remember she never ran from a challenge. Cho says he has to rebuild the team but wants to start with people he knows and trusts. He asks Wiley to stay and he agrees. He tells him to check in with Tork to see what’s going on at the house. Wiley thanks Cho.

Jane is at a jewelry store when he sees a couple. He says the jeweler did a French drop and swapped their ring. He says the guy will “study” the ring then tell him it’s a phony. Jane makes him open his hand then sees the ring. They leave and Jane tells the crooked jeweler it’s his lucky day since he needs a ring. He tells him no glass or the cuffs will come out.

Wiley says Tork called in and there were no intact bodies just body parts. Cho says to rush the DNA test so they can address the media.

Teresa comes and tells Cho he needs to come to the wedding then says she needs his help. She takes him to help her pick out her wedding dress. He says one makes her look short. She tries another and he says snow cone. They try another and he says slutty elf. He says she needs a simple piece with clean lines, something vintage and off-white. She says she brought him because she knew he would be honest but didn’t know he knew about dresses. He says his mom could sew a gown without a pattern.

News guy Dan is leaving the TV station. Lazarus lurks outside and approaches him then puts a knife to his neck. He tells Dan to get into the car and says he won’t hurt him if he follows instructions. Lazarus hops in the back and puts the knife to Dan’s neck again. They head out to a remote area and Lazarus has him stop the car and get out. He asks for Dan’s phone and he hands it over. He asks for his wallet and he says he only has $20. He asks to keep his driver’s license. Lazarus says sure.

He hands it over. Dan thanks him and then he stabs the news guy repeatedly while he screams. Dan lies on the back road bleeding out from gut wounds. Lazarus wipes the knife, takes the phone and calls the FBI. He asks for Patrick Jane and says he’s Dan Glover from the news station and asks if he’s available. Tork says he’s out of the office for a few days. He offers to take a message but he says no need. Tork tells him that Patrick is getting married. Lazarus drags Dan’s body to the trunk of the car.

Teresa and Jane are getting their marriage license and he says this is tedious. She tells him no take backs. She says people are coming and they’re getting married. She asks to see the ring and digs into his pocket. He opens the ring box and she laughs and says it’s not real because it’s big. He says it is and she asks if he’s out of his mind.

She says it’s too much and she can’t accept it. He says she will and it’s hers and they go file their papers. Teresa says she can’t take it and he clicks the box shut and says – not yet, you can’t. Teresa head to the office and asks Wiley to the wedding. He asks about a gift registry or trousseau. She doesn’t know what that is. Cho brings her a laptop with a call from Wayne Rigsby and Grace Van Pelt-Rigsby offering congratulations. She invites them to the wedding as well then starts counting people and shakes her head.

Lazarus heads to the county clerk office and asks to complete a marriage license application. She points him to the in tray and then when she walks away, he looks through other ones stacked there to read Jane and Teresa’s form. He says the woman stood him up and he leaves. Cho calls to Abbott and says the spot DNA check showed only Joe Sr’s body parts were found, none from Joe Jr.

Abbott curses and Cho says he may have been vaporized by the explosion, but it's more likely that Lazarus is still alive. He's notified Austin PD and put out alerts. Abbott says he has everything handled then Cho asks if he should tell Jane and Teresa. Abbott says he shouldn’t because they don’t have proof and he says she might cancel the wedding and join the hunt.

Abbott says Keller might come after Jane and says they should put some bodies at the wedding and says since it’s house, he’ll arrange the security. Wiley and Teresa are at Abbott’s where there’s a tent and bar being assembled. She says she only invited 15 and he says it’s more like 25 plus more people are showing up since she didn’t exactly issue invitations.

Wylie says Abbott is covering all the costs as a wedding gift and shows her the menu. She’s shocked there’s a caterer. Stan brought his fiancée Lucy. Her other brother is there with the kids and it’s getting crazy. Tork tells Cho and Abbott that Austin PD got a missing person’s report on Dan Glover, the TV anchor. Tork says the guy called in about a repeat interview and he told him Jane was getting married.

Tork says it was his caller ID and Cho says they have to assume Keller is alive and is coming for Jane. Cho says they need at least 10 agents at the wedding and a chopper on standby. Tork says they should postpone the wedding and Cho says they’re FBI. Tork then says they can use the wedding as bait. Cho asks Abbott if they should tell Teresa and Jane but Abbott says – we’re the FBI.

Jane asks what they were talking about and Abbott says nothing and Jane asks why Abbott isn’t in Prague with Lena. Jane says he’s lying to him and says he knows he’d tell him if it was important. Abbott sits and says he’s been getting calls about Jane wanting to know if he’s sticking around. He says it’s a good question. Abbott says they have to deal with the napkin agreement if he’s leaving.

Jane says he’s getting married, building a house and doesn’t know beyond that. Jane says the job will be tough to give up because he likes the chase. Abbott agrees. Abbott asks him to let him know once he decides. He tells Abbott he appreciates his honesty and loves him for that. Abbott says he was lying and needs to talk to him. Jane gives him a hug.

At Abbott’s house, Jane finds Teresa sitting among the wedding set up and freaking out. He asks how many people are coming and she says no one knows then drops her face into her hands. She says this is not what she wanted and asks how this happened. She says they should have just eloped. He says they can just run off and get married at the cabin. He says the judge is driving in anyway.

He says they can get a park ranger to be a witness. Jane says Keller is still alive and is mad at him so they should totally elope. Jane says the FBI is going to stake out this wedding site to try and nab him. Teresa fusses at him for not telling her. She says she’s going to get her dress from the Airstream. Jane calls the judge about the change of venue.

She asks him to text the address as she goes to get into her car. Lazarus is in her trunk. She drives off none the wiser. Next day, Cho is checking on all the agents and then Wiley says a clerk at the court called in to report that a burned guy was looking at forms. Wiley says the forms don’t say where the wedding is, just who the officiant is. That alarms them.

Teresa steps out of the airstream in her dress. Jane waits in a suit. They’re out by the lake. They smile at each other and he says – wow. He says they should promise to always look on the bright side. They both promise then walk down toward the cottage. They head inside. Lazarus creeps up on the house holding a gun. He cocks the gun and goes inside.

The house is full of FBI agents with guns out. Tork cuffs him and Jane tells Keller – no hard feelings. Teresa says things work out better when he’s honest with her. He takes her gun away and tosses it to Cho so she can hold her bouquet. All their friends and family are out by the lake watching as they exchange their vows. They are declared husband and wife and he lifts her little mesh veil and kisses her sweetly.

Everyone tosses rose petals on them as they continue kissing. They hug their friends and then they party and dance on a makeshift stage by lantern light. Wiley dances around. Cho takes selfies with friends. Abbott laughs and smiles. Jane and Teresa watch from a little ways away. She tells him she’s so happy and he says he is too. She says she has to tell him something.

She puts her hand on her stomach. He smiles and asks if she’s kidding. She says she’s not. He asks if she really is and she says she is. He kisses her and then pulls her close to hold her tight.


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  • The final scene was written by Simon Baker.


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