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White as the Driven Snow is the fifteenth episode of the sixth season of The Mentalist.


Grace is kidnapped by the killer who has been hunting former CBI members, but when the prime suspect appears to have an airtight alibi, Jane must rely on all his skills to locate her before time runs out.


Cho drives Rigsby back to his motel room, and tells him that Agent Abbott has offered him and Grace a job with the FBI. When they arrive at the motel, Cho notices that their room door is open, When they investigate they discover that Grace is missing, and her cell phone is still in the room.

Grace wakes up alone in a darkened underground room.

Abbott briefs the squad about Grace's abduction and tells them that Richard Haibach is the principal suspect. After the briefing Wylie tells Abbott that Haibach has arrived at headquarters and wants to speak to them.

During interrogation Haibach taunts Jane and Lisbon about the missing Grace. Rigsby barges into the interrogation room and threatens Haibach.

Grace begins breaking out of the cellar.

Haibach produces an alibi for the last 24 hours, of him on a bus with the names of witnesses. He also produces alibis for the time of the murders of Osvaldo Ardiles and J.J. LaRoche. He then says that his attorney will be arriving soon. Abbott orders the team to break his alibi and find his accomplice. Lisbon tells Rigsby that they will probably have to let Haibach go due to lack of evidence. Rigsby asks Jane to help and he will do anything. Jane threatens Haibach in front of his lawyer. In private Jane tells Abbott that his actions were designed to annoy Haibach into breaking his pre-conceived plan.

Fischer tries to persuade Haibach's lawyer to help them, but she proves to be unsympathetic.

Grace escapes from the cellar and finds herself in a remote cabin, She goes to the road where she flags down a passing truck. She asks the driver for a phone, but there is no signal so the driver offers to drive Grace to her cabin where she says there is a phone. At the driver's cabin the driver reveals that she is Richard Haibach's sister and points a shotgun at Grace, and makes her zip tie her hands together.

Haibach and his lawyer leave the FBI office in her chauffeured limousine. During the journey they plan their lawsuit against the FBI. Haibach says that he wants Jane to suffer. The car misses the on-ramp and stops. The driver turns round, it is Jane, and Rigsby gets into the car. They drive along a mountain road for a while and then stop the car and leave the lawyer at the side of the road.

The lawyer's chauffeur is found tied up in a closet, and Abbott tells Fischer to find Jane and Rigsby.

Rigsby interrogates Haibach in the car about Grace's location. When Haibach is uncooperative he throws Haibach out of the moving car, kicks him several times, fires his gun near Haibach's head and finally douses him in gasoline and threatens Haibach with a flare - Jane tries to restrain Rigsby, in the process causing Rigsby's gun to fall out of his pocket. Haibach grabs the gun and threatens Jane and Rigsby, he then says that he will take them to Grace.

The FBI find the lawyer, but Fischer thinks they are no longer in Texas. Wylie has discovered that Haibach's grandparents lived in New Mexico and that is where Haibach's sister now lives.

Haibach takes Jane and Rigsby to the cabin where Grace was originally held. When she is not there Haibach takes them to the cabin where his sister is holding Grace.

The FBI find the location of the cabin and order a helicopter to take them there.

When they arrive Haibach tries to shoot Rigsby only to discover that it was a trick to make him reveal where Grace was being held. They make Haibach call out to his sister but she does not respond. Rigsby and Jane with Haibach at gunpoint enter the cabin. In the cabin when Rigsby releases Grace, Haibach's sister gets the drop on them with her shotgun and shoots Rigsby. Haibach then shoots Rigsby with his own gun, apparently killing him. Haibach and his sister take Jane and Grace outside with Haibach taunting Jane. Just as Haibach is about to chop off one of Jane's fingers with an ax, Rigsby attacks his sister, taking her shotgun. When Haibach does not surrender Rigsby shoots him with the shotgun.

The FBI arrive by helicopter and Rigsby is taken to hospital where Abbott offers him and Grace a job with the FBI, which they refuse in favor of civilian life.


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